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Mini-pigs: price, maintenance and care


1. First, teach the mini-pig to be in a small limited space when you are not directly involved in it.

2. Often (every 2 hours) take the piglet out for a walk. Especially after sleeping and eating.

3. Teach him to some team and use it when you want the piggy to recover. For example, “do your thing!”

4. When the minipig has recovered on the street, praise him and give a piece of your favorite treat.

5. Set your diet and walks.

6. If “trouble” occurred in the house, say “no” in a strict voice and immediately bring the pig out onto the street, but only if the “misunderstanding” occurred before your eyes. Never punish your pig.

7. Keep your dwarf pig in sight and limit its movement around the house using doors or a playpen until it has a strong ability to recover outside the house.

8. When you leave home, keep your mini-pig in a small room or playpen. Do not lay newspapers for him, so that he is not used to using them as a toilet.

9. If "trouble" nevertheless occurred in the house, wash the stained area with water with the addition of vinegar or a special tool.

10. If the “troubles” continue, go back to step 1 - limit the space of the pig and watch it.

Where to buy a mini-pig?

It is best to purchase mumps through nurseries, directly from the breeders. They really exist, although this seems to be a privilege of Western countries. Usually, the owners of the nursery are happy to answer all questions regarding the animal itself and its contents, you can also spend some time with the piglet you like and already find out some traits of its character. It is also important to learn and look at his parents, because in the future, behavior will be almost exactly the same as theirs. And an additional plus is that you can always keep in touch with the breeders, which will come in handy in the future.

A bit about the conditions of detention

And now a little about the conditions of detention. The pig needs space. It is strictly forbidden to keep the animal in a cage, it needs an aviary. Firstly, the pet will not spoil furniture and things in the rare moments of freedom, and secondly, it will affect its character for the better. In the enclosure should be a place to sleep - a bed, a small mattress or pillow. Also, do not forget about toys, because this is the same playful animal, like any other. It is worth noting that mini-pigs quickly gain their own angle, so there should be no problems with accustoming the animal to the place.

Is it difficult to accustom a mini-pig to the toilet?

All pigs instinctively defecate in the same place. And dwarf pigs, among other things, are distinguished by their outstanding intelligence and, oddly enough, cleanliness. They very quickly realize what the new owners want from them. But do not try to teach a decorative pig to go to that toilet, where other pets, cats there or dogs have already defecated — he will not like it.

Is it possible to accustom a mini-pig to a tray?

The animal will not go to the tray far immediately. To begin with, it is worth launching it in an empty aviary and where he decides to relieve the need - there and put the tray. Because they are very clean they will not change the place of the toilet.

Mini pig walks into the tray

A mini-pig is a very curious and curious pet, so in the first year of life you need to make sure that he does not climb into dangerous places for him, and we advise you to remove all valuable and heavy things from the edge of the table or shelf. Following these simple recommendations, each owner can be sure that his pet will grow in comfortable conditions and live a long life.

Where to buy a tray?

Unfortunately, it is unlikely to buy a tray that was originally intended exclusively for mini-pigs. You will have to adapt and find for these purposes a large, durable and low capacity with sides, but taking into account that your baby will still grow up. A cardboard box is not the best option, as it can quickly become unusable, but for the first time it will do. Trays for cats or dogs are great for mini pigs of small breeds. For larger breeds for these purposes it’s better to organize walks on the street.

Which is better to choose a filler?

When choosing a filler for a mini-pig, always take into account the fact that pigs, like small children, taste everything, so do not use cat filler for these purposes, because it can seriously harm the health of the pig. In pet stores in the presence of various fillers, it is desirable that it does not contain chemical ingredients. You can use shreds of newspapers or other paper.

Which is better to choose a place for the tray?

Before deciding on the place for the tray, you need to think through everything well so that you do not have to change it later, since the mini-pigu will not just adapt to the change, and it will defecate for a long time in the usual place.

The best option: equip a pig toilet, somewhere far from prying eyes, but in the same room where he will sleep and eat. And at the same time, it’s not very close to his “crib” and “dining table”, because, as mentioned above, the creature pigs are clean and such a neighborhood none of them like.

How to teach a mini-pig to the toilet?

1. Usually mini-pigs delight their owners with the fact that they quickly get used to their toilet. It takes up to 5 days for a grown-up piglet, and for babies who are not yet six months old, the process can be somewhat delayed.

2. First, try to put the baby mini-pig more often “on the pot”, namely: every two hours, and plus, immediately after eating, as soon as he wakes up, and before bedtime - such a detailed schedule will remind him that for toilet affairs there is a special place.

3.To accustom your pet to the tray, temporarily limit the space for his movement until he finally understands where his "secluded place" is. Let it move only in one room, and it can be temporarily distinguished.

4. First, leave the remains of his litter in the tray, so that the smell indicates a mini-pig, where he should go to help.

5. Do not recommend encouraging the pet for the timely use of the tray with treats - this will only confuse him.

6. Do not practice on your pet any penalties for “toilet slips”. This will definitely not help, but only scare him!

Soon you will see for yourself how quickly the mini-pig will get used to in your house, learn all your rules and manage your need only in the right place. But do not forget to change the litter in the tray on time.