About animals

Part I Child and Dog


When future parents are just waiting for the appearance of a long-awaited child, they cannot imagine how much time and attention this little lump will take.

Yes, caring for a child is not easy, but very pleasant. But be prepared for the fact that your life and the life of your family members will change dramatically, and not only in terms of daily routine, but also in many other respects.

If a dog lives in your house, then it will be even more difficult for the parents of a newborn child, especially at first, since the care of the dog is added to the care of the child.
But, despite this, the dog will still have to step aside a little, since the main member of the family at this time, of course, is the child.

But how to organize the first meeting of the dog and the child so that subsequently she is not jealous of her owners for the baby and does not experience negative feelings for him?

For the first meeting of the dog and the baby, you need to prepare long before the intended meeting. Of course, many parents buy a dowry for the baby in advance. If you are one of these parents, be sure to let the dog smell and see the baby’s things. This will help you in the future to teach the dog not to touch the child’s things.

When a new mother with a newborn baby is still in the maternity hospital, it is advisable to send a few things, such as a diaper or a cap for the dog. This will help her to familiarize herself with a new smell for her and adequately accept the child after his arrival at home.

One more method of "preliminary" dating dog and baby is that the dog for the first time can react poorly to new sounds that the child will certainly make (grunt, sniffling, crying, screaming). Therefore, a great way to familiarize the animal in such sounds is a voice recording made in the maternity hospital.

When you and your child first cross the threshold at home, first introduce the baby to your pet. This is necessary so that the dog feels necessary for the owners and henceforth is not jealous of you for the baby.

It is advisable to keep the dog at a certain distance during dating. Naturally, the collar and leash should be attached to the dog, since it is not known how the animal will react to the appearance of a new member in their family.

After you all greeted the dog, lay the baby on a flat surface so that the dog reaches him so that she can see the baby. Gently unfold the child and let the dog smell it. If she knew in advance his smell and sounds that the baby makes, then most likely she will accept him as a native. Although it is possible that the dog can react in a completely different way. But over time, this will pass, but only if you pay enough attention to the dog.

Above, we considered the option when a dog meets a child. And what if the baby is already growing in your house and you are expecting the arrival of a new family member - a puppy?

Of course, buying a puppy is a huge joy, especially for a child. Therefore, it is not surprising that at first the baby will be occupied only by him. New sensations, emotions of feelings overwhelm him, so he constantly reaches for him to play.

But, unfortunately, not all animals react equally to new people and new surroundings. They can perceive the small master as an enemy that threatens their health.

Therefore, it is very important during the first meeting of the child and the puppy to be near them, so that in case of an unpleasant situation to control it.

But we can not only control, but also prevent unforeseen moments. For example, before meeting, be sure to look at the nails of the dog. They must be trimmed so that the puppy does not inadvertently damage the skin of the child.

Be sure to keep in mind that the baby may be allergic to dog hair. Therefore, such a reaction is best checked in advance with specialists.

In no case do not let the puppy lick the baby’s face and hands, as this can cause some unpleasant diseases, which are quite difficult to get rid of.

Immediately accustom your dog to the fact that a crib is a taboo for her. Otherwise, you will not be able to get rid of the wool on it and, accordingly, various diseases.

It is very important from the very first moment you meet the dog and the child to teach the baby to care for the pet. He must understand that the health of not only the animal, but also all members of the family depends on him. The sooner you do this, the better it will be for all of you.

Thus, the first meeting of the child and the puppy is one of the most crucial moments for establishing a good relationship. That is why it is necessary to prepare for it long before the hour “X”. We hope that the tips given above will be useful to you in so many difficult cases.