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Chihuahuas look very cute and helpless because of their tiny size, and therefore, people who are not familiar with this breed often do not take them seriously and consider something like a living toy. Meanwhile, Chihuahuas are distinguished by mobility, endurance and strong character. These are friendly and loyal pets to their owners, which can be considered small, but personalities - interesting, rather complex and multifaceted.

Feature Description

Each of the representatives of this breed has its own individual character and behavior, in which such qualities as, for example, curiosity, playfulness, stubbornness and fearlessness can be combined. The nature of the dog turns out to be largely determined by its heredity, as well as its upbringing and training.But there are a number of features common to all Chihuahuas.

The psychology of the dog of this breed is very emotional and despite its small size, endurance and tirelessness. Chihuahuas like to run and play with their owners, however, during games with such a small pet, owners need to be careful not to accidentally injure him.

Another characteristic of a dog is that they become very attached to their owners and require constant attention to themselves, because of what they may seem intrusive. Chihuahua does not tolerate loneliness and does not like to be alone at home in the apartment, begins to whine and therefore is ready to accompany his master everywhere. However, their loyalty often borders on jealousy: these dogs do not like when their owners show attention to someone other than themselves.

Representatives of this breed are fearless and endowed with protective innate qualities.

They are not afraid to engage in battle with an enemy superior in size and without hesitation are ready to defend their owner or his property. Chihuahuas are not considered the easiest in nature pets since stubbornness, jealousy and even selfishness are inherent in them. With improper upbringing and in the absence of socialization, naughty, capricious and biting dogs can grow from them. This often happens if the owner of the chihuahua thinks that the small dog does not need training, and, therefore, there is no need to teach her commands.

Yes, and permissiveness is also not the best way affects the nature of the Chihuahua. If you allow a pet of this breed to do whatever he wants, the dog will decide that it should be so. Subsequently, this may lead to the fact that the dog will not at all obey the owner and will act exclusively as she sees fit.

But you should not think that Chihuahuas are obstinate dogs who do not want to reckon with their owners and fulfill their commands. In fact, these dogs are more stable in comparison with other decorative breeds of the psyche, they are contact and are good at feeling the mood of the owner. If the owner is disposed to communicate with the pet, the chihuahua will play with pleasure with him, and if he is busy with other things, he will wait until they pay attention to her.

Temperament Properties

Chihuahuas are less prone to cowardice, hysteria, and mood swings less than other dwarf breeds. These dogs behave with dignity, they are majestic and courageous, despite their tiny size, however, they can be somewhat arrogant and masterful.

Chihuahua owners note that the characteristics of their pet’s temperament are related to what type of breed it belongs to.

So, long-haired dogs are characterized by a softer, quieter and friendlier disposition, while smooth-haired dogs are more mobile, emotional and can be mean to strangers or strangers.

Positive traits

  1. Brave and courageous: the chihuahua is not afraid to enter into a fight with an opponent that is superior in size and strength.
  2. Loyal to their owners.
  3. Patient and sustained.
  4. With proper education, they grow up friendly and obedient dogs.
  5. Not prone to hysteria or cowardice: the Chihuahua has a more balanced and stable psyche than many other miniature and dwarf dog breeds.
  6. Mobile and playful.
  7. Affectionate and sociable disposition, thanks to which wonderful pets grow out of these dogs.
  8. Despite the fact that the Chihuahuas are very small, they make good guards who can not only frighten off the attacker by barking, but also, if necessary, bite him.


  1. Monogamous: they tend to become attached to only one person in the family.
  2. They can be jealous of the owner to other pets or even to children.
  3. Very touchy, do not tolerate rude treatment of themselves.
  4. The increased emotionality of these dogs sometimes leads to uncontrolled urination in stressful situations in the Chihuahua.
  5. Need an individual approach to training.
  6. With improper upbringing or its complete absence, these dogs can turn into real domestic tyrants: stubborn, naughty and even biting.

Adaptive abilities

Chihuahuas are characterized by increased activity: they willingly play with their masters and love to be in the spotlight. These dogs have a special affection for those of their owners who spend more time with them. At the same time, Chihuahuas try to get attention to themselves from all members of the family, and sometimes they may seem too intrusive.

These dogs adore accompanying their owners everywhere and have nothing against traveling together or even traveling. The small size of the representatives of this breed allows Chihuahua owners to take their pet everywhere: to the cottage, to visit, or, for example, on a shopping trip.

A well-bred and socialized pet of this breed gets along well with children, but at the same time, adult family members must definitely control the child’s games with the dog so that the baby does not harm the animal. In the event that the children are still too small and cannot distinguish a live dog from a toy, the best solution is to protect the Chihuahua from communicating with them until they are older.

Chihuahua is mistrustful of strangers, and therefore, can loudly bark at guests who come to the house.

However, if you let the pet understand that the guest is not dangerous and has a positive attitude towards the owners, the dog will understand this and quickly calm down. Chihuahuas often show aggression towards other animals and are cocky in relation to other people's dogs. At the same time, they can hesitate to pounce even on a larger dog, and therefore, to avoid serious fights, owners need to constantly keep their pets under control during walks and, if possible, to avoid conflict situations.

People who decide to have another dog in their home should be aware that Chihuahuas are more loyal to their breed. This does not mean that she will not be able to get along with a larger dog, but in this case, a lot depends on the characteristics of the character of another pet. In any case, in the beginning, conflicts between the two dogs are inevitable and the owners need to be prepared to intervene at any time to prevent a fight between them.

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Learning Impact

Raising a chihuahua puppy should begin on the day it appears in the house. Moreover, given that dogs of this breed do not perceive methods of punishment poorly, it is recommended that they use incentive methods more than censure when training and socializing them. Small chihuahuas are very sensitive to praise and affection and, if handled correctly and gently, are good at training.

However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that these dogs are naturally resentful, stubborn, and overly arrogant, and therefore it is necessary to compel the pet to fulfill the required in a benevolent but persistent manner. If you miss a moment or encourage these negative qualities in a growing Chihuahua, the dog will grow up capricious, arrogant and naughty.

When educating and training a chihuahua, it is necessary to be strict from time to time, but at the same time it is unacceptable to offend a pet, shout at it or, especially, beat it.

A dog will never forgive rude treatment of itself; it can lose confidence in its owner, become embittered and become uncontrollable. When punishing a chihuahua, verbal censure expressed in a strict tone will suffice: the pet will understand that the owner is dissatisfied with his behavior and will try not to upset him anymore. Of the positive qualities that are relevant to training, It should be noted that Chihuahuas are highly intelligent and quick-witted. They have a great reaction and good memory. With the right approach to training, these dogs remember teams well and can perform simple actions, for example, bring small items at the owner’s request.


Chihuahuas are distinguished by a peculiar character, which is largely determined by the heredity of the dog and its upbringing. These are temperamental and emotional animals, subtly feeling the mood of the owners, friendly, mobile and playful. It should be borne in mind that they also have negative qualities, such as stubbornness, self-will, jealousy and resentment, which create certain difficulties in everyday life.

However, timely socialization, as well as proper education and training will help to minimize the manifestation of negative traits and make communication with the pet pleasant and interesting for both the Chihuahua and his owner.