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How to choose a toy for rabbits


Today, many decide instead of cats and dogs to get a rabbit. They are cute and fluffy, tender and very affectionate. In addition, these animals do not require large expenditures on food, as well as daily walks. A great alternative for a busy person who really wants to be expected at home. But do not forget that this is a very active creature that simply cannot sit idle. Toys for the rabbit help entertain your pets, as well as keep furniture and furnishings in order.

Furry pet

The decorative rabbit very quickly becomes the favorite of the family, especially young children. This is a big fidget, he is constantly looking for entertainment, and if he does not find anything interesting, then begins to gnaw everything that catches his eye. Of course, this behavior gives the owner a lot of problems. Therefore, it is in his interests first of all to ensure that the pet has something to do.

Toys for a rabbit are equally needed for his entertainment, physical and mental development, as well as satisfying the needs that dictate instincts. You can buy them at a pet store or do it yourself. Their price does not care about fluffy, so any cardboard, boxes and other unnecessary material is suitable for manufacturing.

Find me

Hide and seek is a great game that will allow your pet to pour out energy, and you will have fun watching him. Ordinary cardboard boxes are great rabbit toys. They simply adore jumping from one box to another or hiding in them, listening to their surroundings. At the same time, pliable material can be scratched and torn to pieces, this does not harm the environment, and also gives the pet a lot of joy. So the animal can feel in its native element.

Digging mink

When choosing toys for a rabbit, it is worth considering what these animals tend to do in nature. All rabbits dig burrows, this is their natural need. Your pet will also make attempts, sometimes unsuccessful, to dig a refuge. For this, upholstered furniture, carpets, walls with wallpaper can be used. To persuade him not to do so anymore is simply useless. Therefore, toys for decorative rabbits must meet the needs of pussies.

You will need to provide a large capacity and fill it with clean sand. Take a basin or cardboard box, a plastic container, and make a hole in the side so that the animal can penetrate inside. It is enough to show the eared one time how to climb, and he will do this trick on his own. Be sure to come up with a cover, otherwise you will have to constantly remove the sand.

Dry pool

If you had children, then remember how the crumbs loved throwing toys out of the playpen. Decorative rabbits also like to move objects around them. Therefore, in a separate box, fold cardboard tubes from paper towels, add plastic toys, tennis balls. Climbing into this pool, the animal will be happy to gnaw and scatter treasures throughout the room. Then it remains only to collect them back. The next game will take place here very soon.

Sharpen teeth

The best toys for decorative rabbits must necessarily include the need to constantly nibble. If the pet has something to nibble at his leisure, then he will be indifferent to household things. So give your pet more alternatives. Let him gnaw paper and shreds of fabric, old balls. Give him a directory, a magazine, branches cut from fruit trees.

Toys from the store

Today, on the shelves you can find a huge amount of fun for furry animals. These are soft toys, balls and balls for pushing, as well as dozens of others. But cardboard bushings and cylinders are most in demand among rabbit owners. Rolls of toilet paper or foil are wound around them. It turns out funny toys that are very easy to repeat at home. It will turn out much cheaper, but your pet is absolutely unimportant.

Get down to business

Homemade toys for a rabbit are not difficult to make. And the easiest way is to give your pet your own hole. You can hide in it, gnaw and dig up newspapers or hay. For the construction of this design will require a long cardboard box, as well as a plastic or corrugated pipe. Other than that, grab tape and scissors, old newspapers or hay.

Next is a matter of technology. Fill the box with hay, but not too tightly. A circular hole is cut through it, into which the pipe is inserted and fixed with tape. It remains to close the external entrance with crumpled paper. The toy is ready. Your animal will be happy to try it.

Rattle with a treat

Since making homemade rabbit toys is easy, you can periodically do something new for him. It does not take a lot of time. For work, you will need a toilet paper sleeve and a favorite treat. It can be slices of vegetables or fruits.

To make a toy, you need to cut a hole in the middle of the roll, then roll two balls of paper and plug the side ends. It remains to fill in the hole of goodies, and the toy is ready. The rabbit will have to roll it to get every next tasty piece.

Soft ball

Rabbits are amazingly good at driving different objects, especially if they are of suitable shape. To make a toy, you need to take one roll from a paper towel and a small bunch of fragrant hay. Scissors cut the roll into rings. Now we roll a piece of hay into a ball and fix with rings. We form a ball - and the toy is ready. The rabbit will very actively chase it with its paws, and you will be happy to watch it play.

Instead of a conclusion

The smaller the apartment, the more difficult it is to keep pets in it. If you can not do without furry pets, then pay attention to rabbits. Affectionate, calm, playful, they will be happy to make a company for games. When you go to work, you can just close the cage, then the fluffy will have no chance to spoil furniture or things. And when you let out for a walk, offer him home-made toys, from which he will certainly be delighted.

Justification of the need for toys for a decorative rabbit

If the owner wants to get a satisfied and developed pet without going to the store, he should make a little effort and creativity, creating toys for rabbits with his own hands. What are they needed for?

  • The development of the mental work of the animal’s brain. At a time when the owner is away from home, the animal can get bored and have a bit of a smoke, so you need to leave him an “island” where he will play and develop.
  • The development of physical parameters. To overcome the tunnel, roll balls or climb the house, the pet spends energy and develops muscles, because you need to climb the stairs, climb over obstacles and jump between or behind objects. Such entertainment can be called exercise machines that contribute to the active life of rabbits.
  • Avoiding damage and breakdowns in a home environment. Having at its disposal numerous and varied entertainments, the rabbit fully satisfies all needs without harming furniture and decor items.

A variety of toys designed for decorative inhabitants of the house

Entertainment items can be divided into different categories. Basically the classification takes place:

  • by animal size: toys for little rabbits and older rabbits,
  • according to the needs of the rabbit: to satisfy the desire to rummage in the ground, combing teeth, sharpening claws.

The Internet is full of different articles, videos, and photo instructions for collecting playing instruments of animals, which is not surprising given how often questions like “How can I make toys for rabbits?” Or “Which toys for decorative rabbits are better” are asked? Examples of how to create entertainment for your pet with your own hands will be described below. So, let's go directly to the algorithm for creating toys for decorative rabbits.

Meet the need to dig holes in the ground, as well as scratch your teeth

In order to create this kind of entertainment, you need a large cardboard box or plastic basket, a bunch of hay or a few handfuls of paper torn into small pieces (a newspaper or toilet paper is used). Hay or paper is poured into the container, and then a favorite animal is planted there so that it can enjoy the resulting design.

Another toy to satisfy the desire to dig a hole can be a flower pot with earth and a box of sand, but it is worth remembering that a pet can scatter everything around the room, and therefore you should carefully choose the location of such a toy. An artificial tunnel or a house can be built nearby. A similar project can be realized with the help of a tube made of pressed cardboard, one side of which is stuffed with newspapers or hay to close the hole. The pet will either hide there, as in a hole, or dig a closed side imitating construction. Instead of playing games, an old carpet, a blanket and a magazine can approach a pet, but these materials are unsafe.

Physiologically, the pet’s tooth structure is such that, if you do not comb the enamel, then the teeth grow at an incredible rate. Therefore, from improvised means, you can make an excellent tool for combing teeth. You just need to give your "roommate" a pine cone, a piece of raw wood or a branch. Domestic animals prefer the apple tree or any other freshly cut tree. Also suitable are old children's plastic toys without small and brittle parts.

What can be used as a toy

As a toy for rabbits, both domestic helpers and acquired materials will go, the main thing is that they are harmless to the animal. The list of materials that are in any apartment includes the following:

  • cardboard boxes into which an eared one will fit easily, while they can be nibbled and scratched their walls,
  • various rolls of paper, foil and napkins,
  • hay, newspapers and magazines,
  • plastic bottles and small branches of cherries or apple trees.

Such improvised material is found in almost every home. Well, if you want to pamper your eared pet with bright toys, you can buy them at any pet store.

For the entertainment of a rabbit, the following products are suitable:

  • cat houses
  • game tunnels
  • special stands for jumping up,
  • various balls of bright colors.

Such products can be safely rolled and nibble, while they will be completely safe for the rabbit. In general, when choosing a certain material, it’s worth remembering: for games, you can give any toys, even children’s, to an eared pet, the main thing is that they are quite large and the animal cannot swallow them.

We will help sharpen claws

Some pets have a passion for the process of tearing tissue. For this, you can donate an old towel or notebook. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the rabbit does not eat the fabric or the glued root of the book: this can cause digestion problems.

Another fun toy could be a cardboard tube filled with paper or hay and a treat hidden inside. In addition to grinding your claws about handmade rabbit toys, the rabbit will receive a tasty bonus - a treat. Or, using the same technology, you can roll up the hay by first placing the delicacy inside, and wrap the circle itself with cardboard paper.

Rabbit need for toys

Decorative animals often remain alone. At such moments, they need some activity in order to have fun and keep fit. If the small decorative rabbit does not have the appropriate devices, he will use furniture, flowerpots, books, things, shoes, wallpaper. The consequences are catastrophic.

Rabbit toys are necessary for the following reasons:

  • strong instincts for survival in the wild, forcing the pet to seek shelter,
  • curiosity that encourages the study of everything around and checking objects for a tooth,
  • the need to grind teeth and claws regularly
  • laziness and good appetite, which with minimal movement of the animal lead to obesity and health problems.

It’s easier for owners of furry pets to provide them with matching playing items sold in the store. It is much more economical and more convenient to make devices at home. To do this, you should decide on the purpose of the toy for little rabbits and choose natural materials.

Burrowing tools

Rabbits live in holes and are able to quickly hide under the ground. So they feel safe and at the same time train their muscles. For this reason, analogues of holes are created.

If you pour clean sand into a large box, digging holes will be your pet's favorite pastime.

There are several options for planning your own holes:

  • in a large plastic tray they pour earth from under the flowers or sand,
  • a large number of plastic balls or wrapping paper is placed in a box,
  • at one end of the cardboard tube put a large portion of hay or cover it with a piece of natural fabric.
  • a thick paper tunnel ends with a box with several exits, into which old newspapers are placed.

The device is placed in the place where the animal often digs. If the material is loose, you have to regularly clean the room.

Cardboard tubes and boxes gradually wear out, so they are gradually replaced with new ones.

Active Exercise Items

Toys for decorative rabbits allow pets to constantly move. To strengthen their muscles and help animals develop, active games are invented for them. They should interest small and lazy individuals if they contain an attractive treat.

If there are several boxes of cardboard of different sizes, organize a house with transitions, exits and partitions. The animal will be pleased to run in its own maze, hide there, explore the walls. If several steps are made of the same material, the pet will be able to jump up and down them. Animals love to climb the highest floor of the house and watch everything that happens around.

Olga Nevolina (Veterinarian):

Do not make the structure too high. A rabbit can accidentally fall from there and injure itself.

For active pet exercises, such devices are suitable:

  • hanging pieces of vegetables or fruits strung on a wire at such a height that the animal rises on its hind legs,
  • a tumbler from a toilet paper sleeve with plugged edges and a small hole in the wall where some feed pellets are poured,
  • cabbage leaves attached with clothespins to moving objects or the wall of the aviary.

Olga Nevolina (Veterinarian):

Tumblers ideally should be given to the animal not in a cage, but in a wider area. Such a toy will provide high activity even to the most lazy animal.

Toys for grinding teeth and claws

The incisors in animals grow throughout life. Claws also need careful care, especially at home.Therefore, toys for a decorative rabbit should be such that it is convenient to bite and tear. They are made from natural materials, solid, not having sharp edges.

The incisors in rabbits grow all their lives, so they need to nibble something at their leisure. Let him nibble directories, magazines, branches cut from fruit trees

Do not allow your pet to gnaw wires, glass, and chemical-impregnated products.

The following items are suitable for grinding:

  1. Old and unnecessary books. The cover, impregnated with glue, does not give the pet a root; it should not swallow paper.
  2. Soft blanket or natural fabric. Small fabric cuts should not contain long pile. Little rabbits will delve into the blanket with pleasure.
  3. Bars or branches of some trees, cones. The favorite ones for cracking are the apple tree, pear, willow, maple, linden. Oak, stone garden and coniferous trees are best excluded. The branches are tied in small bundles and suspended above the floor. They are also inserted from different sides into a cardboard sleeve from under paper towels.
  4. Old children's toys from strong materials. If the pet damages the item, it is taken away and replaced with a new one. Small parts when ingested cause breathing or digestion problems.

Olga Nevolina (Veterinarian):

It is better that the toys are made from natural materials, or solid, which are hard to crack. Otherwise, the rabbit can swallow bitten pieces of rubber, plastic, tissue and cause intestinal blockage.

For decorative lop-eared rabbits, toys with tasty filling will be interesting. It is these breeds that are prone to laziness, which is fraught with obesity.

Rabbits are amazingly good at driving different objects, especially if they are round in shape and there is hidden a small bunch of fragrant hay

Making a DIY toy for a rabbit is easy:

  • you will need a sleeve from paper towels, which is cut into rings up to 2 cm wide,
  • a ball is formed from several such connected strips,
  • a little hay and a piece of goodies are stuffed inside the structure,
  • the thing will be interesting for riding, the animal will gnaw at it and try to get the contents.

A useful fixture is a multi-layer cardboard mat. For its construction you will need a box of any size. Its walls are trimmed, leaving a pallet up to 7 cm in height. From the residues, strips are prepared with a width equal to the size of the walls of the main structure, the length should also be appropriate. They are installed in an upright position in a pallet, dry grass, twigs or thin pieces of goodies are poked between them.

This mat is convenient for relaxation, entertainment and physical activity. The cardboard inside it changes as it is destroyed. Goodies are regularly put inside.

We make toys for the pet

As described above, rabbits are playful and very funny individuals. It should be borne in mind that the eared beast is also a kind of animal, he himself finds for himself an occupation that he considers the most interesting. Therefore, watching your pet, you can independently determine what he likes to play with, and what thing he does not pay attention to.

In any case, it is important to consider that an eared friend, a creature is normal, and if you give him the opportunity, he will gladly equip himself with a mink.

Today in pet stores you can find a lot of different goods in the form of artificial holes or game tunnels, created specifically for animals. But at the same time, you can make toys for the rabbit with your own hands. Design such a device for games is not difficult.

So, if you decide to make a toy on your own, then you will need to stock up on the following materials:

  • 5 meters of fabric, preferably natural,
  • a box in the shape of a cylinder, for this you can use packaging from brandy or from vodka,
  • some hay.

If you were unable to find a box for an alcoholic drink, then you can take a piece of thick paper and, twisting it into a round shape, glue the ends. After this manipulation, you should get a figure in the shape of a pipe.

Then, one side of the resulting figure, well wound up with a cloth, so that at the exit we get a kind of tunnel in which a little dry hay is put. With the help of such a paper construction, an eared pet will gladly start digging a move in it.

If wallpaper is glued on the walls in the room where the animal lives, then in order to save them, stock up in large quantities with unnecessary books, magazines and newspapers. Such improvised means will not only save the wallpaper from the spoilage, but also brighten up your pet’s leisure.

In addition, it is worth considering that a decorative rabbit is the second child who loves to scatter all the objects that come in his way.

Therefore, if an eared man does not have the required number of different toys, his toilet, drinking bowl and feeder will be used.

Often for their own self-affirmation, dwarf representatives climb on furniture. In this case, in order to prevent damage to property, it is worthwhile to purchase a special house or make it yourself.

To do this, you need to take four boxes of different diameters and put them in the form of steps on top of each other, fixing them with glue. At such a structure, the animal will be happy to jump up the stairs and then down.

And if you make holes in each box, then the eared one will be happy to use them as a playing field.

Well, the last recommendation from experienced breeders is the installation of special simulators for the full development of rabbits. For these purposes, you can purchase ready-made rabbit simulators in a pet store or make them yourself, having previously familiarized yourself with the design presented in the store.

You only need to collect the sticks, thoroughly clean them from the bark and burrs and carefully wrap them with a thick rope. And then, mount according to the same principle as in the pet store.

Why do we need toys

How to make toys for an eared pet, we reviewed above. But at the same time, most beginning rabbit breeders are interested in why such improvised means are needed. First of all, rabbits, individuals are very playful and in order to fully satisfy their need for entertainment, toys are needed.

In addition, such devices play a crucial role in the development of an eared friend, namely:

  • game devices help to train the pet’s mental development, making it much easier to train in the future,
  • with the help of toys, the animal quickly remembers the right place where it will learn to go to the toilet,
  • jumps and hide and seek help keep the muscle mass of the animal in good shape, as well as strengthen its health,
  • if the pet is provided with a large number of various game devices, furniture and other valuables will be completely safe.

Experienced rabbit breeders recommend initially clearly distinguishing the territory for the acquired pet. Such a measure will help to exclude the marks of the animal, with the help of which it assigns itself a habitat zone.


After you get a decorative rabbit, for a start it is worth watching a little for him, to reveal what character and habits the animal is endowed with. Thanks to such a little research, you can create toys for an eared friend with your own hands, while significantly saving on their acquisition.