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Slovak Kopov (Slovakia)



The Slovak hound, or the Slovak cops, is a unique dog of its kind. It is the only species of hounds bred on the territory of Czechoslovakia. The black forest hound, as it is customary to call it at home, is still actively used to persecute wild boar and other large game to this day. Representatives of this breed perfectly follow the trail, enthusiastically participate in the hunt, easily endure many hours of pursuit of prey. But at the same time they are not aggressive, they obey the owner and willingly execute commands. Breeders note the good-natured character of the Slovak hound. This breed is appreciated for its unusually high intelligence and good learning ability. Thanks to these qualities, Slovak cops are often used by dog ​​training units of the police. This large dog can be a reliable watchman and a loyal friend.

The breed has a relatively short history, and its origin is not clear to the end. On the one hand, the unusual outward resemblance of the Slovak cop to the Polish hound indicates their close kinship, but on the other hand, it is believed that the ancestors of this breed were the Transylvanian and Balkan hounds, as well as the Czech Foosek. The standards and characteristics of the Slovak hound are clearly regulated and recognized by FCI.

Today, the Slovak Black Forest Hound is one of the most popular in the homeland. At world professional exhibitions and competitions, representatives of the breed have appeared recently.

FCI breed standard No. 244:

Characteristics of the breed. A hardy, very brave dog, has an amazing viscosity (it can drive the beast for many hours). She has a first-class flair, excitement and perseverance, well-developed ability for orientation. Can work alone in a wild boar. Lively, extremely independent and endowed with a strong character, the Slovak hound is a good guard dog. Although she is devoted to her master, she remains a hunting dog, not a domestic one. Needs persistent training.

Maintenance and care. Space for movement and a high level of physical activity are required. Regular brushing is required.

Using. Hunting dog.

Head. Medium. The skull is slightly convex. The superciliary arches and the furrow on the front of the head are highly developed. The back of the nose is straight, long. The muzzle is pointed. Lips are tight.

Eyes. Almond shaped. The dark ones.

The ears. Medium length, planted at eye level. Hanging, rounded at the ends. Hang flat, resting on the head.

Body. Elongated format. The neck is short, muscular, without suspension. The sternum is wide. The chest is wide, long. The ribs are convex. The back is straight, medium length. The loin is strong, quite wide. Croup of medium width, rounded. The abdomen is tightened medium.

Limbs. Muscular, with strong bones. The paws are oval. Fingers strongly arched, with black claws.

Tail. Set low, tapering towards the end. Hanging alone. When moving, it has a saber shape.

Hairline. Wool from 2 to 5 cm long, medium thickness, thick, snug. On the back, neck and tail - longer. The undercoat is thick and.

Color. Black and tan. Tan: brown to mahogany.

Height at the withers. Males: 45–50 cm. Bitches: 40–45 cm.

Character Slovak Cops

The Slovak hound is a gambling hunter, but obedient, in addition, combines the qualities of a pet and a good watchman. Congenital intelligence is the main reason for the wide distribution of this hound among hunters and dog lovers. In the house it is a pleasant, friendly family dog. There may be bullies, so at home they require control.