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How to name a boy and a girl a hamster


Have you decided to buy a hamster as a pet? He will certainly become a great friend for you and your child, bringing a lot of happy moments to your family. One of the most difficult decisions when acquiring this rodent is almost always to choose a name. In order to figure out how to name a boy's hamster, you can take into account his breed, color, character and other features.

Choose the nickname correctly

When choosing a name for a hamster, there are practically no restrictions

The choice of a nickname for a hamster depends on who will be its owner. If you purchased this pet for yourself, you can give free rein to imagination and come up with the most unusual name. For example, cookies, donuts, acrobat and any others.

If you choose a pet for the child (especially if it is very small), it would be more logical to dwell on the light, uncomplicated and short nickname that the baby will quickly remember and learn to pronounce correctly. For example, Bulka, Motya, Button and others. You can also leave the choice to the child himself: perhaps he has a favorite cartoon character, whose name he wants to name a rodent.

Pay attention to the behavior of your pet. Perhaps he likes to sleep? Then an excellent solution would be to name the baby Sonya, Lazybones or Sandman.

In the case when the hamster, on the contrary, behaves very actively, is curious, constantly runs around the cage or in the wheel, think of a corresponding nickname for it: Arrow, Stormtrooper, Sniff or Shustrik.

Is he constantly eating something on both cheeks and is actively gaining weight? Let it become Gourmand, Zhorik, Korzhik or Nyamka.

Has fluffy hair? Then you can call him Fluffy, Fluff, Tufted or Hairy.

Or maybe you noticed some special features? If it seems that the hamster has tricky eyes, it can become a Fox, Tricky, Slick or Cunning. If, on the contrary, the pet is kind and peaceful, Milash, Dobryak, Weasel will be suitable nicknames.

Depending on the size of the pet, you can name it Giant, Toddler, Baby, Poohlik, Fat Man or Pyshka.

Surely you (or your child) are fond of reading books or watching movies, then you can call the pet the name of one of your favorite characters: Sherlock, Arrow, Batman, Tyson or Jordan.

Or maybe you are crazy about your own profession? Programmers, for example, often call the animals Glitch, Screen, Spoiler, Pixel or Zoom. Actors often dwell on such nicknames as Artist, Author, Director, Personnel or Action. Girls like to call animals fashionable brand names: Gucci, Dior, Boutique, Bow or Prad.

Hamsters are pretty quick-witted: they are able to remember their name, the faces of the owner’s relatives and can perform some simple tricks.

List of unusual names for the dzungariki

Dzhungariki are very tiny, therefore the names for them must be appropriate

Hamsters of this breed are often called the names of the characters of various cartoons. Nicknames such as Chip, Dale, Jin, Pikachu, Naruto are quite common.

Usually, dzhungariki are very small, therefore they get the corresponding names: Liliput, Gnome, Kroha, Knop, Pups. Or the owners show imagination and sarcastically call these animals Leopards, Giants, Bulldozers, Giraffes and so on.

Nicknames in honor of various foods and goodies are also common: Marsik, Snickers, Twix, Milkway, Chips or Toast.

Often names are selected from suitable lists on the Internet, then it will be enough for the owner to select the first letter for the name, for example:

  • Alik, Angel, Augustus, Antokha,
  • Belyash, Bons, Biker, Bandit, Bosch,
  • Benjamin, Vaska, Thief, Pile, Veles,
  • Mountain, German, Garik, Gunya, Grog,
  • Jus, drake, dosya, dino, derek,
  • Hedgehog, Epiphanes,
  • Jacques, Jean, Zhora, Zhusya,
  • Zorro, Zippa, Umbrella.

What is the best name for a Syrian hamster

Syrian hamsters with their physique have earned more "magnificent" names

The Syrian hamsters are quite large and well-fed, so you can reflect this feature in the nickname (Donut, Pirozhok, Fat Man, Fat).

Also, many pets are highly mobile, you can take advantage of this feature and give names such as Parachute, Tourist, Traveler, Fugitive. If your beast loves to conquer tall pieces of furniture, call him Rock Climber or Mountaineer.

If you like more unusual names, pay attention to options such as Caesar, Homer, Julius, the Tsar. Well, if you want to pick up a simple nickname for a human motive, then Yarik, Timka, Filia or Senya will do.

In addition, you can pick up loud majestic nicknames, for example: Apollo, Horace, Daniel, Julien or Lawrence.

A good choice will also be a nickname consonant with the name of a famous person: Nobel, Winston, Plato or Chopin. Surely relatives and friends will appreciate such an original solution.

Almost all domesticated golden hamsters are descendants of the only female who gave birth to 12 hamsters in 1930.

Cool names by color

Corner or Chernysh?

When choosing a name, you can pay attention to the color of the pet. Depending on the color, you can pick up a lot of original names:

  • White color - Marshmallows, Snowball, Pearls, Kefir or simply Belysh.
  • Redhead - Peach, Apricot, Ginger, Medok, Ray, Fox, Citrus or Zolotze.
  • Gray - Haze, Ashes, Gray or Serets.
  • Black or dark - Corner, Black or Night.

If you don’t like any of the suggested options, look for color names in other languages. You might like White, Black, Ginger, Orange, Gray, or Dark.

How to make a hamster remember his name

In order to tame a hamster, you need to make a lot of effort

To train a hamster to respond to its own nickname, you need to spend a lot of time and effort:

  • First, make sure that the hamster is well acquainted with your smell and voice, recognizes you as your own owner. Be sure to wash your hands well (preferably with non-perfumed soap) before going to talk with your pet. Many animals are scared of harsh and unusual smells, so you should always smell the same from you. In addition, hygiene will additionally protect the pet from getting microbes and infection with various diseases.
  • Take a few seeds that your pet likes (or any other familiar treat) and put them on your palm.
  • Now raise your palm across from where the animal is currently located. Slowly shake your hand up and down so that the smell of treats gets to your pet faster - then he will understand that you have prepared something delicious for him. Be careful, many hamsters perceive sudden movements as a threat, they can start running around the cage or biting, so your actions should be smooth and unhurried. If you notice that your actions frightened the hamster, immediately stop them.
  • If everything is in order, the hamster will pay attention to you and come closer. Then let him take the treat from his hand.
  • Repeat the same process a few more times, just now squeeze your hand into a fist so that the pet does not see what is in it.
  • If the pet continues to come up and take a treat, then repeat the same steps 2-3 times, but with an empty hand. Half the work is done, now the hamster has learned to pay attention to you and respond to the call.
  • Now take the treat in your hand, slowly move it and make sure that the hamster noticed you and began to approach. Slowly and clearly pronounce the chosen nickname several times so that the pet can hear and understand your words.
  • Repeat the steps described above, only now each time move your hand farther away from the pet, continuing to call him by name.
  • After several days of such training, you will be able to summon a pet even without treats in your hand. When it comes up, you can nudge it lightly or stroke it. Just do not forget that you can’t completely stop giving your pet treats, otherwise he will stop reacting to your actions. Do this periodically, but not every time.

What to do if the animal does not respond to the name

If the hamster does not respond to the nickname, then most likely you are doing something wrong

There may be several reasons why the hamster is not listening to you:

  • You are behaving aggressively towards him.
  • He has poor eyesight and does not perceive you as a host.
  • He does not like the treat with which you challenge him.
  • He doesn't like your smell.
  • You have several hamsters and they cannot figure out which one you want to call.

To solve this problem, try to change your own behavior. Hamsters are reasonably smart animals; it’s not difficult to train them to respond to a call. Therefore, if you are unable to do this, most likely the problem is not in the pet.

Choosing a nickname for a tiny pet is usually easy. You can simply rely on your imagination or choose a name according to the habits of the animal. Just remember that they should not be too long and with a lot of sounds. If you name the hamster Fedor Illarionovich, it is unlikely that he will take such a nickname and would rather think that you are just talking to him.

Do rodents need nicknames at all?

Names for hamsters of girls and boys are really necessary. Thanks to them, rodents will begin to see the owner in you, respond to voice and smell, and execute commands. For the animal to learn its nickname, you need:

  • always wash your hands with soap without perfume (preferably) before approaching the cage,
  • always call the baby the same name
  • at first to accompany the team and the call not only with your voice, but also with a tasty treat in your hand,
  • Do not use harsh movements that can scare both Syrian and Dzungarian hamsters.

If you call your pets using the same names for hamsters of boys and girls, respectively, but they do not give a reaction, then the problem is not in the nickname. There is a possibility that the reason lies in deafness. Some pussies just don't like the smell of the host or the treat. In such situations, you can try to experiment.

Read more about training hamsters in a separate article.

Based on what to choose a nickname?

Each pet must have its own nickname. There are so many beautiful names for hamsters. But how can one not get confused among them and choose the one that can always please you personally and a small amazing animal?

To do this, you need to know the main selection criteria by which the selection of nicknames for hamsters will turn from a routine into an exciting and enjoyable activity.

Among the key aspects of choosing a nickname are the following points.

  • Please note that the nickname should be concise and memorable. So it will quickly be remembered by all households and the animal itself.
  • It’s better to name the rodent in the way each member of your group or family will like it. This will deprive you of conflicts and confusion in the future.
  • In the event that you have several animal rodents, then for each of them you need to choose your nickname. All of them must be very different so that the pussies do not get confused.

Often house hamsters are given nicknames based on one or several points at once:

  • exterior,
  • wool color
  • breed,
  • behavior,
  • floor,
  • owner preferences,
  • special preferences of the animal,
  • character.

It is also important to pay attention to personal feelings. Sometimes people choose a nickname for their favorite pet based on their emotions and memories. So, for example, you can call a rodent Faith, if that is the name of your dear grandmother, whom you rarely see.

Color nickname selection

To choose the right nickname for a dzhungarik or a Syrian, you should definitely look at the color of his coat. Names for hamsters in such situations are much easier to select:

  • for gray - Smoke, Ash, Serenka.
  • for white - Marshmallow, Snowball, Fluff, White, Belyak,
  • for red - Persian, Medic, Zolotse, Ray,
  • for black - Smoke, Corner, Night.

It is not always worth dwelling on Russian common nicknames for hamsters. Show a little creativity, think of nicknames in other languages, for example, in Italian or Spanish. Nicknames for hamsters Black, Blanco, Negro, Gris sound great.

Choose a nickname by nature

If you do not know what to name a rodent, then try to observe its character. For quiet and inactive individuals, the following nicknames are suitable:

A nimble animal can be called:

Such nicknames can well characterize the animal and emphasize its features.

Nickname for a hamster on the floor

The simplest choice of nicknames for boys hamsters is made by gender. Among the sought after and loved by many:

The list of nicknames for hamsters girls: Barbie, Asya, Winx, Violetta, Muska, Basilisk, Molka. For connoisseurs of funny nicknames you can offer: Sweetie, Track, Baby, Fluffy, Snowball.

Selection of nicknames by breed

What else can you call a hamster? For dzhungariki or Syrians choose options based on the breed and its individual characteristics. Dzhungariki tiny and insightful. And the Syrians are large and less active. Nicknames are good for the first:

For the second (Syrians), you can use nicknames with the opposite meaning: Sonya, Sloth, Fan, Pyshka, Zulya.

Beautiful names for Syrian hamsters boys

It's not difficult to choose a cool name for Syrian hamsters. It can be: Pie, Parachute, Senya, Timka, Fugitive. Things are somewhat more complicated with a beautiful nickname, an unusual name. What name can be given to a Syrian hamster so that it pleases the hearing?

All of them are quite rare, so you can not only sonically name your pet, but also surprise the guests. A good name always respects both the rodent and its owner.

Funny nicknames for Dzungarian hamsters girls

How to name a hamster a girl if she is also a representative of the dzungariki? For these charms, you can pick up a funny name, for example:

In the list of beautiful names for hamsters of girls of the Dzhungarik breed: Eva, Jesse, Lady, Josephine, Zara, Kira, Kelly, Lira, Maya. Nicknames for girls' hamsters should be memorable and funny. After all, before you is not a large obese dog, but a small tiny and fluffy creature that fits on the palm of your hand.

Nicknames for the breeds of Robovsky and Kambela

Representatives of these breeds are the smallest individuals. They are incredibly funny and funny. Names for hamsters of these breeds should reflect their character, their characteristic briskness, sneakiness and excellent smartness. How can a girl be called a hamster? The most popular names for girls hamsters are:

Among the sonorous and catchy options:

If a fluffy animal wants to give an unusual and at the same time a beautiful foreign name, then look at Seira, Milli, Marietta or Sandra.

If you are looking for nicknames for adorable hamsters for boys, then you can choose one of the following options:

They reflect the nature of rodents and emphasize the characteristics of physiology.

Paired names for two hamsters

Immediately make a reservation that we recommend giving nicknames so different that each pet understands who they are “referring to”. But if you do not plan to especially train your pet, then consonant interesting nicknames are suitable for beauty.

For example, two boys can be called such nicknames: Vitya-Mitya, Symbik-Bimbik, Athos-Porthos, Uppsen-Pupsen.The names for two hamsters of boys, if they are snow-white and saturated black, beg for themselves - Black and White. Nicknames are good for a couple of fluffy princesses: Cream-Lazyka, Paw-Slipper, Manka-Tanka, Mouse-Shalunishka.

How to name the favorite hamsters of a boy and a girl if you took them for peace of mind or for breeding individuals? A great option may be the heroes of fairy tales. If you have a child in your house, then he will quickly remember them.

  • Pepa and George
  • Prince and Cinderella,
  • Theon and Shrek,
  • Prince and Princess.

In addition, such nicknames sound gentle and romantic.

Choosing nicknames for brisk furry charm, you do not need to go too deep into thought. The most correct thoughts always lie on the surface. Choose the first thing that comes to your mind. Do not forget to consult with other family members so that no one is left with resentment.

If nothing comes to mind, ask your children for help. They have excellent imagination, and therefore will cope with the task better than adults.

Do you know more interesting nicknames? Write them in the comments, we will add to the article.