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The acquisition of a dog must be treated very responsibly, given that you and her have lived under the same roof for many years. Therefore, the first thing to decide is whether you need a dog at all. Everyone knows that a dog is not furniture or a toy. But, in addition, we must remember that the dog is not a wordless slave and not a four-legged man. This is a predator with its anatomical, physiological and mental characteristics. And although greyhound - the creature is balanced and delicate, becoming abandoned or, conversely, spoiled, he can begin to "fool around."

Remember that Greyhound puppies need a lot of space, time, and, most importantly, a lot of attention and love. Moreover, if you want to get a calm and loyal dog, then you will have to condescendingly endure its "childish pranks", unobtrusively teaching the puppy the rules of good form.

If you still think that you need a dog and that you cannot live without a greyhound, then first decide who you want, that is, you must first decide whether it will be a puppy or an adult dog. Of course, acquiring an adult dog may seem tempting. In this case, you see what you are buying - all the flaws of the animal and its advantages have already been revealed and it will be easy for you to determine its exterior and working qualities by looking at it in various situations. In addition, with an adult dog there will not be those many problems associated with rearing: multiple feedings, accustoming to cleanliness and others. In addition, an adult greyhound is very calm and not fussy, while the puppy is a buen, active and requires a lot of attention.

However, to see is not to feel. Greyhound is a dog, usually contact, and easily adapts to a new house. And yet, having changed ownership in adulthood, a greyhound will never be completely yours. By acquiring an adult dog, you acquire a piece of someone else's soul. A strange soul, as you know, is dark.

Secondly, you need to decide who you prefer: a dog or a bitch. It must be said that the arguments usually cited for and against the sex of an animal are not very relevant in the case of Greyhound. Of course, males are larger and more powerful than females, and in order to manage them, you need a lot of physical strength. However, they are not very tough and do not particularly seek to lead the family. With proper upbringing, these are soft and obedient dogs. Bitches are usually formed before males, which should be considered if you intend to drive your dog to the show. While a two-year-old male Greyhound male often looks like a clumsy teenager, a two-year-old female is already a young lady. As for the pustovok, then, as a rule, the first estrus of a young female Greyhound occurs in one and a half to two years, and in the future it will be repeated 1 time in 8-10 months (sometimes once a year).

Thirdly, you need to decide for what purpose you start a greyhound and, therefore, what type it will be. Of course, the easiest way is for those who need only a companion dog. In this case, you can purchase a puppy from any line - exhibition or running. Both of them will be the same greyhounds, cute and affectionate. However, how confident are you that you are not at all ambitious and after a year, having raised a puppy, you do not want to take part in exhibitions or races? Any Greyhound will run if its owner wants it, but not every Greyhound can become a running champion. Any Greyhound is a graceful creature, but not everyone will be successfully exhibited. Therefore, so that you do not have feelings of disappointment after a while, it is better to decide in advance what kind of greyhound you need?

When choosing a dog, it is very important to know that the show greyhound is larger than the running one, has a heavier skeleton, but less bulky musculature. He is more elegant, his head and neck are longer, and the general proportions are nobler. Dogs from work lines are generally smaller and generally rougher. But in the nature of the differences there. Whatever you prefer, know that choosing a puppy starts with a breeder. The breeder is the first person you have to talk to. It is possible that for many years he will become your best adviser and friend. The future of a breeder with a breeder often depends on his future: will he remain faithful to this breed and not another, or even that this dog will be his last? People make and define the breed, so let's start by looking for a person.

To get started, go to the exhibition and on the run, look at the dogs, talk with their owners. Do not be afraid to ask questions - the more you hear the answers, even the most diverse ones, the better. Most owners will only be happy to help you, but remember that they can be biased towards their dogs and competitors' dogs. Find out which greyhounds are leading in races and exhibition rings and from whom they come. If these are dogs of domestic origin, you can either immediately talk to their breeders, or find out their coordinates. I advise you to see the dogs you are interested in, not only in the official setting, but also in the home, as the champion is a champion, but still your dog will spend most of his life at home, so ask for a visit. A good breeder will never refuse - he will only be glad of your interest. In addition, at exhibitions and on the run the atmosphere is quite nervous and does not contribute to a thorough conversation, at home you can better understand whether this is what you need.

Greyhound, English Greyhound

Greyhound is one of the oldest dog breeds. His images are found on dishes from Mesopotamia, dating from the VI century BC. These are large, smooth-haired dogs, typical of a greyhound, with a graceful, narrow head, long neck, deep chest, and are high-legged and muscular. Although the Greyhounds are the fastest-moving dogs, they are characterized by a calm, if not lazy, disposition and are perfectly adapted to domestic life. The British themselves are called the Greyhounds - "high-speed lounger."

Greyhounds are brave and loyal dogs. Smart, calm and loving, but rather alienated and cautious towards strangers and even to the owner. They are sensitive to the tone of the voice of their owner and will not listen if they feel that they are stronger than the owner, at the same time they do not respond to severe measures. The owner must be calm, but have unshakable and natural authority.

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