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One day on the assembly line


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Neither the Moscow nor the Bryansk guests were indulgent by the French and Japanese: the conveyor, just launched by the imitation of a huge button, was motionless. The guards in black seemed to have overeating films in which their colleagues stand with stone faces: they also looked like severe sculptures. But not all. On the chest of a happily smiling soldier, a strange inscription was displayed: "Yuri Kozlov Nikolaevich"

“Why did they call you that?” In the French manner? Or Japanese?

“I don’t know,” Yuri Kozlov Nikolaevich answered joyfully to the Bryansk guests.

- French not forced to learn?

- No, they speak Russian well.

They say, but not all. But the good “Kaluga” language turned out to be in my interlocutors - young Irina and Marina, who are less than forty years old. For some reason, they lingered near a warehouse fenced off with a net, in which one could notice not too new tires, some aggregates and containers. The ladies did not shy away from the correspondent.

BAG: What service do you represent?

Irina: I am a master of the quality department, and Marina is the warehouse manager. We have interned abroad. Our quality department is in France. It is considered the infrastructure of the entire plant. Both present and future.

BAG: Do you know about cars?

Irina: Where to go. Our training was structured so that we can understand the importance of quality requirements.

BAG: How did you get to the factory?

Marina: They were selected at three interviews. They asked about professional skills, assessed the general level of thinking. In the testing process, it was necessary to score a certain number of points.

Irina: They asked how much I want to earn. I wrote. They agreed. I know people 8-10 who came from VAZ. I used to work at the Kaluga Automobile Equipment Plant.

BAG: How was the tendency of some of our people to theft checked?

Marina: Maybe they did, but we didn’t notice it. Testing is rigorous.

BAG: Nobody moved here from the Kaluga Volkswagen? Sometimes frames are lured.

Irina: As they explained to us, in our city, factory managers are trying to find a common language with each other. Maybe in the personnel department there is an attitude not to take workers from competing factories.

BAG: How do you get to work in the suburbs?

Marina: I just live next to the Volkswagen, I spend an hour and a half on the road. I have been working at Peugeot for more than six months

BAG: Disappointment did not come?

Marina: No, we are satisfied.

BAG: In the future, the nature of the work will change?

Marina: Of course. The plant is growing, and so are we.

BAG: Is there any age limit for employees?

Marina: No, one of our employees is 20 years old, but there are also those who are 55. Here is Misha, admire.

BAG: Have the French already found brides here?

Marina: We don’t know, this is of little interest to us.

BAG: At the Volkswagen I was told that even graduates of the Bauman school came to the conveyor.

Irina: A young graduate student of this university also works at retouching.

BAG: What is called a retouch here?

Irina: When the installation is in progress, someone may not notice something, and then the car goes for retouching. These are not only body defects. For example, in the case of installation of the device, if the deviation of its placement exceeds a millimeter, the laser device is triggered, and the machine does not go further until you eliminate the marriage.

BAG: The Japanese use the Andon cords on Toyota, with which the conveyor stops. And what about the Peugeot?

Irina: The same system will be, we met with her during an internship at a plant in Slovakia. If you suddenly noticed a marriage, then you pull the cord, and the conveyor stops. I was amazed in Slovakia, I liked it.

BAG: We do not ask about salary. Did you give me a subscription?

Irina: No, they didn’t give a subscription. Salaries are different.

BAG: How is cleanliness maintained in the workshops?

Irina: There is an organization that cleans all rooms.

BAG: You have strange shoes. Why is she like that?

Irina: Such shoes are obligatory, they are with iron noses - so as not to get injured if the tool falls. There are such boots and boots, and at all Peugeot factories it is obligatory. Very comfortably. Here, a young man was recently dropped on his feet, he did not suffer.

BAG: You do not have the right to go without branded baseball caps?

Irina: This is not a baseball cap, but a cascade. There is still construction work going on, many wear reflective vests.

BAG: What else have you been taught in Slovakia?

Irina: The internship was full. People who come to the factory should find out how the machine is assembled. First they studied the quality control system, then they worked on mini-lines - they themselves assembled cars. Each stood on the conveyor for two to three days, even financiers. Such a policy, and it is very correct. But now I am a little versed in cars.

BAG: Have you already looked at yourself?

Irina: Outlander. Although my husband and I have a car.

BAG: Will there be a discount for your employees?

Irina: Maybe it will.

BAG: Are you encouraged to learn French?

Irina: I was sent to study English. I have not signed an employment contract, but have already been sent to courses.

BAG: Why not French?

Irina: Previous education was taken into account.

BAG: The French themselves are reluctant to use English.

Irina: Yes, you are right, but they learn Russian very well. My immediate supervisor already speaks good Russian. But he wants us to learn English.

At this time, "immediate superiors" appeared Eric Nuel and Christoph Nouri.

One day on the assembly line

In fact, they were ready to take us for three weeks (for free!), But they bargained for one shift. The director, looking at us, ordered us to be without high heels and in trousers. So that there is not a gram of metal on the clothes, as well as no watches, bracelets and rings - so as not to scratch the enamel on the body.

Three hours "on the panel"

6.35. Labor day begins with changing clothes. Boys to the left, girls to the right!

7.00. On your marks! Let's start with the “simple” - dashboard. She gathers in a separate area called the “cockpit” by a team of 11 people. Our business went pretty dashingly until the team leader (as the team leader is called here) made a remark:

- Why without gloves? Not allowed.

- Yes, it’s impossible to even take these small cogs, not to twist it. However, I had to put on clothes - there were no concessions to the violator for safety measures, they were punished until they were fired.

8.45. The first labor calluses. Olga already felt the sad consequences of an unfolded relationship with gloves. Try to install the crossbar of the panel on the cart or stick the tight terminals into the mounting block - this is for you, dear ladies, do not throw a bag over your shoulder.

"Insurance" from Milonas

9 a.m. Finally, the long-awaited ten-minute break. Hard workers, without losing a second, leave jobs. Someone is having a tea, and someone is running to smoke. There is only one smoking room in the whole factory - a small platform with a bus stop. And to her stomp and stomp. No smoking anywhere else. A catch - a fine is guaranteed.

9.20. After the break we did not have time to enter the rhythm like us. suspended from work. Production manager Jerry Rainbow suddenly realized that we had no accident insurance. We are sitting on the bench.

9.30. The problem was solved by Milonas, taking responsibility.

Hands up “on my knees”

10 a.m. At the “chassis-1” site, helmets and gloves were issued immediately, before work commenced.

The master drove us in a bent state under low-hanging bodies to put the rear shock absorber or, say, steering rod. It’s not without reason that this brigade is called “arms up”.

10.50. Vyacheslav lost his balance, the wrench escaped from his hands and with a pen hit hard on the head. Fortunately, no injuries. Insurance - it turns out to be not just like that, especially for dummies.

Do you want to get fat? Ask us how!

10.57. A familiar picture - in the last minutes before dinner, people are increasingly looking at the clock: three, two, one. Without waiting for the signal to finish work, someone is already standing in line for dinner. We are on the conveyor.

11 a.m. And there was nothing to hurry for! One of the pickers even complained that in the first month of work she gained 8 kilos. There are two menu options from the Rusich tavern daily to choose from. Tasty, satisfying and free. (By the way, free lunch at the moment is the only social benefit for GM-AvtoVAZ employees).

11.32. We, too, became victims of culinary experts - we were late for work for two minutes. Tim leader pointedly pointed to his watch and made another remark.

Who ripped off the stop crane?

12.00. - Silencer - with curved brackets! - A defect has been detected on the conveyor.

- Urgently call AvtoVAZagregat, let them see what they have delivered - the quality director Petra Peterhansel commands.

13.00. An operational meeting takes place right by the suspended SUV. Consultant Luke Winnepenninks makes a “photo for memory”. A snapshot of the defective part will replenish the collection. Off-road vehicles are temporarily left without silencers - they will be installed later, at the repair site.

13.30. The second and last ten-minute break. And almost no strength left.

13.50. The conveyor froze again. Someone yanked at a yellow cord stretched along the conveyor line - a kind of "stop-crane." If you have difficulty assembling, you need to pull it, the team leader will immediately rush to his site, wherever he is. If the problem turns out to be serious, a master, manager and even director come to the rescue.

2 p.m. While the conveyor is standing, no one sits in place. At hand mops and brooms, we also got: - Why are you sitting? Sweep!

The floors in the workshop literally shine - one of the consequences of introducing the five-C rules system. GM adopted it from Japan. The set of rules includes only five words (in Japanese and English, they begin with "C"). Selection: immediately send all unnecessary to the basket. Sort: items should be laid out in a way that is convenient for you. Cleaning: cleanliness is the key to success. Maintenance: it is important not only to achieve something, but also to preserve it. And self-discipline: an independent control that you get used to, and it is already in the blood.

14.20. Our new workplace - the so-called "TRIM-2" - is the second section of the assembly line. Installing brackets for mounting the rear seats was not difficult. But with seat belts I had to suffer.

Each collector is personally responsible for the operation performed - puts a personal seal in the control card of the car. So if there is a defect, there is someone to ask. Put a stamp - means you guarantee quality. The author of the operation, who committed the defect, will still become known, regardless of where the defect is discovered - on the conveyor or in operation.

Do not slurp mead.

15.30. After the first working day, even thinking about the second was scary. I just wanted to stretch my legs, fall into the bath, and then oversleep for an infinitely long time. But our fellow collectors, judging by their appearance and mood, are not tired at all!

“Aren't you tired of doing the same thing every day?” - we asked them during work.

- Do not bother! - absolutely everyone sincerely answered (by the way, almost one youth is working on the assembly line). - Yes, we don’t do the same thing: we get up to different operations and learn. It is very interesting, although, of course, and not easy.

One employee of GM-AvtoVAZ, to the question: “Well, how does it work here?” Succinctly answered: “We don’t slurp honey. "And, it seems, he did not lie. We confirm.