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American Foxhound - Fox Hound


Judging by the name of the breed (which consists of two English words “fox” and “hound”, which means chasing a fox), it is obvious that in this article we will talk about a hunting dog, which, in addition to its natural abilities, is famous for its unusually friendly and disposable to himself.

Foxhound story

Foxhound considered a fairly old English breed. The history of its origin goes deep into the past when the Celtic tribes began to penetrate the west, invaded Gaul (present-day France), the western part of today's Switzerland, colonized Britain, Ireland and reached Spain.

The Celts became famous not only as warlike people, but also as excellent farmers. This people had a special attitude towards dogs, which they used for their favorite pastime - hunting.

One of the first ancient writers in the II century, mentioning the Foxound in his writings, was Oppian. He described these animals as canine-footed, shaggy dogs capable of hunting deer.

Given the weather in the British Isles, dogs were bred there that were completely different from today's foxes. In the 11th century, the Normans, led by King William, conquered the islands.

For three hundred years, the French language became the main language and, along with the Normans, the French style of parfass hunting came to the islands. The hounds were divided into “Canes cervericiis” (deer hunters), “Canes heretioris” (hare hunters) and “Brachettis vulperetiis” - fox hunters, which turned out Foxhound breed.

This name first appeared in 1213 in a letter from King John Landless. The disappearance of the forests in England hindered the Parfors races. Hunting hares and foxes with fast horses and dogs has become the main entertainment for the nobility.

Over time, hunting for hares faded into the background, because these animals run away in a zigzag, while foxes always run straight, which makes them more attractive to hunters.

English foxhound It was bred in the 15th century in Great Britain as a result of crossbreeding of the St. Hubert hounds and brought French dogs. In 1650, Foxhound was imported into North America.

Breed Features and Foxhound Character

Foxhound It gets along well with both animals and people. But with other pets they try not to come into direct contact. These hounds are carefree, friendly and exceptionally smart dogs. Sometimes they can be stubborn and naughty. Foxhounds are very sociable, although they are rarely bred as a family dog.

Pictured is a Foxhound dog.

By tradition, the English Foxhound grows in dog packs and spends most of its life in large kennels, where the only person with whom they come in contact is the huntsman, who is also their guardian and guide during the hunt. Contact with other dogs for Foxhound is more important than with people.

But this fact can be changed if you raise a dog in the family. Nevertheless, this happens less and less and Foxhanood is not quite suitable for home education, it is full-blooded hounds.

American foxhound slightly different from his English brother in that this breed is suitable for living in a family. It is perfect for children. The dog expresses its joy with a long and melodic howl.

His hunting instinct is so strong that he is ready to do it anywhere. This can complicate the situation if other animals live in your home. This is an elegant and at the same time fast and persistent dog.

Thanks to his genes, he is very brave and courageous. Foxhound needs physical activity, he loves to jump and run a lot. It can withstand running long distances without problems.

To strangers is ambiguous. Sometimes it can take a defensive position, and sometimes it will settle down to a stranger. An interesting fact is that the melodic howling of the Foxhounds is sometimes used in recording studios to create pop music.

About American Foxhound

American Foxhounds are graceful prey hunters known for their speed, stamina, and hard work.

You can distinguish the American Arctic fox from its British cousin from the English Foxhound by the length of the leg. The legs of the American are longer and thinner, and along the slightly convex lower back of the American (back).

American Foxhounds have large, soft eyes with an expression described as gentle and pleading.

Foxhounds need a lot of exercise. Or they can get depressed and start messing up.

The preparation of the Foxhound must be taken seriously, otherwise the dog may become uncontrollable. Their loud barking may seem "melodic" to hound lovers, but it can be inconvenient to neighbors. And training and destroying these independent souls can be challenging for novice owners.

History of American Foxhound

George Washington can be considered an absolute American. But he and other wealthy Virginia planters who came of age in pre-revolutionary times considered themselves mostly British.

The life of George and Martha in Washington on Mount Vernon was based on the traditions of the British elite that inhabited the vast estates of England.

Washington played English on its piano of English music, danced English dances and entertained its guests with English dishes and crystal. The general even had his pre-revolutionary form, made by a London tailor.

Another cherished British institution supported at Mount Vernon was the traditional English fox hunt, with many riders and hounds running around the countryside in pursuit of the treacherous fox.

Washington was a passionate fox hunter. He kept a pack of beagle dogs exported from British imports and carefully kept records of his breeding program.

He diversified the blood of his hounds with French breeds, presented to him by his friend Marquis de Lafayette.

Washington did not invent the American Foxhands alone, but he was a key player in the development of the breed.

Jeffersons, Lee, and Casties were among other well-known families of the generation of founders of America for whom horses and dogs were a way of life.

In postcolonial times, additional refinements were made to the American lysago throughout the south, until the breed became distinctly separated from its cousin, the English foxhound.

Before the civil war, fox hunting with hounds was the main field sport of the American nobility. Today, American Foxhound is the state dog of Virginia.

Where to buy American Foxhound in Russia

For the sake of curiosity, I looked at classified sites - if American Foxhounds are on sale in Russia?

I found an ad for an addition to the good hands of a Foxhound girl, but by the appearance the dog is far from American and not even English Foxhound. So to buy foxhound you will need to go to the USA.

And then I did not find information about whether it would be possible to get Foxhound puppies out of there.

Brief characteristics of the dog

  • Other possible names: Amerikanischer Fuchs-hund, Amerikan Foxhound, Foxhound, American Fox Hound.
  • Adult Growth: females 53-61 cm, males 56-64 cm.
  • Weight: females 20-30 kg, males 29-35 kg.
  • Characteristic color: nettle, two-tone, tricolor.
  • Wool Length: short, stiff, thick.
  • Life span: 10-15 years old.
  • Advantages of the breed: kind, playful, smart, faithful.
  • The complexity of the breed: independent.
  • Average price: American Foxhound starts at $ 400.

History of breed origin

American Foxhound is a direct descendant of the English fox. These dogs entered America in 1650 thanks to Robert Brook, who subsequently became the first American breeder of the then English Foxhound. It is believed that the American history of the breed begins in North America, from where the dogs spread to more southern areas, such as Maryland and Virginia.

Dogs could not tolerate the hot climate and a fairly large number of individuals died. In the second half of the 18th century, they were crossed with already adapted British and French hounds and other hunting breeds, as well as bloodhounds, and, according to rumors, even with Indian dogs. Dogs that were obtained as a result of selection were first called the Virgin's Hound. They differed from their English counterparts in both growth and character.

In 1886 the year the breed was renamed to American Foxhound and recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). And since 1966, the breed is officially considered the symbol of the state of Virginia. In 1979, dogs received approval from the International Canine Federation (FCI) in the hounds and related breeds group under number 303. The breed standard was introduced in 1981. The most famous breed breeder is George Washington. Unfortunately, outside of America, the breed is not widespread.

Purpose of the breed

Although Foxhound translates as foxhound, dogs in America originally used to catch coyotes. They brought no less inconvenience than foxes in the UK. According to some historians, red foxes were even brought to America to use the dogs according to their name.

In addition to catching coyotes and raccoons, Foxhounds take part in the hunt for a larger animal. In the 17th century, the sharp scent of these hounds was even used to track down Indians. The breed is more designed to seek out the beast than to kill it. Due to this feature, after the ban in some states of fox hunting, Foxhounds are more likely to participate in sports than in real hunting. Also it faithful companions for their owners.

Description of the nature of the breed

Unlike English, American foxes have more balanced character. But they also have a stronger hunting instinct. Therefore, with other animals that are not related to dogs, they find it difficult to get along, considering them a subject for hunting. These dogs recommended to contain flock, that is for several individuals. So it is unlikely that the American is suitable for residents of high-rise buildings.

In addition, energetic fox will be closely and uncomfortable in four walls. They relate to the whole family in a friendly, doglike manner showing tenderness and affection, and are always happy to become a companion in games for the child. They are friendly, active and cheerful. The mind and quick wit allow them to learn quickly, but sometimes independence and stubbornness interfere.

Of voiced dogs can be good watchmen. As for the working moments, on the hunt they get up the excitement with which they violently drive the beast. Foxhounds work better on a hot trail, tracking and catching up with the beast.

Standard and breed description

American Foxhound by standard has a fairly strong physique with a light skeleton, visually the format is a little stretched. Has relief muscles. In appearance, it is easy to determine gender.

The scorcher (beagle dog) is stronger and larger in size than the bearer (beagle dog). Bitches also have less stamina.

The American Foxhound constitution has flat, lean muscles. In this case, the skin is tight, elastic.

Height: males from 56 to 63.5 cm. Females are smaller, their growth does not exceed 61 cm, the smallest reach a size of 53 cm.

There is a difference between show class dogs and working individuals. Representatives of the show class are higher, which allows a description of the breed. Their height at the withers can reach up to 71 cm in males and up to 66 cm in females. This is the format that is appreciated in the show ring because it looks advantageous and impressive.

American Foxhound body weight is not strictly assessed. But most dogs weigh between 29 and 34 kg. At the same time, representatives of the show class exceed the specified mass. The working foxhound, due to its features, is more slender, weighs about 20.5 kg.

American Foxhound is not prone to aggression both in relation to people there and animals. The character is pretty balanced.

Given that the dog is a hunting dog, it takes work responsibilities very seriously. But to make Foxhound obedient, the owner will have to seriously engage in training. The pet is inclined to manifest independence, and does not always immediately respond to commands. Walking with these dogs is recommended strictly on a leash. If Foxhound is interested in any smell, he will follow the trail, not paying attention to the teams.

How to choose a puppy

Starting out from one and a half monthspuppies already ready meeting new owners and moving in. By the age of three months, dogs develop habits and behaviors from which it will be difficult to wean them. Therefore, do not delay the choice and acquisition of a four-legged friend. When choosing, you should carefully consider the behavior of puppies and Do not take lethargic or cowardly.

It should be moderately well-fed strong, with a straight, short, smooth coat. Fox's head is slightly elongated and does not have a sharp transition between the bridge of the nose and forehead. Wide-set eyes, usually brown or hazel. On the same line with them are wide, drooping ears.

A distinctive feature of the breed is the slightly hanging upper lips (bryl), as well as long and even front paws, like cats. The body is also slightly elongated and ends with a straight, long, saber tail, always looking up.

After the puppy has been selected, find out about the availability of vaccinations and what drugs were given from the worms. And also ask for recommendations regarding feeding for the period of adaptation.

Care, maintenance and nutrition

Foxhound needs a spacious aviary. But keeping it in it all the time is not recommended. The dog must have the ability to run.In an apartment, an overly active dog will be cramped and uncomfortable. In this case, long daily walks will be needed. As for leaving, everything is simple here. It is necessary to bathe a Foxhound no more than twice a year. Run flea control regularly and clean your dog’s ears weekly.

For nutrition both dry and natural food will do. The second option should be a third of boiled meat, cereals and a sufficient amount of vegetables. A young puppy needs three to five meals a day, depending on age, and an adult dog two meals a day.

In training, it is better to pay more attention to education and obedience, and only then training. Smart and smart foxhogs master teams and the necessary norms of behavior without any problems, provided that the training was started at a very young age.

Owner reviews


My fox was delivered personally from California. I have no regrets about the money and time spent. A devoted friend, an excellent hunter and an excellent athlete. For five years, all the shelves have been trophied. Smart and funny dog. True, a little stubborn.


Our whole family is delighted with such dogs. And we have four of them. All together live together and have fun. Children like to play with them, their wife - to take one of their favorites for jogging with them, but for me they are ideal hunting companions. In a nutshell, this breed is unpretentious, intelligent, cheerful, affectionate and loyal.

Breed description

English Foxhound is a powerful dog with regal posture. Its height at the withers reaches 58-64 cm, and weight 25-35 kg. American hound foxhound a little smaller than his brother, and also faster and more graceful. Its height reaches 53-63 cm. According to standards, dogs have the following characteristics:

  • the head is long enough, slightly curved at the back of the head. The skull is wide and round,
  • Foxhound has a strong jaw and perfect scissor bite. The upper teeth closely overlap the lower,
  • eyes are large, pronounced, often brown or hazel,
  • the ears hang down, by standards they should almost touch the tip of the nose. At the ends the ears are rounded,
  • the neck is strong, without folds. Some wrinkles under the jaw are allowed,
  • the loin is wide and slightly curved,
  • the chest is set deep enough, in American Foxhound it is already narrower than in English. The circumference of the chest should be no more than 71 cm,
  • the ribs are well arched
  • the tail is cheerfully raised, slightly curved, but never thrown back, the lower part of the tail has a slightly longer coat
  • forelegs and hind limbs straight and muscular,
  • thin, muscular shoulders provide freedom of movement of the limbs,
  • all colors are acceptable. Often you can find spots of black, brown or white,
  • the coat is short and dense.

average life expectancy foxhound dogs 12 years. Any deviations from the points below should be considered a drawback. This applies to dogs that are purchased exclusively for shows:

  • the skull is too flat
  • the nose has an arched shape,
  • the muzzle is too long, thin,
  • small eyes, sunken or vice versa, convex,
  • ears are short, set high,
  • the ridge is too long
  • flat ribs
  • rough, short, thick neck,
  • twisted forelegs

Foxhound Care and Maintenance

Given that Foxhound has a highly developed hunting instinct, it is suitable exclusively for experienced breeders who can direct all of his talents and opportunities in the right direction.

The most important aspect in his upbringing is a large number of movements. If physical activity is not enough, then Foxhound has a tendency to overweight.

It is important to keep these dogs in the open, it can be the backyard in the house or the countryside. The main thing is enough space to release energy. When walking, be careful and try not to let the dog off the leash, because due to her hunting instinct she can take someone’s footprint and run away.

The rest of this breed does not require special care. Foxhound needs to bathe periodically and clean his coat. Nutrition should be balanced and contain all the necessary nutrients. Especially it concerns foxhound puppies.

Pictured are Foxhound puppies

Foxhound price and owner reviews

Buy Foxhound now is not easy due to the fact that this breed is not very common in our country. And it’s very difficult to find breeders. But if any were found, then foxhound price will range from 10 to 30 thousand rubles.

Judging by reviews owners foxhounds, you will not be disappointed by buying yourself such a pet. Providing him with decent living conditions and respect, he will answer you with his love and warmth.


The American Hound Dog is a breed bred specifically for hunting. His prey is foxes, raccoons and possums. With this dog, hunters also went out for bears and cougars in hunting for friends.

Foxhound is often involved in competitions, competitions among the hounds.


The American Foxfound was never kept alone, only in packs, for a successful hunt. Therefore, the breed is genetically predisposed to get along with other dogs. At the same time, this fact contributed to the fact that they are more difficult to train than representatives of other breeds.

In relation to children, the Foxfound behaves very carefully, carefully, as well as to all younger members of the family. Dogs of this breed belong to strangers either detachedly or peacefully. But some people can cause instinctive anxiety in them.

Features of care and maintenance

The breed’s characteristics are quite straightforward, the most comfortable foxhound will feel in a spacious aviary. This breed is not very suitable for living in an apartment, as it will deliver certain inconveniences:

    decent dimensions, you need more space, seasonal molt, this breed is not inclined to behave neatly.

American Foxhound does not require specific care. Once every two weeks you need to comb out the hair just with a massage brush, and for shedding dogs use special gloves that remove dead hair. Such minimal care is enough to make the coat healthy and the skin supple.

Foxhound shearing is not required. But if the dog has too long claws, they will damage the skin and cause discomfort. The owner needs to monitor the regular clipping of the claws. Once a week, the animal needs to clean its ears with a cotton pad to avoid infectious and inflammatory diseases.

You need to bathe every month. After walking, especially in bad weather, the wool is cleaned with a damp cloth, the paw pads are washed and dried.

The American Foxhound Hound is not a “sofa” pet, it behaves confidently in the natural environment. Owners need to provide the animal with long walks. Given that this is not a decorative, but a working breed, the best thing for a dog is to train in the fresh air, to develop hunting skills.

The American Paratrooper Hound needs a balanced diet that contains the right amount of minerals and vitamins. The easiest way is to provide the necessary proportions by transferring the dog to premium feed. Natural food - 250 g per day of boiled meat with the addition of cereals, vegetables and herbs in the diet.

Given that the breed is breeding, Foxhound has good health. But still prone to obesity. It is necessary to monitor the diet, the correct diet and do not feed from the table.


The owner needs to be careful about the possible development of bone dysplasia, to control eye health.

Beagle puppies receive their first vaccinations starting at two months of age. Then, according to the schedule, after 3-4 weeks, and the third vaccine per year. Adult American Foxhound is vaccinated annually. Diseases from which vaccinations are made with the hound:

    hepatitis, dog parainfluenza, plague, rabies, leptospirosis.

Only representatives of the American Foxhound breed without genetic defects are allowed to mate. If the parents have a mismatch of color with the breed characteristics, malocclusion, and vice cryptorchidism, then the offspring will inherit these shortcomings. The best time to get offspring of the hound is the age of the bitch from 2 to 6 years.