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How to choose a puppy Alabai: the pros and cons of the breed, instructions for the buyer, what to look for when buying


Buying a puppy of a Central Asian shepherd should be taken with responsibility, because the future owner acquires a faithful and devoted friend for many years. In order not to be mistaken with the choice of a pet, you need to know by what criteria to evaluate an Alabai puppy and what factors to look for when buying a baby.

How to choose a puppy alabai: general tips and advice

What are the rules to follow when buying a Central Asian shepherd? You should buy a dog only in a special kennel in which they breed this breed. Buying a dog with your hands or by an ad on the Internet, there is a risk of buying a sick puppy or ordinary mutt. It will be difficult for an inexperienced buyer to distinguish a mestizo from a purebred Alabai.

The breeder must provide the future owner with all the necessary documents: a veterinary passport and a history of the pedigree of the puppy with a listing of his ancestors, confirming that Alabai is purebred. Do not rush to choose and buy a baby in the first nursery. To get a really good and healthy pet, it is advisable to visit several breeders and carefully familiarize themselves not only with the puppies, but also with their parents. It is necessary to ask the breeder how many babies were in the litter. If the bitch gave birth to more than six cubs, you should refrain from buying, as the baby may be undernourished and with developmental disabilities.

To choose the best puppy from the litter, you need to visit at least 2 kennels

To choose a good puppy, you should examine the appearance of the animal and conduct several tests to find out the nature of the future pet.

Important: it is also worth paying attention to the conditions in which dogs are kept in the kennel and how animals react to strangers. If the Alabai are hostile, the enclosures are dirty, and the dogs look groomed, it is better to buy a puppy from another breeder.

At what age is better to take a puppy Alabai

In order for a small pet to quickly adapt to new conditions and unfamiliar surroundings, it is advisable to acquire an Alabai, which is no more than three months old. The most optimal age for buying a baby is considered forty-five to sixty days from birth, as they already eat on their own and they have already received the first necessary vaccinations.

Alabai puppy needs to be taken at two months of age

Some breeders give puppies barely a month old, but buying an animal at such a young age is not worth it.

How to determine the age of Alabai, so as not to bring home too small a puppy? The easiest way is to require a veterinary certificate from the owner. After all, puppies of this breed are vaccinated only after two months of age. You can also ask the breeder to measure and weigh the baby. Alabai, who is one and a half to two months old, should have a height of thirty-thirty-five centimeters and weigh at least ten kilograms.

How to choose a puppy alabai from litter in appearance

To make sure that the puppy is healthy, the owner needs to carefully examine the baby. A healthy puppy should have:

  • shiny and soft coat
  • clean and smooth skin
  • ears without traces of discharge,
  • clean eyes and anus,
  • wet nose
  • front and hind legs, without distortions or defects,
  • elastic and rounded tummy without umbilical hernia.

Important: if the owner acquires Alabai to participate in exhibitions and competitions, then experts do not recommend choosing the smallest or largest baby from the litter, because the growth of an adult pet may not meet generally accepted standards.

Characteristics of Alabai's character and behavior

When choosing a baby sao should pay attention to his behavior. A kid with a stable and healthy psyche in the future will become an obedient and reliable guard, and his training and training will not require special efforts from the owner. The puppy must be curious and observant. You should check how the kids react to external stimuli, for this you can throw a bunch of keys or a small pebble near them. If an Alabai shows interest in an unfamiliar object and begins to examine it, it will make an excellent and reliable guard.

To understand whether a puppy is distinguished by attention, you can clap your hands. A loud sound should alert the baby and make him look around for a source of noise. A small alabai who is scared of unfamiliar sounds, while escaping deep into the aviary, should not be acquired. It is unlikely that he will be able to fully fulfill the role of defender and formidable watchman. Also, you should not choose too restless and active puppy, because it will be quite difficult to train such a pet.

Boy or girl: who is better?

An equally important stage when acquiring an Alabai puppy is to decide on the sex of the future pet.

Girls of this breed have a calm and balanced disposition, they are easier to train, obedient and complaisant. They are patient and affectionate for children and are perfect as a favorite for a family with a small child. But it should be borne in mind that during estrus or in the first two months after the birth of babies, females cannot fully fulfill the duties of a security guard. In addition, during the period of feeding the puppies, the behavior of the bitch can become unpredictable, and, protecting her offspring, the new mother is hostile to other animals and even to people she knows.

Alabai girls are more obedient and gentle

Male individuals behave more aggressively and belligerently than females, they are formidable and reliable defenders, ready to guard the peace of owners and their property under control around the clock. Therefore, if a dog is purchased to protect the territory, it is better to opt for a boy. But the males are independent and wayward, and the owner will have to devote a lot of time to training and raising the puppy in order to become a leader and authority in the eyes of the pet.

What should be the puppy parents alabay

The character, behavior and appearance of the puppy largely depends on its parents. Therefore, before finally deciding on the choice of a baby, the owner needs to not only look at his dad and mother, but also ask the breeder several questions related to the age of the bitch and the frequency of her birth. The future owner should:

  • find out the age of mom puppies. The most healthy offspring are born to bitches from two to eight years old,
  • ask when the female had previous births. If less than a year has passed between the gestation of the cubs, the puppies may be weak and prone to various diseases,
  • take a look at the puppy father. If the breeder knitted a female with a dog from another nursery, ask him to show photos of the animal in order to evaluate his external data,
  • to study the behavior of both parents or at least the mother of the kids. Let the breeder force the dog to complete several basic commands so that the future owner appreciates the level of its training and a tendency to obedience.
Before choosing a puppy Alabai, you should look at his parents

Important: it is worth asking the breeder if the parents of the puppies are close relatives. If so, then the purchase of the baby should be abandoned. After all, those born from such an alabai union often display hereditary and genetic diseases.

How to distinguish purebred alabai

To distinguish alabai from crossbreeds, just look at his coat. For example, in mixed breeds of Cao and Caucasian Shepherd Dogs, the coat is long, while in purebred Alabai, the fur is short and plush. There are times when the puppies of ordinary large mongrels have their ears and tail cut off and sold to inexperienced people, like purebred Alabaevs. By what external features can a Central Asian shepherd be distinguished from a purebred dog?

The buyer is offered an ordinary mongrel if:

  • the puppy has yellow or amber eyes,
  • gray coat color,
  • thin, long legs
  • standing ears
  • long or wavy hair
  • wide and convex forehead.
Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish a puppy Alabai from a cross, especially if the owners go to the trick

Important: in purebred Alabai, the tip of the tail is always white. Therefore, the future owner should ask the breeder to show a photo of the newborn puppy to make sure the baby is thoroughbred.

The Central Asian Shepherd is primarily a guard and defender, but if you gain the respect of the dog, the pet will become a faithful and faithful friend to the owner, which you can always rely on.


So, how to choose a puppy Alabai? Note that regardless of age, all the kids are cute. Who is better to choose - a bitch or a dog? Let's look at the features of each:

  1. Males differ in larger sizes, are prone to dominance. They are independent, usually do not mind competing for a dominant position in the pack. They need careful education.
  2. Bitches are smaller than males. They are more calm, supple.

When choosing a dog, you should evaluate your capabilities adequately. If you take a dog to the house with a child, it is better to pay attention to the bitch. Usually, girls rarely have conflicts with children.

Thinking about how to choose a puppy Alabai for protection, pay attention to males. They look more serious than females. But when raising an Alabai boy, one must be very strict in order to gain credibility.


How to choose a puppy alabai? It is advisable to look at a few litters (three to four) before making the final choice.

Let's look at the features of the correct "exterior" of the puppy:

  • soft short coat
  • widely spread front paws,
  • "Plush"
  • teardrop-shaped head
  • dark nose
  • flat forehead
  • heavy lower jaw
  • raised tail
  • fleshy lips
  • massive croup and chest.

Usually a puppy takes on physical characteristics from his father, and his character from his mother. It is advisable to look at the parents.

So how to choose a puppy Alabai? There are criteria by which it is very easy to determine which baby to take. Let's look at them:

  1. Long wool. This means that this is not a purebred alabay, but a mixture with a Caucasian shepherd.
  2. Hanging lips, a very large number of folds. Such a dog in the future is likely to have problems with joints and skin. It is likely that he will grow loose.
  3. Obvious health problems. Cloudy eyes, a rash on the body, redness, an unpleasant smell are signs that such a puppy is not suitable for you. Perhaps he was not adequately looked after or kept incorrectly.
  4. Excess weight. A puppy with such a problem is already at risk. If he has weight at this age, then further problems with bones and joints are possible.

Of course, it is better to buy a dog from trusted breeders or in good kennels. For a baby with a pedigree, you will need to pay about a thousand dollars. A puppy without documents can be found in two hundred dollars.

Behavior features

Understanding how to choose a puppy Alabai, pay attention also to its behavior. You can choose a dog with a healthy mind in the following test. You need to throw the keys towards the puppies. Those who run to the subject are not afraid, have leadership inclinations. And that means she can become a good security guard. With an active and restless puppy in the future there may be problems with training.

Required documents

When thinking about how to choose a puppy Alabai, do not forget about the documents. Only their presence can be reliable confirmation of the breed. The following documents are required for the dog:

  1. Pedigree. This document confirms the breed. It contains the necessary information about the ancestors.
  2. Veterinary passport. It marks the vaccines made.

You should not risk buying alabai without documents. So, as a result, a completely different dog may grow out of a cute puppy than you expected. In addition, he may have some kind of hereditary disease.

How to choose a puppy Alabai? What to look for?

First, ask the breeder how many puppies are in the litter. The best option is six. If there are more of them, then it is impossible to exclude the risk that some baby was underfed. Such puppies in the future have a tendency to various diseases.

It is best to buy a puppy at the age of three months and not earlier than two. In this period, the dog adapts best to new living conditions.

When choosing a puppy, remember that bitches are more mobile, calm, but not so confident in themselves. Great for families with children. Males are usually larger and more aggressive. The best are suitable for protection, but less attached to the house, to the owners.

A healthy puppy:

  • shiny coat
  • wet nose
  • good appetite,
  • clean ears, skin and eyes,
  • no hernia.

In two or three months, puppies should already have cropped ears and tail.


Many people are interested in learning how to choose a good Alabai puppy. Remember that despite the breed, each dog has its own character. Now we will consider the main temperaments of Alabai puppies:

  1. Choleric. Active, energetic. He is interested in everything, needs constant games and attention. When choosing a pet with such a temperament, expect things to be scattered and sneakers to be bitten.
  2. Phlegmatic person. Such a puppy sleeps and eats, laziness in behavior is observed. Usually good-natured. A puppy and dog with such a temperament will never offend a child, he will tolerate all his pranks. In the process of training you need to work hard. Such a dog learns quite slowly (because of its laziness).
  3. Sanguine. It is the perfect companion for the family. He is cheerful, kind, smart and brave. It is easier to train it, since the reaction of inhibition and excitability is on the same level.

Remember that when choosing, you should pay attention to appearance. In this case, the animal must have clean eyes and ears, as indicated above. The teeth should be flat and the gums pink. Wool - no longer than eight centimeters. Otherwise, this is not a purebred alabai, but a mixture of the Caucasian Shepherd and CAO.

Pros and cons of the breed

We have already figured out how to choose an Alabai puppy. Now let's talk about the pros and cons of the breed.

First, we highlight the positive aspects of the breed. Such a dog:

  • clever,
  • hardy
  • true
  • good,
  • undaunted
  • calm
  • brave
  • able to protect both the owner and property.

Cons of the representative of the breed are as follows:

  • such dogs are not particularly suitable for keeping in an apartment,
  • strong molting is observed in the autumn and spring,
  • intolerant of strangers,
  • improper education can become aggressive,
  • Needs competent, timely training.

Breed features

Before choosing a puppy of the Central Asian Shepherd, you need to remember that this breed has some features that will certainly play a role in the future socialization of the dog. The most important of them we have collected in the form of a short list:

  • Central Asian Shepherd Alabai belongs to the group of dogs, which are called molosses. This is one of the oldest dogs, the main characteristics of which are large growth, strong jaws and a warlike character.
  • All Molossians spread around the world from Assyrian and Egyptian territories, where they were originally used as etching battle dogs - they were bled for dog fights, battles with other, larger species of animals, including wolves, tigers, bears and even lions.
  • The main task of the Central Asian shepherd dogs in their homeland is to protect and protect grazing cattle from predators. Therefore, attention, calmness, self-confidence, and, if necessary, an extreme level of aggression are the main qualities of Alabai.
  • Central Asian Shepherd Dog - not artificially bred breed. It was formed over about four thousand years, on a vast territory from the Caspian Sea to Afghanistan, gradually absorbing all of its basic qualities that we can see today.
  • Given the characteristics of its natural origin, Alabai has almost no genetic diseases that are characteristic of artificially bred dog breeds.
  • The final development of the Central Asian shepherd puppy, including the mental one, ends only by the age of three years of the animal, which creates additional prerequisites for the need for professional training.

All the conditions described are extremely important to consider when choosing in favor of this breed. If you do not understand this dog to the end, but only bet that it is a prestigious large breed, then it is better to limit yourself to some simpler breed, for example, a Doberman or a Rottweiler. The blood of the Central Asian Alabai is saturated with centuries-old experience of battles and battles in situations when the animal had to choose between life and death. Therefore, if you do not give the right education to your pet, it can become an uncontrollable lethal weapon, capable of immediately opening the throat to anyone he simply does not like, and given its strength and size, it will be impossible to stop the dog.

Despite its fighting qualities, Central Asian Shepherd Dogs are considered an extremely intelligent breed of dogs and respond very well to training. The most important step in preparing these dogs is to be the first to establish leadership and a strong bond with the animal. This breed needs an owner who is able to work with her with a firm but loving hand. After the dog sees its leader in the owner, it becomes easily trained on the basis of positive reward methods. But raising with a cruel hand can often have unpleasant consequences in the preparation of these giants, for example, in the form of the absence of fingers.

Nursery or advertisement?

Choosing a dog, of course, is better with a pedigree, and in general it is wonderful when you can examine it in a literal sense. The fact that you will be sold a dog with a passport and a vaccination card does not mean that the breed will correspond to reality. For easy profit, they can sell some mutt that looks like what you want.

The best option in this business is to choose a puppy in the kennel, where you can look at his parents. Usually, the nature of the puppies is from the mother, physique - father. Usually a bitch lives in a kennel, and a male dog, so if you can’t meet your father, the kennel’s management will provide detailed information about him. There is no doubt in its reliability, the nursery will not risk its reputation.

Are there any children in the family?

The Central Asian Shepherd in the presence of the children of his family turns into a good bumpkin who can endure a lot. However, in no case should the animal be left alone with the child - in some cases, the reaction of the dog may be inadequate. In any case, if the family has small children, the acquisition of Alabai is best considered at a much later date.

Health and appearance

Choosing a puppy - pay attention to its appearance. Alabai color can be different - gray, white, black, red, even tiger. Eyes are clean and shiny, without tear paths. The ears are clean, without any unpleasant odor. The gums should be pink. The teeth are even, scissor bite. The croup is massive, wide, the tail is raised up. On the chest, between the front paws, the arm of an adult should fit freely. Look at him for a while - he should not itch or bite himself, these are signs of wounds, ulcers on the body, fleas or ticks. If the coat is too long, more than 8 cm, this is a cross between a Alabai and a Caucasian shepherd. These are the main signs of a healthy puppy.

Elementary tests for a puppy

There are several tests to determine the reaction and instincts that can be carried out on the spot.

  1. Place a saucer in front of the puppy with food. If he does not seek to examine it, or goes slowly with his tail between his legs, then such a dog will most likely be cowardly.
  2. Flip over on your back with your hand on his stomach. If the puppy resists and calms down, then he is balanced, and will give in to training well. If resists and bites, the dog will be aggressive and / or hyperactive. If he tries to run away - most likely he is not balanced, the behavior of such a dog can be unpredictable.
  3. Throw a bunch of keys on the floor. The puppy should pay attention to a sudden sound. The immediate reaction is the makings of an active guard dog, the slow reaction is a curious but lazy dog. If no reaction occurs at all, the puppy has hearing problems.
  4. Pay attention to the puppy, then step back a couple of meters. The puppy runs after you - he is active, not afraid to follow the person, depending on the training, will become a good guard or companion. If he is not in a hurry, tail tail follows you - then he is afraid, but he likes you. The guard will not work out of him. If it stands still, it means too proud and independent, with serious training, you can raise an excellent service dog with a strong character.

Is there any free time to practice with the dog?

As already noted, the first three years of a dog’s life should be fully devoted to training and training. Therefore, if the owner spends most of the time at work or there is simply no possibility and desire to give his dog about 6 hours of active physical activity every day, then it is better to have a pug.

Key recommendations

Remember to make sure the puppy has basic vaccinations, skills that he is accustomed to the toilet. Familiarize yourself with his diet in order to minimize feed stress in the future and there are no digestive problems. Alabai's home should be a spacious enclosure. The dog needs to move a lot, otherwise you can "lay down" arthrosis. Accustom the baby to bathing and combing, in the future these processes are inevitable, it will be much easier to cope with the accustomed pet.

How many square meters is there in a living room?

Alabai gets along well in the apartment, however, given its size, the living space should be quite significant - at least 60 square meters, otherwise the dog will resemble an elephant in a china shop.

Ideally, keep the Central Asian Shepherd in the conditions of the private sector and a walking fenced yard with an area of ​​at least five acres.

Can I afford this breed?

Central Asian Shepherd Dog - Alabai, it is a very energetic and strong breed that needs a lot of food. Dry feed is absolutely out of place here, only natural, mainly bread and meat will do. Today, in compliance with all dietary standards at least half, to feed an adult Alabai, it takes about 500-700 rubles daily. Not every owner can afford such expenses, but saving on this dog means killing it with his own hands.

Care Features

In urban conditions, walking an Alabai should be done exclusively on a leash, in a muzzle, and for members of the family who are at least twice as heavy as a dog so that it can be held in case the neighbor toy terrier is flying around the corner. In addition, if it is customary to clean up after your dog on the walking platform, then instead of the usual bag, it is better to take a small bucket with you.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that it is recommended to choose a puppy of the Central Asian Shepherd in the case when it is necessary to seriously protect any territory and objects located on it. In this case, Alaba is no equal. But if you just want to get a dog to comfort your vanity with a large strong and quite expensive dog, then it is better not to do this, especially if there is no free money to feed the dog. Good luck in choosing!