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Deutscher spitz


(Deutscher Spitz, German Spitz)

This breed has five varieties having one standard:

Standard: FCI No. 97.

Belongs to the group: Spitz-shaped >> Spitz.


1. Wolf Spitz (Wolf Spitz or Keeshond)

Height at the withers. 46 cm, deviations up to 6 cm in one direction or another are permissible.

Color. Gray with marks.

Height at the withers. 46 cm, deviations up to 4 cm in one direction or another are permissible.

Color. White, old color - brown or black.

Height at the withers. 34 cm, deviations up to 4 cm in one direction or another are permissible.

Color. White, old color - brown or black, new color - orange, gray with marks, other colors.

Height at the withers. 26 cm, deviations up to 2 cm in one direction or another are permissible.

Color. White, old color - brown or black, new color - orange, gray with marks, other colors.

5. Dwarf Spitz (Pomeranian)

Height at the withers. 20 cm, deviations up to 2 cm in one direction or another are permissible.

Color. All colors.

HISTORY. Spitz-shaped dogs are the oldest domestic breeds of Europe, the ancestors of which were Stone Age peat dogs. The oldest finds of dog bones were discovered during excavations of pile structures, whose age is about 6000 years.

Among the large Spitz, Wolfspitz is perhaps the oldest. Spitz has been a guard dog for millennia and has never been used as a hunting dog, so his hunting instinct is very poorly developed. Previously, Spitz, in particular, Wolf Spitz, was used as a watchman on barges, due to which he was called the Spitz-cabman.

CHARACTERISTIC. Regardless of size, the character of these dogs is approximately the same: all of them, even the smallest, treat strangers with distrust, confirming their feelings with a loud and sharp bark. Spitz dogs are cheerful dogs, very affectionate for "their" people, but, as mentioned above, very distrustful of strangers. Luxurious wool with a lush "mane" protects them from any weather, but it requires regular care - combing with a brush and comb.

Spitz is an ideal companion, in addition, he is willing to engage in dog sports, the choice of which depends on the size of the dog. Small Spitz do not need long walks, they feel great in a city apartment and are suitable for the elderly and those who do not have much experience in raising dogs.

Deutscher Spitz / German Spitz / Keeshond / Spitz allemand / Wolfspitz / Grossspitz / Giant Spitz / Mittelspitz / Medium size Spitz / Kleinspitz / Miniature Spitz / Zwergspitz / Pomeranian

We are a small family kennel in Cumbria. We have great grandma down the family tree to her great grandchildren, kelsey and maverick living at home with us, including our home bred Champion Allforus Magic n Ice JW ShCM. see our website to meet the team

The first kennel of German Miniature spitz and Pomeranian. Kleinspitz and Pomeranian breeder / exhibitor in Estonia. It was officially registered in 1994 at.

Mittelspitz, Kleinspitz, Pomeranian Wolfsspitz & Standard Poodle.

We are breeders of z Vitonského panství black spitzes from Czech Republic. We breed from 1996. We service just unrelated and healthy dogs. Our puppies are unique, always of other liasion.

Berner Sennenhund, German Spitz and Australian Shepherd kennel from Lithuania.

Breeders of fine poms since 1998. We are located in Croatia near Zagreb. All our dogs come from USA and are out of Great Elms lines. On Euro Dog Show in Zagreb our dog won 3. place in puppy class. We ocasionally have show dogs for sale. Please call for details.

Fine pomeranians and yorkshire terriers of Russia.

High quality Pomeranian hobby breeder located in Moscow, Starfire, Great Elms and Lenette lines.

Venez rencontrer des races de chien que vous connaissez peu: Loup Tchèque, Shiba-inu, Akita-inu, Berger d'Islande, Spitz loup, Eurasier, Chien de Canaan, Suédois de Laponie, Teckel nain a poils longs, Caniche, Yorkshire.

Kleinspitz and Mittelspitz in White color for Show or Hobby.

En plein coeur du pays basque, au pied de la montagne, elevage familial avec une selection rigoureuse beauté, caractére et santé, nos chiens sont elevés parmi nous en totale liberté.

Elevage familial de samoyede, nos lignées sont issues d'une selection rigoureuse type, caractére et beauté.

Elevage familial de spitz nain et petit, nous avons des crémes, des oranges et des noirs et feu, nos chiens sont issus d'une selection rigoureuse beauté, type et caractére.

Our kennel is to Smolensk, Russia. Our breed: English cocker spaniel, Papillon, German miniature spitz and Pomeranian.

Welcome to our site! On it you will find information on our dogs, puppies, successes at shows, a big photo gallery and many other things. The kennel is since 1992.

The kennel was founded in 2004. We breed 3 breeds: shetland sheepdog, pomeranian spitz, zwergpincher. We hope you'll enjoy our website, where you can see the photos of all our dogs and the dogs who was born in our kennel, besides you'll have a chance not onlysee the pedigrees but toget acquainted withour dogs' relatives on photos! Welcome!

Kennel "Santbiri". Breed: german shepherd dog, german spitz. Puppy.

We are a small kennel in Bulgaria. We breed kleinspitz and pomeranian. Welcome to our website!

I am from Bulgaria and I breed white klein spitz. Please visit my website and see my dogs.

We a small hobby-kennel - the Home of Vice the World champion 2006 and Vice-champions of Europe 2007 - Aljens Golden Chip of Mag-Hanter. We are engaged since 1999. Lines LENETTE, STARFIRE, RAFFINAN. Champions of many countries, Interchampions.

Irelands top winning keeshonds.

Home of the Top Winning Keeshonden in Norway.

Elevage LOF, spécialisé dans le chihuahua et le spitz allemand taille nain situé en plein coeur des vosges.

Individual breeding, home of brown Mittelspitzes an Kleinspitzes.

The German Spitz kennel "Pushar" (RKF-FCI) conducts routine breeding of miniature (dwarf), small and medium Spitz black and brown colors. Puppies from the best representatives of the breed, advice on education, exhibition preparation, grooming (hair care). The head of the nursery is a canine specialist Selivanova Tatyana Vladimirovna

Kennel "IZ DOMA KINSHT" - Zwergspitz and Kleinspitz, white kleinspitz in Russia. Dogs for show and pets. Puppies for sale.

Spitz di Pomerania - allevamento e Selezione sportiva dello Spitz di Pomerania, cuccioli spesso disponibili da genitori di altissima genealogia.

The Silk Nose Kennel (RKF) offers puppies of the Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Russian Toy Terrier, Pomeranian fully grafted, branded. We will be happy to help you choose a puppy, for the soul or for exhibitions. We invite you to knit bitches with high-breed, males. Pre-recordings are also made for puppies-Spitz, Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua and Russian Toy Terrier. At the Nursery there is a veterinarian and a groomer who will always give a competent and useful advice.

Welcome on a website kennel FCI “DARIKAR” from Ukraine. Kennel specializing in breedings Mops / Pug, Pomeranian Spitz, Yorkshire Terrier, English Bulldog.

Welcome to the website of the cattery “DARIKAR”. The kennel specializes in breeds: pug, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier, English Bulldog.

Webpage about rarity of dogbreeds.

The dog breed: collie, sheltie shepherd and german pomeranian spitz. Information, pedigree, much photo and video of the our dogs and puppy in galleries.

The other sites links. Exchange links. Sale puppy rough collie and german pomeranian spitz!

We try to breed real pomeranians. We imported several very quality dogs from abroad. Our dogs live with us as family dogs.

"We want the goodlookers to work - and - the workers to look good"
Breeding and loveing ​​kleinspitz. - My dogs are members of the "pack" that includes us human beings, on dogs premissions.

That is: the dogs have always been members of our family, on the dogs-conditions. that is I am the boss, and the other "two-legged" family-members are also "bosses under me".

German Kleinspitz site in Slovakia.

We have been breeding Pomeranians since 1993 in a nice environment on the countryside. All our dogs are like family members on the kennel, which consists of three lovely Pomeranians, two females and one male. Our females are all qualified at shows before covering. We strive to get sound, healthy and vital dogs. Dogshows are our main interest and that is why we rarely have litters. It is not the quantity, but the quality that counts.

Our male World Junior Winner -08 Black Orange's Limited Edition aka Tiger was the most winning junior in Sweden in 2008. Tiger was one of Scandinavians most winning Pomeranians and placed at Top Ten in Sweden. We are looking forward to see Tigers offspring’s in the show ring this year.

In 2000 we got the opportunity to buy a promising femalepuppy from kennel Sunline in Norway. She provred to be very successful at dogshows and she has provided her offspring with fine qualities. Her name is Multi Champion INT NORD FIN S DK CH Swedish Winner -03 Sunline Lady In Red "Bonnie" She is one of Scandinavian Top Winning Poms during the past years, and The Very Best Female on Top Ten Pomeranians in Sweden 2002 and 2003.

In 2007 I had the pleasure of handling the Top Pomeranian "Smiley" Sunterra Spontaneous Daystar to an International, Swedish and Danish Champion.
Smiley became 1 # Pomeranian in Sweden 2007!

You will find us in the western part of Sweden in Särö, about 30km south of Gothenburg.