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What a healthy puppy looks like


You have chosen the breed and method of acquiring your future pet. Now you need to know what a healthy puppy looks like.

Depending on the temperament, the puppy is either very mobile, or calm, and even phlegmatic. He has a good appetite, if from the very beginning he is not spoiled with delicacies from the table, but fed when the dog is hungry, removing the bowl every time after eating.

A healthy puppy by the age of 2 months, regardless of breed, stands firmly on its paws, plays a lot, runs, jumps, does not give anyone peace, bites its owners and everyone who gets in the way. Very curious, and with pleasure pulls things off the table, sofa, from the bookcase. Tears everything to shreds and this stuffs his stomach. Having played enough and done a lot of trouble to his beloved owners, the puppy falls asleep and sleeps calmly and for quite some time.

In a dream, dogs "run", whine, bark. This should not scare you. Everything is fine.

I want to remind you that a healthy puppy often makes puddles wherever necessary. On the street, the puppy will learn to ask only when it can endure and understand that he wants to empty himself, to walk.

I do not recommend punishing the baby for puddles and piles. It is better to take your pet out more often after eating or sleeping. And if he empties himself on the street, be glad and praise him.

If you follow these two rules, by 6 months the baby will be asked to walk when he wants to empty the bladder or intestines. The intestine should be empty every day.

Now about the appearance of the puppy. The baby’s nose is always moist and shiny, sometimes (to the touch) warm, but often cold. The exception is sleep. When the puppy is sleeping, the nose is dry and hot. But already 10 minutes after sleep, the nose should be wet.

The eyes are shiny, clean and cheerful. Little white balls in the inner corners of the eyes after a night's sleep should not scare you. Remove them with a clean cotton swab.

The baby’s ears are warm, clean to the touch, pink inside. Do not touch your ears unless there is a large accumulation of sulfur. In the ears there are special hairs-villi, with which sulfur is removed from the auricle. With constant cleaning of your ears, you destroy these villi, and sulfur will linger in the ear canal. So otitis of various etiologies can begin.

The condition of the coat and skin gives the owners of the puppies the most worries. Each breed has its own rules for grooming. And giving general advice to all breeds is equally very difficult. However, I want to say: do not wash kids unnecessarily with soap or shampoo. On the skin of dogs there are special glands that secrete a secret that protects both the skin and coat from damage, parasites and environmental influences.

With frequent washing, you thereby remove this secret from the skin, and it remains unprotected. This contributes to the appearance of various skin diseases.

Dogs of such breeds as Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever and some others, with frequent washing with soap or shampoo, have a very unpleasant odor and dandruff. The coat becomes dull, brittle and sparse. It is advisable to wash the dog 2 times a year, using specialized shampoos, if there is no reason to wash it more often.

You can just bathe your dog often. This is very beneficial for the puppy. Water treatments harden the body and give the dog pleasure.

A healthy puppy lends itself well to training, it is easy to train him in the implementation of the first commands (to me, to sit, next to me).

The temperature of a healthy dog ​​is 38.5-39 C. It is not necessary to measure it in the anus; you can measure the temperature in the inguinal fold. This place between the stomach and hind paw has no hairline. Hold the thermometer for 5-10 minutes. Hold it with your hand, as your normal temperature is in any case lower than that of a dog.

A healthy puppy does not run after its tail, does not gnaw its back near its tail, does not "ride on its hips."

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