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Servants, or Arabian Greyhound (Sloughi, Slougui, Arabian greyhound)


Homeland and time of occurrence:
Morocco, Antiquity

Country of largest population:

Global popularity:
index 118,000

Height Weight:
61-72 cm, 20-27 kg

Average prices for puppies:
Pet class and tribal marriage - 0-1000 €
Brid-class -1000-2000 €
Show class - 2000-3000 €

Traits of the breed (on a 5-point scale):

Activity in the house2
Outdoor activity4.1
Obedience in training3.1
Obedience to a stranger4.6
Family dominance2.1
Dog domination3.3
Protection of the territory from people2.5
Protection of the territory from animals3.5
Sociability in the family5
Sociability with strangers2.1
Sociability with dogs2.1
Family focus1
Alien Concentration4.8
Dog focus3.2
Aggressiveness in the family2.1
Aggressiveness to strangers3.5
Dog aggressiveness3.3
Aggressiveness to animals4.6
Petting requirement3.6
Excessive barking1
Disruptions in behavior1
Tolerance for children under 4 years old2
Tolerance for children over 4 years old4.3

Entering the world as a kind of ugly duckling, slipping out of a collar and hiding in dark corners, which, however, is characteristic of all greyhound puppies, the sluts (Arabian greyhound) turns into a graceful dog, which involuntarily stops looking. Servants are an excellent greyhound: fast and elegant, with well-developed muscles, tall and slender. The coat is short and smooth, silky to the touch. Servants of the mountain type with a coarser skeleton than the plain. Height at the withers 61-72 cm, weight 20-27 kg. Color: all shades of yellow - red from sand to red and red, combinations of tiger and black and tan with white are possible.

Breed History:
Servants is a very ancient breed. The ancestors of the servant are depicted in Egyptian bas-reliefs, which are more than 3000 years old. There are also older images of shorthair greyhounds with drooping ears since the heyday of Mesopotamia. Historically, it is a companion, friend, breadwinner and, along with a horse, the most valuable thing that a Bedouin has. The owners appreciated them so much that the women helped the bitches to feed the puppies. Like other inhabitants of the desert, the servants are ascetic, hardy and accustomed to hardships. Sheikhs kept large kennels and hunted with these dogs on horseback, holding them in their arms so that they could quickly notice the prey. Often, falcons were also used for hunting from the mica. The first servants in Europe appeared at the beginning of the 19th century with the pioneers of poorly studied North Africa.

Games, entertainment, recreation:
Daily walks and exercise are needed.

Attractive features:
The fame of servants went around the whole world, and this breed does not leave indifferent any fan of greyhounds. This oldest Arabian greyhound has incredible speed and easily catches up with a hare. The Arabs believe that the two-year-old servants should catch up and take the gazelle, and the three-year-old - wild boar.

Genetic diseases:
The dog is considered healthy.

Features of the content:
It is difficult to adapt to the city, it requires daily long walks away from pets. It does not tolerate cold weather. Brushing is necessary 2 - 3 times a week.

Breed Standards:
Head - extended
Muzzle - pointed
Eyes - big and dark, a little sad
The ears - triangular, hanging, rounded at the end
Neck - slender, with folds in the upper part
Tail - thin, twisted at the end
Wool - smooth and thin.