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Beautiful nicknames for horses: what is the best name for a horse?


Parents went to a city park with their grandchildren on weekends, where the children first saw horses and even rode them. How many positive emotions. And with what fervor they talked about horses: what soft lips they had, fluffy cilia in their eyes, how funny the manes were braided and what kind of hats were put on them. But most of all the children liked their nicknames: one white horse was called Vanilka, and the other, black (black) was Licorice. Others were: Mimosa, Sakura and Mint. Remembering this day, we assumed that the one who came up with such names for horses loved flowers very much. We even played a game who remembers more names of flowers that can be called a horse girl. Here is the list: Aquilegia, Agave, Alkanna (Arabic - paint), Anna (other Heb. - graceful), Argyrea (other Greek - silver), Begonia, Bovalia, Gardenia, Dahlia, Hydrangea, Jasmine, Ipomoea, Lily, Nasturtium , Saran (s), Forget-me-not, Orchid, Rose, Chamomile, Violet, Chrysanthemum, Adelia, Acacia, Aralia, Aronia, Belladonna, Bilbergia, Brassia, Breinia, Vanilla (ka), Verbena, Garmala, Gasteria, Carnation, Helikonia, Gerbera, Hickory, Davallia, Dereza, Dikkiya, Jacaranda, Iboga, Irga, Camellia, Cannon, Cattleya, Clivia, Belladonna, Lavender, Lavsonia, Liquorice, Magnolia, Mandragora, Medunits , Mimosa, Mint, Alder, Palm, Pelargonium, Peresia, Perseus, Pyracantha, Fir, Rodea, Sakura, Lilac, Spirea, Meadowsweet, Feijoa, Fennel, Fittonia, Freeze, Hosta, Corydalis, Zinnia, Bird cherry, Chermsha, Chernsha Echinacea. Of course, this is not a complete list of flower names that can be used as horse nicknames. You can add other names to the form at the bottom of the article.

How important is it to choose the right name for the horse?

For a horse, you need to choose the right name, because, like the human name, it carries some information, special characteristics and influence on the future. For these reasons, the name of the animal is chosen only consciously. For example, a domestic horse that benefits the farm should be obedient and quiet, with a short disposition. Accordingly, the name is given her easy pronunciation. Such horses can be called Tisha, Smirny.

The names of tribal horses, for which the nickname should characterize the entire pedigree, take on a different meaning. Usually the information that is laid in the name indicates the reputation of the plant, of heredity in the tribal line. In this case, the breeder needs to be aware of the rules provided for such situations.

Rules for choosing nicknames for breeding horses

For breeding horses, the name is chosen so that it accurately reflects its pedigree. Necessarily the initial letter must be the same as the name of the mother of the stallion, and in the middle of the name must contain the first letter of the name of the second parent.

For example, if a stallion was born from a mare named Cunning Lady and from a father named Arabesque, then you can name the animal Karagez, where the first letter “K” is on behalf of the mother and the middle letter “A” is on behalf of the father.

For half-breed horses, names are selected somewhat according to other, more relaxed rules. In this case, the first letter of the stallion’s nickname will be the initial letter of the father’s name. Names of horses participating in high-level sports competitions may also contain information about the stud farm where they were born, or about the stable or club where they trained and grew up.

Names for sports horses

If you look inside the pedigree book of a horse of any sporting breed, it becomes clear that earlier the nicknames of animals, if not always, characterized the obvious characteristic of the owners. Names were chosen to emphasize the merits and personality of the horse.

Today, instead of romanticism, pragmatism has replaced. Not so often loud and vivid names of animals are heard, now it is customary to select them “according to the dictionary”, taking into account the need to introduce suitable letters. This approach is the result of industrial horse breeding, where the name is more perceived as a serial number and stamp than carries an important meaning.

On the territory of Russia, they are at least somehow trying to maintain the sonority of nicknames for horses, while abroad animals are called long and awkward names. It is especially fashionable to “attribute” to horses the names of stables or factories, owners, companies. Such a horse's nickname can tell little about the animal itself, and it’s rare to understand from the nickname who is in front of you: a horse or a horse.

Double nicknames

Usually double nicknames go to tribal animals - allows you to highlight the characteristics of both parents or the features of the team, if it is an animal of a sporting breed. More often, a double nickname is entered exclusively in the animal’s passport, but in reality they are called a diminutive name. Such double nicknames are considered very popular today: El Cid, South Wind, Mini River, Mr. Gray.

Usually, the nickname contains up to 16 letters, sometimes it is allowed to call the animal a name, where about 27 letters, more - you can’t!

Name depending on individual characteristics

Usually a nickname for a horse is selected based on its individual characteristics. It is believed that the selection of a name according to such a scheme is the easiest. Often based on the appearance, character and basic suit of the animal.

The main suits adopted today are three: red, black, bay. There can be quite a lot of colors, in fact, like various spots, marks on parts of the body. For example, a mare with the nickname Asterisk may have a spot on the forehead, the shade of which differs from the color of the main suit.

No less important is the mass of the animal, and the behavior of the horse is of particular importance. If the foal is active and playful, almost does not sit still, such names as Veterok, Element, Energy, but not Peaceful or Quiet, will suit him. If the horse is squat, she can get such a name as Toddler, high - Goliath, Gulliver.

They also pay attention to coat color; horses can be called by these names: Chernysh, Gypsy, Coal, Gnedoy, Ginger, Squirrel, Snezhok, Voronoi.

Most Popular

Especially popular earlier and today are nicknames that are sonorous and easy to pronounce. Often, after any films appear on the screens, such “beloved” names of heroes are assigned to their animals. So there are horses with the names Sirius, Belyanka, Gray, Martha, Karat, Bella, Aramis, Rapunzel, Shrek, Fiona, Bond, Boni, Athos.

Depending on the origin, horses are given such interesting and amazing nicknames:

  • Russians. Berry, Varangian, Dawn, Clear, Burushka, Athlete, Dream, Buran, Swallow, Raven, Yakhont, Ashes.
  • Arab. Sahara, Bombay, Narsil, Vizier, Nougat, Dastan, Leila, Gin, Remira, Zephyr, Osman.
  • English Diana, Fight, Gloria, Merlin, Ophelia, Vincent, Amanda, Gray, Liberty, Golden, Camellia, Duncan.

Alphabet Click Table

If you can’t find a suitable name for your animal, a dictionary can help with this, where various names are captured. The table shows the names not only for horses, but also for horses. Such a list is convenient in that all variants of the names are arranged alphabetically:

LetterNicknames for horsesNames for horses
AAdele, Aeris, Azarel, Aziza, Azimbara, Aiden, Aistin, Watercolor, Akvelina, Alabama, Alana, Ali, Alibi, Alisa, Aliya, Alkida, Albazira, Albina, Alpha, Amazon, Amakkey, Aurel, Aurika.Ataman, Apricot, Agate, Altai, Atlas, Amigo, Arbat, August, Adonis, Aron, Apollo, Angel, Athos, Iceberg, Asterix, Avalon, Ararat, Amulet, Gambling, Anilin, Artist, Anrial, Orange, Alhat, Admiral, Absinthe, Apollo, Anubis, Vanguard, Atlas.
BFast, White Mane, Snow White, Bagheera, Boyar, Batista, Bulanka, Bavaria, Careless, Catchy, Young Lady, Beatrice, Joker, Bandit, Bravaya.Fighter, Joker, Brave, Beads, Boyarin, Blogger, Banquet, Benefis, Buryat, Basurman, Bolivar, Balovnik, Rebel, Bonus, Baron, Velvet, Buyan, Bars.
INVenus, Windy, Virginia, Free, Messenger, Prominent, Barabas, Sorceress, Business Card Holder, Byzantium, Victoriana, Flash, Spring, Venezuela, Virtuoso.Babylon, Jack, Vanillin, Waltz, Pennant, Varangian, Vesuvian, Versailles, Vector, Turn, Governor, Wyandotte, Wind, Merry fellow, Polite, Vegas, Knight, Warrior, Virtuoso, Splash, Crown, Velveteen.
GGalaxy, Harmony, Grace, Guild, Loud, Graceful, Countess, Hussar, Duchess, Hypothesis, Proud, Glaze, Mistress, Graphics, Brilliant, Loud.Homer, Hyacinth, Hercules, Hussar, Grand, Goliath, Graceful, Gladiator, Count, Gastroler, Hercules, Loud, Geyser, Glamor, Hero.
DWild, Saucy, Dobrodeka, Worthy, Maiden, Dakota, Valor, Lady, Dynasty, Delta, Demeter, Diadem, Drama.Dallas, Dzhigit, Dragoon, Joker, Dandy, Deja Vu, Friendly, Dakar, Dobrolyub, Jazz, Saucy, Worthy, Virtue, Armor, Dobrynya, Gentleman, Donjuan.
EEurasia, Egyptian, Yenisei, Caustic, Euphrosyne.Eunuch, Yenisei, Euphrates, Yerevan, Yesaul, Ezdovoy, Evdokim, Evstrat, Huntsman, Elizar.
FPriestess, Giselle, Pearl, Jellywoman, Geneva, Gesture, Vital.Jargon, Pearl, Jacquard, Jasmine, Ginseng, Token, Swinger, Zhigan, Juggler.
3Venture, Mirror, Fun, Perky, Thought, Zlata, Villain, Riddle, Care.Zorro, Design, Starry, Zephyr, Zeus, Sunset, Run, Zodiac, Astrologer, Conspiracy, Conqueror, Zigzag.
ANDEmerald, Elegant, Empire, Empress, Zest, Spark, Infinity, Intrigue, Illusion, Intuition, Idyll.Interest, Emerald, Indigo, Hidalgo, Impulse, Emperor, Ideal, Seeker.
TOBeauty, Queen, Sorceress, Sweetie, Comet, Classic, Caramel, Princess, Coquette.Cavalier, Kabul, Idol, Caprice, Cardinal, Consul, Prince, Carnival, Commander, Magician.
LLegend, Radiant, Flattering, Lady, Logic, Amiable, Flying, Liberia, Avalanche, Gourmet.Lovelace, Lord, Ludger, Amiable, Legendary, Likhodey, Leader, Laureate, Okay.
MLightning, Music, Magic, Dream, Malta, Melody, Mysticism, Milady, Fashionista, Monica, Mauritania.Moor, Dreamer, Silent, Accurate, Montreal, Marathon, Magister, Monolith, Malachite, Monomakh, Mirage, Musketeer, Magnet, Maestro, Myth, Marshal, Master.
NNymph, Reward, Heiress, Nakhodka, Notka, Nostalgia, Nicole.Reliable, Insolent, Nuance, Elusive, Napoleon, Jade.
ABOUTOvation, Octave, Mischievous, Joy, Olivia, Omega.Amulet, Sample, Mischief-maker, Orion, Original, Olympus, Optimist, Ornament, Orpheus.
PPrima, Panther, Province, Pentagram, Premiere, Victory, Front, Perspective, Palette, Palmyra, Pandora.Pascal, Paladin, Paragraph, Ashes, Ghost, Poseidon, Prize, Ptolemy, Landscape, Messenger, Feat, Positive, Prestige.
RRhyme, Rhapsody, Roxanne, Rubric, Robber, Rainbow, Rare.Radical, Racurs, Raphael, Robber, Romantic, Ruby, Rendezvous, Frisky, Realist, Dawn.
FROMSymphony, Strategy, Second, Shrew, Freedom, Sugar, Element, Sonata, Soloist, Samara.Sapphire, Socrates, Daredevil, Saxon, Salute, Solleri, Solomon, Sultan, Spartak, Sputnik, Stimulus, Secret, Sommelier.
TMystery, Silence, Tauris, Mysterious, Snuffbox, Tactful, Tanzania.Tagil, Typhoon, Timer, Talent, Talisman, Titan, Dance, Tamerlane, Dancer, Temp, Theodore.
AtGood Luck, Clever, Ultra, Successful, Threat, Craftswoman.Unison, Success, Nerd, Hurricane, Unique.
FStory, Invoice, Fantasy, Favorite, Frida, Fortuna, Felicia, Flick.Favorite, Faraday, Pharisee, Fan, Fragment, Pharaoh, Fantik, Focus, Fast and Furious.
XCharacteristic, Charisma, Artist, Brave, Chrysanthemum.Caliph, Character, Hacker, Hunter, Chrome, Sly.
TsTsarina, Princess, Quote.Caesar, Tsarevich, Cyclone.
HEnchantress, Roan, Wonderful, Enchantress.Wizard, Champion, Chicago, Churchill, Chaplin, Genghis Khan.
W, SHChanel, Champagne, Generous, Minx.Shaitan, Cartoon, Sheriff, Chandolyer, Saffron, Shahnazar, Sherbet, Shanghai.
EEurydice, Exotic, Eureka, Etoile, Elegy, Age, Emotion, Squadron.Eurydice, Epilogue, Everest, Egoist, Einstein, Equivalent, Eclipse, Exclusive, Extreme, Standard.
YUUnika, Junior, Juno.Anniversary, Jeweler, Young, Comedian, Jupiter.
IBerry, Brightness, Jamaica, Rage.Ardent, January, Amber, Vivid, Yamal.

Forbidden names and nicknames of celebrities

If a horse is bought for amateur riding, then in this case only personal preferences, imagination and taste are important. But it’s another matter if the horse was bought for participation in competitions and the horse has a well-known pedigree, used for breeding purposes, of pedigree value.

You can’t name an animal whose nickname contains obscene words, as well as the famous names of stallions-producers included in the international protected list.

Most horses went down in history with their owners. Many have become popular due to their sports victories:

  • Incitat. Horse of the Roman emperor Caligula. The emperor appointed his horse a senator, due to which he became famous.
  • Bucephalus. Alexander the Great rode on a horse, who managed to tame the animal, having reached 11 years from birth.
  • Hyperion. A stallion born in the famous Lord Derby factory. More than once the animal won sports competitions.
  • Copenhagen. The horse was carried in the saddle of the Duke of Wellington. Winner of many sporting events.
  • Vayegold. Multiple winner of international competitions. A mare born in Oldenburg.

Today on the Internet to choose a name for a pet is not a problem. In the search bar they drive in a “horse click generator”, and follow the link. The owner may like a random name, and you don’t have to rack your brains to choose a suitable nickname.

Interesting ideas

Also, when choosing a name, other criteria are followed. For example, they name horses in honor of precious stones, for example, Amethysts, Yantari, Diamonds are found at the stable. Or they call animals, giving them the names of natural phenomena or winds - Typhoon, Sarma, Blizzard, Bora, Samum, Breeze.

Farmers often seek help from:

  • stars and constellations (Orion, Sirius, Andromeda, Cassiopeia),
  • famous people (Nelson, Aurora, Yarmak),
  • mythical heroes (Perseus, Artemis, Athena, Zeus).

There are many more ideas and options. The main thing when choosing to include fantasy, thanks to which it will be possible to choose a completely unique, unusual nickname for your animal.

How to choose a name

When choosing a name, several points must be taken into account:

  • whether animals are planned for breeding,
  • Does the breed belong to the sport, will the foal participate in competitions,
  • whether the horse will live on a farm (in the village).

Nicknames for horses are given strictly according to established standards in the event that they are purebred breeding animals, used by the owner for divorce, or participate in international sports competitions. The foal needs to come up with a name that will contain capital letters of the names of the parents. Wherein:

  • in Arabic, Trakene, trotter and purebred horse breeds, the name must begin with the capital letter of the mother's nickname, the letters of the father's name must be inserted in the middle,
  • in the Budenovo, Hanoverian, Tersky, Holstein, Don breeds, on the contrary: the first place the capital letter from the stallions of the stallions, and in the middle - the letters of the nickname of the mares,
  • boys and girls of the Akhal-Teke breed are called by any of these methods.

Examples: if the girl’s name is Alexander, and the boy’s name is Mirage, then in the first case their foal can be called Almir, Alma, Almeo, in the second case Malek, Mira, etc.

When a foal's parents are winners of sports, his name may consist of two parental names. The first in the nickname is the name of the parent who has achieved great success in sports.

If the foal itself participates in competitions, it is often given a nickname in which there is the name of the equestrian club or the stables in which it was raised.

To the nickname of a horse living on a farm, strict rules are not imposed. It all depends on the imagination and preferences of the owner.

Information: in large farms they are selected alphabetically in order to avoid mating of 2 related individuals.

Alphabetical names for mares and stallions

Nicknames A
StallionAaron, Aachen, Abay, Abacus, Abacuss, Abaris, Abaro, Abasin, Abbadon, Abbot, Abbe, Abbisal show all
MareAasta, Aba, Abazia, Abaka, Abastalia, Abattis, Abasha, Abbet, Abbey, Abbis, Abel, Aberville, Abey show all
Nicknames for the letter B
StallionBabai, Babaris, Babayan, Babbi, Babbles, Babey, Babl, Babon, Babs, Baboon, Babur, Bavar, Bagan show all
MareBabbu, Babel, Babet, Babetta, Babit, Butterfly, Babra, Bava, Bavaria, Bavaria, Baga, Bagel, Baghera show all
Nicknames for the letter B
StallionBabylon, Wagai, Wager, Wagner, Wagrant, Wadash, Important, Vazgen, Wazir, Waiga, Vaigar, Vaigach, Weid show all
MareVaga, Vagatori, Wadi, Vaira, Vaiga, Vaida, Vaika, Violet, Vaima, Vainika, Vainu, Vaiola, Waitaki show all
Nicknames for the letter G
StallionGaara, Gabano, Gabar, Dimension, Gabat, Gabion, Gabitus, Gabl, Gabo, Gabrielle, Gabrion, Gabriel show all
MareGabanna, Gabara, Gabby, Gabi, Gabo, Gabonia, Gabriela, Gabriella, Gabrielle, Gabriella, Gabriel show all
Nicknames for the letter D
StallionD`Artagnan, Da Vinci, Dabar, Dabigay, Dablo, Dabush, Davian, David, Davix, Davlat, Davlet, Dawne show all
MareDagny, Dabigai, Dabney, Dava, Davidia, Dahomey, Dada Yes, Dazheleta, Daza, Diana, Diva, Daiga show all
Nicknames for the letter E
StallionEberhart, Ebony, Euges, Ever, Evil, Evin, Eurek, Euro, Europium, Eusebius, Eustigney, Euphrates, Huntsman show all
MareEbri, Eve, Evangeline, Eugenics, Evelina, Evestin, Evi, Evita, Eulampius, Evpatoria, Hebrew, Eurasia show all
Nicknames for the letter J.
StallionGill, Lark, Zhagbar, Zhadar, Zhaden, Zhad, Zhair, Zhai, Jacques, Jacques, Jacques, Jacquards, Jacquons, Jacques show all
MareZagi, Zhaddy, Zhadi, Zhadini, Zhazel, Zhazetta, Zhayzh, Zhayma, Zhaynalayn, Zhaya, Zhakaranda, Zhakarta show all
Nicknames for the letter Z
StallionZababnik, Zabar, Run, Run, Zabel, Zabiyaka, Slaughter, Zavgar, Witness, Testament, Cherished show all
MareFun, Zabara, Zabrina, Zabina, Zabira, Zabrina, Cherished, Enviable, Riddle, Zagira, Zagra show all
Nicknames for the letter And
StallionIarz, Ibar, Ibard, Iben, Ibert, Ibis, Ibn Khattab, Ibn, Iborsk, Ibrahim, Ibus, Ivaylo, Ivan, Ivar show all
MareIberia, Ibika, Ibiza, Willow, Iwald, Ivarin, Ivega, Event, Iveria, Ivetta, Ivetti, Iviva, Ivona show all
Nicknames for the letter Y
StallionYad, Yanshir, Yark, Yen, Yentel, Yogi, Yograz, Yoda, Yodal, Yogi, Yodi, Yoko, Yoksel, Yolka show all
MareYakona, Yally, Yamara, Yanna, Yara, Yattis, Yachya, Yega, Yogi, Yeko, Yella, Yellow, Yena, Yenka show all
Nicknames for the letter K
StallionKa-khem, Kaa, Kabai, Cabarete, Cabarne, Cabato, Kabir, Cabot, Kabul, Cabourg, Kawai, Cavalier, Caucasus show all
MareKabiriya, Caucasus, Kagura, Kada, Kaddy, Kadryana, Kazarka, Kazachka, Kazuko, Kaiva, Kaivana, Kaida show all
Nicknames for the letter L
StallionLa Grand, Laarchin, Labar, Laben, Labic, Labinsk, Labyrinth, Labrash, Labry, Lavender, Laver, Laverdo show all
MareLabash, Labiskvi, Lava, Lavender, Laveli, Lavery, Lavida, Avalanche, Lovely, Lavori, Lavra, Lavsania show all
Nicknames for the letter M
StallionMa Tao, Maai, Maat, Maverick, Mavis, Mauritius, Mauritius, Mauritio, Mage, Magamay, Magar, Magaraja, Magbad show all
MareMabel, Maverty, Mauritius, Magician, Magaya, Maggi, Magda, Magdalena, Magdalen, Magiko, Maginni, Magic show all
Nicknames for the letter H
StallionNaboo, Nabis, Raid, Stuffed, Nabis, Nabisco, Set, Naboo, Navarro, Navarh, Navajo, Navigator show all
MareNabbi, Nabel, Nabrina, Navara, Nagayna, Nagana, Nagel, Reward, Reward, Hope, Reliable show all
Nicknames for the letter O
StallionOasis, Obelix, Amulet, Oberon, Overview, Obi Wan, Upholstered, Cloud, Oblivion, Appearance, Bezel show all
MareAbout "Bessie, Charming, Charming, Charming, Obby, Oberona, Oblin, Aubrey, Ovation, Ove, Ogma, Fire show all
Nicknames for the letter P
StallionPables, Pablo, Pavarotti, Padar, Paddington, Padishah, Page, Puzzle, Pike, Paykar, Payro, Pyron show all
MarePavlinka, Pag, Paghetta, Paddy, Padera, Padma, Paima, Piper, Pakita, Palanga, Palermo, Palestra show all
Nicknames for the letter P
StallionRavarus, Ravat, Raven, Ravshan, Ravshit, Ragday, Ragel, Ragir, Ragnar, Ragon, Rad, Radames, Radar show all
MareRabbi, Raviana, Raviolla, Raga, Ragneda, Ragnetta, Ragusa, Ragul, Rada, Radalina, Radana, Ruddy show all
Nicknames with the letter C
StallionSaab, Sabar, Sabine, Sabir, Sabonis, Sabur, Saburo, Sava, Savar, Savvat, Savely, Savitar, Savrask show all
MareSaba, Sabadell, Sabbeta, Sabbita, Sabina, Sabira, Sabrina, Sabu, Sabe, Savana, Savanita show all
Nicknames for the letter T
StallionTa-Kemet, Tabalan, Tabard, Taboo, Tabimoro, Tabir, Taboy, Tabor, Tabulator, Tabus, Tabor, Tagay show all
MareTagira, Tabata, Tabby, Tabietta, Taborga, Taboo, Tava, Tavi, Taurus, Tavria, Tagi, Tagira, Tajanga show all
Nicknames for the letter U
StallionLady, Trash, Treshka, Triad, Triant, Triara, Triinu, Trika, Trixi, Trilli, Trilogy show all
MareWiley, Walant, Ward, Alas, Uvar, Guessing, Uganda, Uganda, Threat, Uda, Deleting, Luck, Sorry show all
Nicknames for the letter F
StallionFa-zay, Fabian, Fabius, Fabio, Fabion, Fabios, Fabl, Fabman, Fabrice, Fabrizio, Faun, Favorite show all
MareFabbi, Fabi, Fabiana, Fabiola, Fabira, Fabula, Faun, Faun, Favorite, Fadelia, Phase, Faina show all
Nicknames for the letter X
StallionKhabaz, Khabal, Khabar, Hubbas, Hubble, Haber, Habert, Habib, Habort, Khabur, Haver, Khavrosh, Haggi show all
MareHub, Habanera, Habibi, Khabina, Havanagila, Havanna, Havila, Khadizh, Khadiya, Khaza, Khazana, Haida show all
Nicknames for the letter C
StallionTsabu, Tsagar, Tsagn, Tsai-shen, Tsaid, Tsayn, Tsang, Tsant, Tsanta, Tsanter, Tsargan, Tsargo, Tsargun, Tsardan show all
MareTsagira, Tsain, Tsandra, Tsanita, Tsant, Tsar, Tsardi, Tsarevna, Tsarina, Tsarita, Tsaritsa, Tsaski, Tsauke show all
Nicknames for the letter H
StallionShepherd, Chabdar, Chavez, Chavier, Chagaday, Chagay, Chagosh, Chadow, Chazhi, Chayd, Chayzer, Chayk, Chayld show all
MareCha-cha, Chabahan, Chavti, Chaga, Chaglinka, Chadora, Chaza, Chazeta, Chaiza, Seagull, Chayla, Chyna, Chayra show all
Nicknames for the letter W.
StallionShabad, Shabito, Pattern, Shabo, Shagan, Step, Shagrat, Shagre, Shagron, Shair, Shaiko, Shine, Shaitan show all
MareChablis, Shabuti, Shavr, Shagan, Shagan, Shagaret, Shada, Shadin, Shadiya, Shade, Cheyenne, Shayna, Shayni show all
Nicknames for the letter Щ
StallionGoldfinch, Goldfinch, Goldfinch, Generous, Sherbet show all
MareGenerosity, Chips, Shield show all
Nicknames for the letter E
StallionEbony, Able, Ebo, Ebony, Ebony, Ebony, Ebor, Ebran, Ebolut, Evan, Evard, Evgur, Evgust, Evegrin show all
MareAbby, Ebury, Ebie, Ebigal, Ebraska, Eva, Ewald, Evaness, Evanzhelina, Euboea, Evelina, Evi, Eviva show all
Nicknames for the letter U
StallionYuan, Yuan, Yuber, Yuveling, Jeweler, Juvent, Juventus, Yuvert, Yuvmi, Yugai, Yugan, Yugar, Yugas, South, Yugon show all
MareYuanika, Yuanna, Yuata, Yuvara, Yuvelia, Juventa, Yuveta, Yuvetta, Yuvita, Yuga, Yugi, Yugoslav, Yugra, Yuda show all
Nicknames I
StallionYabek-Khem, Yabes, Yavan, Yavlik, Yavor, Yavrik, Yagdash, Yagdkheld, Jagellon, Yagi, Iago, Jagr, Jaguar, Yagun show all
MareYabbi, Yabeda, Yabina, Java, Yavara, Yagda, Berry, Yagoz, Yadviga, Yaza, Yayvana, Yayra, Yaya, Yakata, Yaki show all

Why do horses need a passport

The selected name for the horse must be registered. This rule applies to:

  • purebred breeding animals,
  • horses participating in sporting events,
  • representatives of rare breeds.

To do this, they collect a list of documents for both the horse and his parents, conduct a thorough veterinary examination with a blood test to confirm kinship, and also evaluate experts.

With positive results, the animal receives a passport, and the nickname is entered in the studbook. The presence of these documents means that the horse is guaranteed the supervision of special departments.

Olga Nevolina (Veterinarian):

A horse's passport is issued for life. Any changes should be reflected in this document. Change of ownership, nicknames, tribal status - are edited in special institutions after the provision of the relevant papers.

How zonyony helps to choose a name

Zoononymy is the science of the proper selection of nicknames for representatives of the fauna. According to this science, horses can choose a name, focusing on some features.

  1. Character. Quiet, calm animals are best called by names in which there will be soft syllables, no sharp sounds: Tikhon, Bunny, Angel. It is better to reward active, restless mares and stallions with sonorous nicknames that develop leadership qualities in them: Victory, Champion, Leader.
  2. Suit. Sometimes there is a hint of coat color in the nickname. A black horse, a black horse can be called Night, Dark, Black or in English - Black. Ginger fit: Fox, Ginger, Ginger, Kaurka. White mare can be called Snow White, Bianca, Belogrivka, in English - Uyat. Burka is suitable for brown foals, bay - Gnedko, black and white - Sivka, Gray.
  3. Seasons. Foals born in the autumn period will use the names Fog, Cloud, Rain, Autumn. Winter horses can choose the names Snowball, Blizzard, Buran. Examples of summer nicknames: Augustine, Chamomile. For spring foals, the nicknames Ray, May, and Drops are suitable.
  4. Human names. As a rule, such nicknames of horses are an abbreviated version of the name, since the use of the full version is considered unethical. The most popular old Slavonic and Russian names: Bear, Arkasha, Masha. From foreign: John, Merry, Jack.
  5. Famous characters and personalities. Often the horse bears the name of both real people and fictional characters, for example, Taras Bulba, Boniface, Zorro, Hercules, etc.

There are many options for qualifying horse names. This can be food (Sugar, Donut, Butterscotch), natural phenomena (Comet, Storm), external characteristics (Belladonna, Chubaty), other animals (Golden Eagle, Dove), etc.

Nicknames of famous horses

History knows many nicknames of legendary horses:

  • Bucephalus - stallion of the king of Macedonia A. of Macedon,
  • Marengo is one of 130 horses of the French emperor Napoleon I Bonaparte (it was the Arabian stallions that were his favorite breed),
  • Borisfen Alansky - according to some reports, the stallion of the ancient Roman commander Guy Julius Caesar,
  • Anilin is the most famous purebred English horse in the history of the USSR, in which jockey Nikolai Nasibov has repeatedly won prizes at racetracks in America and Europe.

Famous and famous, they went down in history along with their great masters.

Forbidden nicknames

Most often, the breeder gives the nickname, entering it in the passport. If for some reason a person chooses a name for his animal, he should know that horse nicknames are forbidden, which:

  • are unethical, offensive,
  • match the nicknames of the manufacturers,
  • listed in the international conservation list.

In addition, if the nickname uses the name of a well-known person, the owner must have an officially issued permit for this.

A fairly common mistake among breeders is to use events or names perceived negatively in the nickname, no matter how beautiful they sound (Trouble, Disaster, Lucifer). It is believed that they can adversely affect the nature and fate of the horse.

It is safe to say that beautiful nicknames can make any animal happy, positively affect its life and behavior, and it will also show the owner’s love and affection.