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Chinese Crested Dog - breed features, selection conditions


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When you first saw a Chinese crested dog, you fell in love with it at first sight and decided that the dog of this breed would live in your house.

But before you go for a puppy, answer your own questions:

- are all your family members happy to accept the appearance of a four-legged baby in your house,

- Do you have a good idea and are you ready to take on all the work, inconvenience associated with the care, maintenance and education of the puppy,

- are you capable and ready from the first day of the appearance of the dog in your house and until the last moment of her life to love her, take care of her health, fully feed, walk, accustom her to cleanliness in the house, can you forgive the puppy spoiled by him during puppy games things

- what will you do with her when you need to go somewhere, for example, on vacation,

- Have you decided which Chinese crested one you want: naked or down, “girl” or “boy”, for exhibitions and breeding or, as you often hear the expression, “for the soul”?

You should well understand that a puppy is not a toy, which, if tired, can be replaced with another. A dog is a living creature, capable of feeling, experiencing, suffering, loving, rejoicing, jealous, naughty, the dog is ready for anything to deserve your love. Chinese Crested Dog - a gentle, loyal, very smart dog, funny, funny, very agile, temperamental, gets along well with people and animals. And if it happens that your dog becomes a burden for you, a hindrance, a burden that does not cause you joy, do not blame the dog for it: most likely you overestimated your capabilities, your heart did not have enough kindness and love for the little four-legged creature . If after such an “interrogation with addiction”, you have not abandoned your intention to acquire a puppy, then you can start searching for him.

This can be any puppy that you liked. Perhaps he will become a puppy without documents or with some shortcomings that are not related to his health. The price for such a puppy is relatively low. Such a puppy will never be able to participate in exhibitions and breeding.

Dog for shows and breeding.
Such a dog should be selected especially carefully. Chat with people with this breed, talk with breeders offering puppies for sale, and visit exhibitions. Remember: no matter what gender (male or female), variety (hairless or down), class (show - for exhibitions, brid - for breeding, pet - "for the soul") you would not get a dog, you must be firmly sure that the puppy is absolutely healthy. First of all, pay attention to the conditions in which the dogs are kept by this breeder.

Inspect the puppy. The eyes should be clear, shiny, in the corners of the eyes and from the nose there should be no discharge, breathing should be free. There should not be sulfur in the ears, of them should not smell.

There should not be any irritations or crusts on the body. The coat is silky, shiny, without fleas and tassels. A healthy puppy looks cheerful and is in good condition.

Male or female?
By the character and temperament, Chinese crested dogs of both sexes are very similar, and sometimes, a male dog is more affectionate and sociable than some bitches. When choosing a male, do not forget to check if he has two testicles.

During walks, the male “marks” the territory with his smell, raising his foot to corners, trees, various objects. Even a very well-mannered and neat male when strangers appear in the apartment can begin to “mark”. If a dog smells a flowing bitch, he ceases to be obedient and can easily escape.

In bitches, two to three times a year is estrus - spotting that lasts, on average, for about three weeks. A Chinese crested dog is a very clean dog, but nevertheless it can leave traces of secretions where it lies. Walking a flowing female should be on a leash, away from males.

Naked or down?
Chinese crested dogs of both varieties receive documents, are displayed in the same rings as naked dogs, participate in breeding, moreover, it is impossible to do without down dogs in breeding.

Wool “puffs” (after changing puppy) does not have a molt season and does not smell. In litters, down mothers often have more naked puppies than from two naked parents. A downy dog ​​does not need clothes for walking in the cold season.

Care is required for any dog: for naked - for skin, for down - for hair. Naked dogs - exotic - are more expensive than down. Bitches are more expensive than males. When mating two hairless dogs or two dogs, one of which is naked and the other downy, both hairless and down puppies are born. It is impossible to calculate how many and what kind of puppies will be. And only from two downy dogs, uniquely, only downy babies will be born. This is the genetic feature of the Chinese crested dog.

Naked dogs can be either with a weak overgrowth on the head, paws, tail and without a single hair on the body, or with a thick mane, “boots” on the paws, rich plume on the tail, and strongly overgrown on the body. Strongly overgrown dogs look spectacular, but require more time to remove hair from their body.

You also need to keep in mind that with age, the puppy's skin and coat color may change. Black wool can “pepper” into blue, silver, golden-fawn, even white, and colored spots on the skin can merge and form a continuous pigment.

Pigmentation at the edges of the eyelids (stroke) may not occur immediately. Eyes without a stroke make the dog's face expressionless. The ears of downy dogs can stand, and can be hanging. Both that, and another is normal. But hanging ears in naked dogs is a drawback. Finally, the ears get up to 12 months. At 2-3 months, they can already stand in small puppies, unstable ears must be glued until completely strengthened. If the ears fall during the change of teeth, they should also be glued.

Defects of the dental system are overshots and snacks. Normal bite is scissor bite. Try not to spoil the normal bite while growing your pet.

It is better to get a puppy from breeders with a good reputation. There you will be shown documents about the origin of parents, exhibition diplomas and certificates, descriptions of experts. You will also be given a puppy card, which contains the nicknames of the parents, information about the breeder, the phone number of the club or kennel, the puppy’s name, date of birth and mark number that exactly matches the mark number of the puppy, which can be tattooed in the ear or on the tummy.

Do not forget to ask the breeder about the date of the last deworming, vaccinations, feed, which the puppy is used to.

I would like to warn you against buying a puppy in the market. You run the risk of dealing with resellers, dog dealers, who may turn out to be unscrupulous people, poorly maintained outbid puppies, which directly affects their health.

There are frequent cases when for the sake of profit, mestizos obtained from mating a naked Chinese dog with a chihuahua, toy terrier, Mexican naked dog, Italian greyhound, poodle, pass off as purebred dogs.

Do not chase cheapness! Good is never cheap!

Article author: Tatyana Vasilievna Milovanova

Information useful to future owners

Chinese Crested is a rather rare variety of small breeds, which, as we noted above, is actually not from China at all. Many believe that dogs of this breed are always bald. In fact, there are ordinary, if one could put it that way representatives. A hairless dog has hair in the head, tail, and limbs. Chinese crested downy is genetically recessive, the whole body of which is completely covered with a soft coat. A unique feature of the breed is that both variants can be found in the same litter, however, the number of downy ones born is always less than that of naked ones.

Regardless of the volume of the coat, it is a sophisticated, graceful, graceful dog with a light bone structure. She could be called beautiful, if not for the heterogeneity of opinions on this subject. Someone considers this dog riding a dog's beauty, and someone can give her first place in the nomination "the ugliest dog."

Dog publications often describe the Chinese crested dog as a kind and sweet dog, but such a description would be more correct to call an exception than the general trend characterizing this breed. Yes, she is very likely to fondle her master, even in moments of disobedience, but this one does not mean anything at all - if the dog has something in mind, he will do it and it does not matter what her owner thinks about it.

Among other things, the dog is extremely sensitive and reactive, most of all it needs the attention of its owner. She can be a great friend to people she knows, but she’s most likely to bite strangers if she’s not well trained.

Care Features

Contrary to popular belief, these dogs do not require any intervention in the care of their skin. Moisturizing lotions, sunscreens or any other means, supposedly to save the most delicate skin, which are extremely necessary for these animals with open skin - all these are inventions of distributors of dog cosmetics who try to sell their goods with all possible means. On the contrary, the dog’s skin will be healthier if nothing is applied to it. Bathing dogs of this breed, of course, is necessary, but not more often than other animals - once every 1-2 weeks.

Many of the naked types actually have many hairs on their bodies. Therefore, allergy sufferers should not choose a puppy of a Chinese crested dog, hoping for a complete absence of hair during molting. The hair will be a little less than with ordinary dogs, but nonetheless, enough to cause an allergic reaction.

Those who decide to acquire this breed will still have to learn to pass some tests while caring for a dog:

  • It is recommended to shave down representatives of the breed from time to time to keep the skin healthy, however this is not necessary at all.
  • Some owners believe that growing hair will help the dog keep warm, but it is an additional risk factor for skin diseases.
  • In order not to freeze the dog in the cold season, he will have to provide warm clothes.
  • A large number of dogs are prone to the disease, which is the canine equivalent of acne, which is very difficult to treat.

The naked crested is incredibly tolerant of heat. She can roast in the sun for several hours without experiencing any inconvenience. Moreover, she does not need water at all, as many owners of this breed mistakenly believe. Since dogs do not sweat at all, fluids simply have nowhere to go from the body, and heat transfer is easily organized into the external environment, since heat does not delay the coat.

On the other hand, a Chinese crested dog has absolutely no cold tolerance. Some owners try to temper their pets by subjecting them to various torments, such as dousing and others. It is worth saying that this technique is not only cruel, but absolutely does not work. The cold will kill this African much faster than the heat.

If necessary, treatment of these dogs should also be carried out with great care. Particular attention should be paid to vaccination, the introduction of cortisone and anesthetics. Rabies vaccination often causes negative changes in the general condition of the animal. Some dogs may show a complex reaction to medications, including local anti-flea protective agents. A consistent approach to drug treatment of Chinese crested is a safer method, but it is recommended that each drug be tested individually for each dog before administration.

In custody…

As a general conclusion, I would like to emphasize some of the most important features inherent in Chinese crested dogs:

  1. Dogs get along well in small urban apartments.
  2. In animals born naked, teeth are often damaged or some are missing. This is not a sign of a "bad nursery", but simply goes "complete" with the breed.
  3. In a public place, the dog must not be left alone. Because the animal is very small, large dogs can view it as prey.
  4. Although animals get along well with children, the age and nature of the child must be taken into account before starting one of these dogs. Firstly, the skeleton of the animal is very fragile, and secondly, the dog is biting.
  5. These animals are very stubborn.
  6. Chinese crested dogs will bark and generally behave like miniature guard dogs. Therefore, if you want peace, it is better to look for another breed.
  7. Education is necessary for dogs of this breed. Otherwise, the dog will become either too timid and will be afraid of every click, or will begin to bite everyone in a row.
  8. Despite the relatively small amount of hair, these dogs require no less care than any other breed.

In the final, it is worth noting that in order to choose a healthy puppy of a Chinese crested dog, you should not buy it in the market, in a pet store or in unverified kennels. This breed has too large a “bouquet” of possible hereditary diseases, so a set of documents confirming the absence of these diseases should be supplied with the puppy. Have a good choice!

Breed standards

When choosing a puppy, pay attention to the exterior. This is especially important if you are interested in a dog for shows or breeding. A good puppy has a proportional physique, a flat back without sagging and a fairly light head. The paws should be erect, the hocks facing inwards are not allowed.

Make sure the bite is correct - Chinese crested snacks are common. Be sure to talk with the breeder - a bona fide seller will surely provide you with complete information about the parents of the puppies. It is advisable to learn about past litters - usually the puppies of the same parents are similar, especially with regard to size. When planning your pet's show career, choose larger puppies - they look more spectacular in the ring. If you plan to buy a dog for breeding, find out how her mother’s pregnancy was and if the puppies had enough milk.

Down and naked dogs: whom to choose

The peculiarity of the breed is the presence in some litters of the so-called "puffs" - dogs with long silky hair. These animals look very original and participate in breeding without any problems. However, hairless dogs are more common at exhibitions, and they usually get prizes. The issue of price is also important. The naked bitch is the most expensive, and the cheapest option is a downy dog. But if you do not dream of exhibitions and breeding, choose a dog that seems more attractive to you.

Evaluate the skin and coat of the animal. The skin of many puppies is covered with spots. They can preserve a bright pattern or brighten - usually it depends on the genetic predisposition. At the time of sale (age about 3 months), the exact shade of wool can be determined by the roots of the hairs.Spread the hair at the withers of the "puff" or at the crest of a hairless dog - most likely, in a few months, its skin will acquire just such a color. The amount of wool is also important. Naked puppies with a lush mane, a crest and "socks" on their paws look very impressive. Such a dog will require trimming before the show, but after putting the hair in order it will look charming.

The nature of future pets

Chinese Crested - a gentle, but at the same time active and curious dog. When choosing a puppy, give preference to the most sociable animal from the litter. It is important that he is not afraid of people, willingly communicates, and does not run wild. Large puppies are believed to be more balanced, while small puppies with round eyes and a shortened muzzle are cowardly and prone to tantrums.

Consider gender differences as well. Chinese crested bitches are more socialized, they are characterized by a calm disposition, accuracy. Dogs can be aggressive. Taking into account the nature of the pet is especially important for those planning a dog’s show career - for aggression or cowardice, the animal can be removed from the ring, even if it has a flawless appearance.