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Myths and a bit of truth about mini pigs


In the culture of China and East Asia, the pig has always occupied a place of honor. In our country, the attitude towards it is completely different. What are these terrible sayings worth: “sweaty like a hog” (pigs do not sweat), “dirty like a pig” (pigs are very clean), “stinks like a pig” (pigs have absolutely no smell). One can agree only with the words “eats like a pig”, as the pigs really chew with their mouths open and lick their lips, completely surrendering to this pleasant occupation.

In fact, the idea of ​​keeping a pig as a pet is not new. Many who have been to the villages may have seen a pig raised at home. Pigs are very neat, quickly adapt to any conditions, kind and smart. Perhaps what you are reading now will help you make an informed decision to take or not to take such an unusual pet into your family.

Social behavior

Pigs are inherently social animals. In a natural environment, they live in groups, communicating with the help of verbal and non-verbal language. If the pig is annoyed, it makes a sharp head movement, tilting it, or squeals loudly. It is important to remember that you must put yourself on the top of the social hierarchical ladder in your family, otherwise your pig will take this place, consider yourself the most important and dictate your conditions. There is nothing worse than a brazen pig. Since pigs are social creatures, they are bored and worried if they have to spend a lot of time alone, not communicating with people or other animals. So be creative when entertaining your pet. You can even take a couple of mini-pigs so that they always have fun together.


Pigs have very developed communication skills. An example of vocal communication is grunting (for example, when a mother feeds her babies), barking (as a warning of danger), screeching (anticipation of food or an indication of discontent, pain). Some pigs make a sound like aruu, which means "you are in no hurry to give me what I want." The sound "ha ha ha" - a quiet chug - a pig makes when he wants to get to know each other better. Something like "hello, how are you."

A happy, cheerful dwarf pig rarely uses non-verbal methods of communication, since most of them are aimed at asserting social status. However, a spoiled, harmful or unhappy mumps may show its displeasure, changing the position of the ears, turning away, leaning back his head, snapping his teeth.


Dwarf pigs by nature are very curious. They can rummage in the ground for hours (if you give them such an opportunity, of course) or wander around the house, pressing a patch on the carpet and looking for fallen pieces of food. Their curious nature helps a lot in the training process. Pigs become very attentive students if they are stimulated by new ideas and, most importantly, a delicious treat.


Pigs are among the five most intelligent mammals on Earth.. In the first place is a man, followed by monkeys, dolphins, whales and pigs. Pigs act on instinct, intuition, and memory. They quickly learn and do not forget what they learned. You need to always be 1 step ahead of your pet, otherwise it will force you to fulfill all his whims. Pigs are like children. They find your weak spot and manipulate you until they get what they need.. Figuratively speaking, give the pig a finger, and she will bite off your whole arm. However, it is because of intelligence that pigs have so many fans. Never underestimate your pet's abilities. Be on an equal footing with him, and you can build really good relationships with this pet.


Mini-pigs are very attached to their owner. They strive to always be with him. Some owners even allow the pig to sleep in the same bed with them. This is a very grateful partner who warms you, does not toss and turn, does not pull off your blanket and does not try to push you out of bed.

Benefits of a Mini Pig as a Pet

Life expectancy is 12-20 years. Mumps are very clean and odorless. Do not fade and do not cause allergies. They have no fleas. Well succumb to training, quickly accustom to the toilet and harness. Learn various tricks. They don’t bark, they don’t need much care. A little feed, an annual visit to the vet, and the pig is happy. The most important thing is communicative, loving and intelligent animals.


Housing conditions do not allow you to take a mini-pig. Left unattended, a pig will smash an apartment into the trash in literally an hour. There is no veterinarian nearby who could help in case of illness of this animal. Mumps can spoil and begin to manipulate you. All mini-pigs require great dedication from the owner.

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2. Content.

So a new family member has appeared in your house. If you can give him a separate room, it will be just wonderful, but it does not matter if not. Mini Pig gets along well with all your household. Just remember, the old-timed animals in the house may not be very friendly to the new neighbor.

Decorative pig It will feel great on a separate sofa, mattress, bedding or in a basket. But in no case do not lock the pig in the cage, they will be very homesick for them. Try to ensure that this is a well-ventilated room, there are no drafts (to prevent colds) and away from batteries (they do not like dry air). Mini-pigs are very smart animals, well, except that in their intelligence they will give way to monkeys and dolphins (well, except for humans, of course) and the fact that they are stupid and do not understand the next myth.

Decorative pigLike all pigs, she loves to eat and eats everything. Therefore, monitoring the diet is very important for the good development and good health of your pet. The first year of pigs is fed 3-4 times a day, after which two times will be enough. Dose the diet, make sure that it always contains vegetables, fruits, low-fat fish, meat, cereals and dairy products.

Be sure to schedule a feeding, this disciplines the animal, and it gets used to the routine. No salt and spices is very important. From the table, anything to feed is also no-no. In stores there are special mixtures (for dwarf pigs) are quite suitable, there is also green grass, which is very useful in winter. And spring will come and you can let your little pets graze (unless of course your house is in an ecologically clean area). Try to keep the food warm (up to 25 ° C) and always have access to fresh water (better filtered, not boiled).

4. Bathing, toilet.

If you decide buy a decorative pig, remember this very clean animal, very loving water procedures. Mini-pigs with great joy take a bath or shower and the fact that a pig is a dirty animal is another regular myth. Pigs have no sweat glands and there are no other ways to cool the body like wallowing in mud or swimming in water.

And be honest, the pig will always choose water. Therefore, your bathroom will be one of her favorite places. The water in the bathroom should be warm, after the bath, do not forget to dry, wipe the pig. You can accustom the mini-pigs to the toilet from a very young age, but even at an older age this is not a problem, since decorative pigs are very familiar with the tray. Use the tray with small sides, without filler (you can use disposable diapers), since any piggy sawdust is torn with heels. The toilet, as well as the personal place of your pet, should always be clean and treated with special solutions (once a week).

5. Walking.

Decorative pig is a moving animal, with which you need to walk necessarily and regularly. Walking should be every day, with the exception of bad weather or low air temperature. It’s not a problem to accustom pigs to the neck, starting from the age of two months. A walk is not only a toilet for your pupil, but also a way to get them the rays of the sun necessary for good health and development. Moreover, the sun's rays help pigs to produce vitamin D, and daily walks are a fight against excess weight, which is extremely important for dwarf pigs.

But remember, pigs do not tolerate heat well, so try not to overheat in the sun, and you always have fresh water with you (for drinking and irrigation of the body). When returning from a walk, the hooves should be washed with warm water and wiped dry.

And at the end of our article, we will remind you of some of the advantages of these wonderful animals, so why should you buy a mini-pig?

► Very gentle animals, affectionate and very attached to the owner.

► Easy to train and can remember more teams than some dogs.

► Very clean animals, like to swim and quickly get used to the tray.

► Artiodactyls are omnivores and do not suffer from hereditary diseases.

► Do not fade and have no unpleasant odor.

► They get used to your routine very quickly and will not interfere with your sleep at night.

We hope that our article will help you in the selection, care, training and maintenance of such unique animals as decorative pigs.

The author of the article: Andreev Sergey