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7 vitamins to be given to a dog by natural feeding


Together with the feed, the dog receives all the necessary vitamins and minerals, but if high-quality prepared feeds are already balanced and contain a complex of vitamins, micro and macro elements, then with natural feeding it can be difficult to choose the right and healthy products.

Therefore, many dog ​​breeders give mineral feed to their pets.

Minerals - These are macro- and micronutrients necessary for normal metabolism in the dog’s body, maintaining health.

Mineral feeding for dogs is necessary for diseases, for example, in case of problems with the skin, hair, as well as for diseases associated with changing conditions, during pregnancy, bitches and feeding puppies after undergoing treatment. There are special top dressings for puppies, elderly dogs, as well as for large and small breeds.

Top dressing is beneficial only if they are given in moderation. If the dog is healthy, playful, vigorous, eats properly, then no additional mineral fertilizing is necessary. Excess dressing leads to various skin problems, abscesses, hair loss, metabolic disorders. If you have any doubts about the animal’s health and the question “Give or do not give mineral supplements?” Is tormented, it is better to seek the advice of a veterinarian.

Many dog ​​breeders mistakenly believe that puppies need to be fed. In fact, puppies need mineral supplements in case they have health problems, with development.

Many consider the main reason for the need for nutrition to be a lack of calcium in the puppy's body. However, this assumption is also erroneous, because with proper balanced nutrition, the puppy receives all the necessary micro and macro elements, including calcium. An excess of calcium leads to metabolic disorders, stomach problems, osteochondrosis. In addition, in large quantities, calcium is poorly absorbed and prevents the absorption of other elements.

What are the mineral supplements

Mineral dressings for dogs are in the form of tablets and liquid, as well as in the form of treats, for example seeds, containing bone and meat and bone meal, seaweed, dry whey. Here the choice depends on what the animal will eat on its own. It happens that it is impossible to force a pet to eat pills, even mixing it into food, and liquid feeding with pleasure licks from a bowl.

Mineral feeding for dogs of such manufacturers as Quantum MKD, 8 in 1 (8 in 1), Tsamas, Canina (Canina), Mirimix received positive feedback from dog breeders and recognition by veterinarians.

It is not necessary to buy special drugs, you can do with natural products by including them in the main diet. Natural feeding involves creating a balanced diet containing various healthy foods, such as meat, cereals, dairy products, fruits, vegetables.

Essential minerals for the normal development of the dog

Minerals and their benefitsSourcesNeed*
Adult dogsPuppies
Iron (Fe)
Participates in redox processes, hemoglobin synthesis.
Beef, lamb, poultry, apples, pears, cereals.1,321,32
Iodine (I)
Promotes the absorption of nutrients, normalizes the function of the immune system, affects the condition of the skin, coat.
Sea fish, seaweed.0,030,06
Potassium (C)
Regulates the water content in tissues, participates in protein metabolism, maintains acid-base balance in the blood.
Potatoes, cabbage, apples, dried fruits. However, potatoes are not recommended for dogs in large quantities.220440
Calcium (Ca)
Promotes the formation of skeleton bone tissue, participates in the process of blood coagulation, muscle contraction and other physiological and biochemical processes.
Crushed eggshells, cottage cheese, unsalted cheese, soaked feta cheese, cow or goat milk. Cheese is given chopped into slices as a treat, in small quantities.264528
Copper (Cu)
Participates in the formation of hemoglobin and in redox processes, participates in the provision of body tissues with oxygen.
Sea fish, cheese, cucumbers, nuts.0,160,16
Sodium (Na) and Chlorine (Cl)
Deliver nutrients to cells, maintain acid-base balance, promote protein digestion.
Sea fish, meat, vegetables, feta cheese.60 (NA), 180 (CL)120 (NA),
440 (CL)
Phosphorus (P)
It is part of the bone tissue, helps strengthen bones and teeth.
Sea fish, boiled eggs, meat, dairy products, bone meal.220440

Note: The optimal ratio of phosphorus and calcium is 1: 1.2, while vitamin D is needed for the normal absorption of phosphorus and calcium.

* The animal's need for minerals (in mg. Per 1 kg. Animal weight)

Bone flour - source of phosphorus. It is given separately or mixed with food, 1-2 times a week. If adult dogs are given bones, then bone meal is not necessary.

The amount of inert flour (per 10 kg. Weight of the animal)Dog age
23 gramspuppies
10 gramsadult dogs
10 grams
+ 10% in the first half of pregnancy
+20% in the second half of pregnancy
pregnant dogs

Payment: multiply the weight of a dog by grams of bone meal and divide by 10 (example: a puppy weighing 15 kg., a puppy relies 23 grams of flour, which means (15x23): 10 = 34.5 grams of bone meal). In the first teaspoon 5 grams of bone meal (without a slide).

Barfer’s Best Senior

One of the most common products from Canina. Indications for use are as follows:

  • Ideal for adults and dogs already starting to age as a prophylactic to prevent joint diseases.
  • In the same categories of animals, the drug is indicated as a means of improving intestinal function and skin condition.

In all cases, the dose is the same - 3 g. for every 10 kg of live weight of a pet once a day (but not more than 6 grams per application). The course is about a month, another month is a break, etc.

Rinderblut pulver

Another product from Canina. Apply it in cases:

  • Feeding adult dogs provided a small amount of animal protein in the diet. The tool completely covers the animal's need for peptides and is good for the hematopoietic system.
  • When feeding puppies and young dogs of large and especially large breeds, the body of which needs large amounts of protein, vitamins and trace elements.

Dose - 0.3 g. for every kilogram of live weight once a day, but not more than 12 grams. at once. With natural nutrition, daily and continuous use is allowed.

Excel Multivitamin Adult

An excellent multivitamin complex, additionally enriched with animal proteins. The manufacturer is 8in1, a subsidiary of Spectrum Brands, Inc .. In our country, this manufacturer is not yet widely known, but it has already been fond of professional breeders. These vitamins are used for:

  • Serving dogs before exhibitions, competitions, etc. They significantly improve the condition of the coat and skin, as well as increase the endurance of the animal.
  • Starting from 18 months of age, it is useful to give them to dogs of large and especially large breeds on an ongoing basis, since regular use of the drug strengthens the ligamentous apparatus and joints.
  • In addition, the tool increases the body's natural resistance.

Dosage depends on the weight of the pet:

  • If the dog weighs up to 4 kg inclusive, he is given a tablet per day.
  • With a weight of more than 4 kg - two tablets.

The course of use is a month, if necessary, it can be repeated after a two-week break.

Excel glucosamine

As the name suggests, this is another multivitamin complex from 8in1, characterized by a high glucosamine content. Indications for use are:

  • Animals are aged. Even natural food cannot provide the pet with enough substances necessary to prevent age-related joint problems.
  • All “tax-like” breeds. They, with their far from ideal limb structure, such supplements are vital.
  • Dogs of large and especially large breeds, the joints of which experience exorbitant loads.

As in the past case, the dosage directly depends on live weight:

  • With a dog weighing up to 10 kg inclusive, he is given one tablet (hereinafter - per day).
  • Up to 20 kg - two tablets.
  • Up to 30 kg - three tablets.
  • Up to 40 kg - four tablets.

For animals weighing over 40 kg, the dose should be calculated by the veterinarian. The course of use is at least a month. For animals whose joints are already worn, the drug is given continuously.

Unitabs DailyComplex

Above we wrote a lot about the needs of dogs of large and especially large breeds, but practically did not touch on the topic of “babies”. But to cover the needs of dogs of small breeds with natural feeding is even more difficult! Unitabs product for small breeds is exactly what this is for. Apply the drug to:

  • All small doggies to fully satisfy all the needs of their body (with a hurricane metabolic rate).
  • For dogs preparing for exhibitions and other events.
  • The complex is especially useful for animals that have recently had a serious illness. It significantly accelerates the recovery period in a pet.

Dosing is very simple: a tablet for every 5 kg of live weight. The duration of the course of use is not limited in any way, the product can be given to the pet for life.


The lack of minerals can be determined by the behavior of the dog. If she eats various garbage, gnaws plaster, gnaws stones, then she obviously lacks mineral substances, and which ones can be determined by the composition of the most frequently eaten objects.
The QUESTION of the proper use of vitamin-mineral nutrition is quite complicated and if the dog receives a full-feed, intended for dogs of the appropriate size and age, then the need for vitamins is fully provided by food.
As for mineral dressing, it may happen that your intensively growing large dog will not have enough minerals contained in such a feed. In this case, we recommend using specialized mineral top dressing. But we draw your attention to the fact that they should not contain vitamins in order to avoid overdose in combination with ready-made food.
For dogs of smaller breeds, the amount of minerals contained in complete feed is sufficient.
On the contrary, if you use a traditional diet, vitamin and mineral nutrition will be necessary for your pet.
Currently, on sale, there is a large selection of vitamin and mineral supplements for dogs, and it is easiest to use them according to the method of use, detailed on the packaging.
If you do not have the opportunity to purchase ready-made mineral dressing, then you can prepare it according to the "grandmother's" recipe 40 tablets of calcium glycerophosphate, 40 tablets of calcium lactate, 20 tablets of phytin, 1/3 can of dried brewer's yeast, 10 tablets of activated charcoal. All components must be ground, mixed and stored in a glass jar with a lapped lid in a cool, dry place. Give 1 to 3 teaspoons a day (depending on the size of your dog).
Of the vitamins, the monthly puppy is given alternately, drop by drop, daily vitamin A, then D in oil. By 3 months, the norm is adjusted to three drops per day. (The amount of vitamins depends on the time of year and the breed of the dog). Vitamins A and D are not recommended at the same time. Do not give more than 3 drops of vitamins, as this can lead to an overdose. An overdose of vitamin A leads to impaired liver function and impaired development of the body, and an overdose of vitamin D leads to disruption of calcium-phosphorus metabolism and to the withdrawal of calcium from the body.
Seaweed is indispensable in the diet - a source of iodine and trace elements. It contributes to the shine of the coat and its good pigmentation, healing the skin. Seaweed is best absorbed with fats. It must be borne in mind that seaweed has a laxative effect, so they begin to teach a puppy to it with a small amount.
A puppy, and an adult dog, is sometimes given food sulfur on the tip of a knife. This contributes to the shine of the coat, the absence of dandruff. Sometimes a pinch of sulfur during the week before the show can transform the dull coat of the dog.
If the dog eats mineral feed with increased greed, increase its amount a little; if you refuse it, increase the dose of vitamin D2 by one or two drops. Recently, one can hear the opinion that vitamin D has a harmful effect on the liver, and many dog ​​owners do not give his puppy, sincerely believing that they protect his health. If you do not pour this vitamin into the food with spoons, but adhere to doses of two or three drops and no more, then it is absolutely harmless to the dog. Moreover, the rejection of this vitamin can lead to rickets, especially in puppies who are kept at home before vaccination, with whom they walk a little in the sun, whose growth period occurs in late autumn and early spring. With rickets, the bones become soft and bent, and vitamin D contributes to the absorption of calcium in the body. Without it, even a large amount of mineral dressing is useless for the puppy.
It is best to give vitamins with your hands on a piece of meat before feeding.
Further, I will give some, in my opinion, not bad mineral fertilizing, but you must always remember that the use of a particular supplement depends on many factors, for example, what your dog eats, the breed of the dog, its size, and the condition of the dog’s coat. In addition, each supplement has its own specific application, namely, whether it is compatible or not with balanced feed or is it used for natural feeding. An experienced veterinarian can answer all these questions.

Description of some vitamin and mineral supplements

Beaphar Top 10 Multi Vitamin

One of the best multivitamin complexes. Manufacturer - Beaphar. It is characterized by a fully balanced complex of vitamins and minerals, which allows covering the daily need of the canine organism. It is considered the most suitable tool for daily use, and can also be used in special cases:

  • With long-term feeding with monocorm (monotonous, meager food).
  • If you suspect the poor quality of the products used to feed the dog.
  • In cases where the animal is official, and therefore constantly used and experiences high loads. Excess vitamins will definitely not hurt his body.

Dosing a drug of labor will not amount to: a tablet for every 5 kg of live weight. As in the past case, the duration of the course of use is unlimited.

Important! Unlike all the above tools, this drug has one drawback. Flavoring additives are not used in its production (at least at the time of writing). Pets do not eat tablets in pure form, they have to be mixed with food.

Canvit Junior

Finally, we need to touch on the topic of "feeding" puppies with natural feeding. It is for this that Canvit Junior was created. Manufacturer - Trouw Nutrition Biofaktory s.r.o. It is used for the following purposes:

  • Optimization of growth and development of puppies of all breeds.
  • The drug is given to pregnant bitches to improve the quality of offspring.

Dosed at the rate of 1 tablet per kilogram of weight. The minimum duration of submission is a month (you can give from a month to a year and a half).

For more than 100 years, 8in1 products have been distinguished by quality and professionalism. Properly selected vitamins and minerals are necessary for the prevention of diseases and stimulation of immunity - and this is the key to the health of your pets and the joy of your communication with them

production: USA
release form: tablets, pastes, sprays, oils, food additives
purpose: prevention of diseases and stimulation of immunity, preparation for the exhibition, improving the condition of the skin and coat, solving aging problems, support during pregnancy and feeding, and other indications

Brewer's Yeast MEGA TABS with Garlic

Brewer's yeast is used for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes for vitamin deficiencies (B vitamins that carnivores receive with food), metabolic disorders, loss of appetite and body weight, stressful conditions, and also with weakened immunity. The complex of vitamins and amino acids (interchangeable and irreplaceable) is selected taking into account the latest developments of leading veterinarians. The composition of the drug includes only natural ingredients, so it does not cause allergic reactions. The drug "Brewers Yeast" stimulates all the main metabolisms in the body (protein, carbohydrate, lipid and mineral). In dogs and cats, appetite improves, motor activity increases. In large dog breeds, after using the drug, there is a tendency to increase weight, which is due to the type of constitution. With regular use of our brewer's yeast, skin condition and coat quality are significantly improved. The skin becomes elastic and healthy, pigmentation of colors, as well as the nasal mirror and the third eyelid are enhanced. The coat becomes shiny, thicker, stops breaking and split.
"Brewers Yeast" stimulates the general condition of the dog and enhances the tension of the immune system. The drug is recommended for puppies, dogs, kittens and cats when preparing animals for vaccination, as well as after it, to quickly relieve post-stress syndrome (after exhibitions, competitions, etc.), when there is a weakening of immunity.
Brewer's yeast stimulates blood formation in the body and promotes faster healing of wounds. They are necessary for cats and bitches during pregnancy, feeding puppies and during the recovery period.
For therapeutic purposes, our brewer's yeast is recommended for pruritic dermatoses, chronic eczema, pyoderma, neurodermatitis, as well as keratitis, conjunctivitis, anemia, and various liver dysfunctions.
Brewer's yeast with the addition of garlic extract is an excellent prophylactic against the appearance of helminths (worms).


Crude protein content of at least 41%.

Vitamins and Minerals:

Nicotinic Vitamin PP

Folic acid vit. Sun

Mode of application:
Brevers Mega-Tabs - designed for large dogs. Give 1 tablet for every 25 kg. Introduce into the diet within 10 days, when consumed for more than 3 consecutive months, you need to take a break for 10-20 days.

Brewer's Yeast w / Garlic Brewing Yeast with Garlic

Brewer's yeast is used for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes for vitamin deficiencies (B vitamins that carnivores receive with food), metabolic disorders, loss of appetite and body weight, stressful conditions, and also with weakened immunity. The complex of vitamins and amino acids (interchangeable and irreplaceable) is selected taking into account the latest developments of leading veterinarians. The composition of the drug includes only natural ingredients, so it does not cause allergic reactions. The drug "Brewers Yeast" stimulates all the main metabolisms in the body (protein, carbohydrate, lipid and mineral). In dogs and cats, appetite improves, motor activity increases. In large dog breeds, after using the drug, there is a tendency to increase weight, which is due to the type of constitution. With regular use of our brewer's yeast, skin condition and coat quality are significantly improved. The skin becomes elastic and healthy, pigmentation of colors, as well as the nasal mirror and the third eyelid are enhanced. The coat becomes shiny, thicker, stops breaking and split.
"Brewers Yeast" stimulates the general condition of the dog and enhances the tension of the immune system. The drug is recommended for puppies, dogs, kittens and cats when preparing animals for vaccination, as well as after it, to quickly relieve post-stress syndrome (after exhibitions, competitions, etc.), when there is a weakening of immunity.
Brewer's yeast stimulates blood formation in the body and promotes faster healing of wounds. They are necessary for cats and bitches during pregnancy, feeding puppies and during the recovery period.
For therapeutic purposes, our brewer's yeast is recommended for pruritic dermatoses, chronic eczema, pyoderma, neurodermatitis, as well as keratitis, conjunctivitis, anemia, and various liver dysfunctions.
Brewer's yeast with the addition of garlic extract is an excellent prophylactic against the appearance of helminths (worms).


Crude protein content of at least 41%.

Vitamins and Minerals:

Nicotinic Vitamin PP

Folic acid vit. Sun

Mode of application:
One tablet for every 4.5 kg of animal body weight daily, with a mixed type of feeding, one tablet for every 10 kg of animal body weight daily. Double the dose for pregnant and nursing offspring of bitches and cats. You can give it with food, you can separately with a small piece of goodies, but most animals eat them with pleasure.

This drug is unique in its composition, since it contains calcium, phosphorus, as well as vitamin D in the amount necessary for the absorption of minerals. Calcium and phosphorus are in an optimal ratio to each other, for the correct development of the bone structure in dogs and cats.
This drug is simply indispensable for puppies during the period of active growth, due to the physiological characteristics of each breed. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that in addition to the “main” mineral substances and a certain amount of vitamin D, this preparation does not contain other vitamins and microelements, which makes it possible to use it with any other multivitamin complexes and dry balanced feeds.
Experienced breeders can often observe a lack of minerals in their pets when they start to lick the plaster or nibble the corners of the walls, so they try to choose special balanced foods or vitamin-mineral supplements, but this is sometimes not enough. Therefore, there is a need for a preparation containing only calcium and phosphorus, and vitamin D is necessary for better absorption and assimilation of these substances. Based on the composition, it can be seen that there can be no excess vitamins (hypervitaminosis), because they are not there, and if there is no need for additional minerals, they will be removed from the gastrointestinal tract naturally.
"Calcidee" is simply indispensable for bitches during pregnancy, especially when the active formation and growth of the backbone of puppies begins. In this case, the mother’s mineral substances are used, and if they are not enough, the mother’s body begins to use calcium and phosphorus located to the bones, which is naturally not safe for her health.
Calcium is also necessary in the process of childbirth, when there is a very large load on the group of abdominal muscles, and it participates in the mechanism of muscle contraction, and if there is enough calcium, then the birth process will be faster, which can prevent the appearance and development of various pathologies. And in the next period, the period of feeding puppies "Calcedee" will serve well. At this time, when the babies eat exclusively mother’s milk, and they add 200-300 grams in weight each day, it becomes clear what hard work is going on in the body of the bitch and she needs your help. In addition to a diet rich in proteins, carbohydrates and fats, she needs a Calcedee, which will provide her and her puppies with the necessary amount of calcium and phosphorus and prevent the possibility of rickets or other bone pathologies.

Dicalcium phosphate, whey, stearic acid, silicate, magnesium stearate, cholecalciferol, vanillin.

Mode of application:
Give tablets whole with a little water or crumble into food.
For small dogs, kittens, cats: 1/2 - 1 tablet per day.
For medium dogs: 2 tablets per day.
For large dogs: 2 to 3 tablets per day

Pervinal Excel Vitamin & Mineral for puppies

A comprehensive, complete set of 12 vitamins and 10 minerals necessary for the growth and development of puppies. Representatives of various breeds grow and develop in accordance with their physiological characteristics, therefore, when using our preparation, the main criterion is the weight of the puppy, which eliminates an overdose of vitamins.
The calcium and phosphorus components are selected in a ratio of 1.3 (Ca: P), which is optimal for the proper development of the bone and the prevention of rickets. The composition of trace elements is selected taking into account the fact that the puppy receives some nutrients with food.
Vitamins included in the complex, both fat-soluble (A, D, E), and water-soluble (vit. Groups B, PP, etc.) are necessary for young animals during the period of intensive growth in order to avoid the manifestation of undesirable symptom complexes associated with a lack of vitamins and metabolic disorders .

Composition of minerals and vitamins:
calcium 60 mg, zinc 0.05 mg, vit.A 550 I U, vit.В6 150 μg, phosphorus 45 mg, copper 100 μg, vit.D2 55 I U, vit. B12 1.5 mcg, potassium 25 mg, iodine 37.5 mcg, vit.E 5 IU, pantothenic acid 500 mcg, magnesium 5 mg, manganese 0.5 mg, vit.B1 150 mcg, niacin 1800 mcg, iron 1 mg, cobalt 0.25 mg, vit. B2 500 mcg, choline 2.5 mg.

Mode of application:
Puppies weighing up to 4.5 kg - 1 tablet per day.
Puppies weighing more than 4.5 kg - 2 tablets per day

Excel DAILY Multivitamin Multivitamins and Minerals

The multivitamins and minerals needed to meet the daily nutritional needs of dogs and puppies.
The “main” mineral substances (calcium and phosphorus) are selected in a ratio of 1.4 (Ca: P), which is optimal for the normal development and maintenance of the musculoskeletal system in excellent shape. Other mineral supplements contribute to the timely elimination of the lack of them and maintain homeostasis (constancy) of the internal environment of the body. Also, the composition of the drug contains fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E), which contribute to better absorption and assimilation of macro- and microelements.
This drug is characterized by an increased concentration of B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B3, B12), which are not produced in the body, and therefore must be supplied with food. These water-soluble vitamins play a particularly important role in the processes of food utilization and the formation of energy in the body.
Also, linolenic acid, which is not synthesized in the body, was introduced into the complex. It is of great importance for maintaining and maintaining health, including the condition of the skin and hair, renal function and reproductive ability.
The composition of vitamins and minerals is selected taking into account the intake of nutrients in the body with food.

Composition: wheat bran, fish meal, brewer's yeast, meat meal, skimmed milk powder, lactose, soybean meal, corn oil, glycerin, salt, vitamins and minerals:
Vit.A - 1000 I U, Vit. B6 - 80 mcg, calcium - 100 mg, zinc - 1.5 mg, vit. D3 - 100 I U, niacin - 10,000 μg, phosphorus - 77 mg, copper - 50 μg, vit. E - 2 I U, vit. B 12 - 0.2 μg, potassium - 16 μg, iodine - 52 μg, vit. B1 - 810 μg, linolenic acid - 30 mg, magnesium - 0.23 mg, manganese - 60 μg, vit. B2 - 1000 μg, iron - 1 mg, cobalt - 14 μg,

Mode of application:
Puppies and dogs up to 4.5 kg. - 1/2 tablet per day,
Dogs over 4.5 kg. - 1 tablet per day,
For pregnant, lactating and recovering dogs, 2 tablets per day.

Tablets can be given whole or crushed as food

Exel pet joint ensure

A complex preparation for strengthening joints and ligaments in dogs glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, vitamin C, trace elements

- Needed to restore cartilage, stimulates collagen synthesis of the main protein of cartilage and skin.
- Chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine are involved in the formation of ligaments, cartilage, bones, intraarticular fluid.
- The drug is used for various violations of the integrity of the joints (injuries, mechanical damage, chronic diseases), for damage to the connective tissue and skin.
- Promotes faster healing of wounds, preservation of pigmentation of the skin and coat, improves the elasticity of blood vessel walls, prevents the formation of stones in the urinary system.

Mode of application:
Give with food daily, primary course 2 months.

Recommended dosages:
Dog weighing less than 6 kg - 0.5 tab. in a day
from 6 kg to 13 kg - 1 tab
from 13 kg to 25 kg - 2 tabs
from 25 kg to 34 kg - 3 tabs
from 34 kg to 45 kg - 4 tabs

Biostim-40 - High Energy Feed Additive

It is a high-protein concentrate unique in composition, made on the basis of only edible natural proteins of animal (skimmed milk powder) and vegetable (soy isolate) origin, biologically active components (barley-malt extract, methionine, vitamins), flavoring fillers.

The clinical efficacy and high biological value of Biostim-40 are confirmed by the Research Institute of Veterinary Medicine.
Composition and technology developed by the Technological Institute of Milk and Meat of the Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences. "Biostim-40" is patented by the Patent of Ukraine.

  • as a protein feed for pets (service, working and fighting dogs, pregnant and lactating bitches, especially puppies, cats) to maintain health and increase longevity,
  • for the treatment and prevention of animal diseases such as:
    • rickets, brittle bones, underdevelopment of young dogs and cats, which is caused by a lack of protein and minerals,
    • muscle weakness, impaired coordination of movements, paralysis, cramps, hair loss, peeling of the skin caused by a lack of B vitamins,
    • increased irritability, a disorder of nervous activity caused by a lack of potassium and magnesium,
    • loss of appetite, decreased secretion of gastric juice, general weakness caused by a lack of vitamin C,
    • unviable offspring.

The product has a pleasant taste of milk protein. Taste from neutral to sweet and sour with a pleasant milky aftertaste. Mealiness is allowed.
Preventive and therapeutic properties of "Biostim-40" are due to:

  • rapid development and muscle building,
  • improving physical performance and endurance,
  • achieving fast and high results with long workouts,
  • increase milk production in nursing bitches,
  • normalization of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • fast and healthy puppy growth,
  • the rapid formation of the skeleton and teeth in puppies and the strengthening of bones and teeth in adult animals,
  • the formation and strengthening of thick, shiny and beautiful coat,
  • increases the biological value of the product,
  • provides growth and healthy development of animals,
  • provide vital metabolic processes and increase the body's resistance to various diseases,
  • prevents overfatigue and increases the activity and endurance of animals.
  • ADVERSE EFFECTS not established
  • CONTRAINDICATIONS not established

Small breeds (weighing up to 10 kg) 2-3 tablets per day
Medium-sized dogs (weighing up to 30 kg) 5-6 tablets per day
Large dogs (weighing more than 30 kg) 8-10 tablets per day
Cats 2-3 tablets per day
The indicated dosages can be increased in accordance with the status of the animal (during growth, lactation, service dogs) by about 30%.

Available in the form of tablets weighing 2 g and a diameter of 20 mm.
Packed in plastic containers or plastic bags of 330 g, which corresponds to 150-160 tablets.
It is stored in dry ventilated rooms at room temperature and a relative humidity of 80% for 12 months

Vitamins for dogs "Canina"

IN MINSK, IT IS POSSIBLE TO BUY HERE https://zoo.belhold.by/

Company Canina pharma GmbH - manufacturer of feed additives and care products for cats and dogs. Feed additives and care products Canina used by leading breeders in Europe.
As a part of additives Canina contains a number of unique components, thanks to which, your pets will always be healthy and full of strength.

Canina Biotin forte intensive preparation for long-haired dogs

Biotin content 5000 μg / 1 tablet (1.500.000 μg biotin / kg) B1 - 123 mg / kg
B2 - 40 mg / kg
B6 - 18 mg / kg
B12 - 70 mcg / kg
Recommendations for use: dogs weighing up to 5 kg - 1/2 tablet per day
5 to 10 kg - 1 tablet per day
10 to 20 kg - 1.5 tablets per day
Over 20 kg - 2 tablets per day
In difficult cases, the dosage can be doubled within 4 weeks.
The standard course is 6 weeks.
The recommended dosage should be strictly adhered to.
Due to the content of 5000 micrograms of biotin in each tablet, the drug is especially suitable for pregnant and lactating bitches. Give your dog biotin daily 3 weeks before puppy and until weaning puppies from mother.

To prevent and meet daily biotin requirements
dogs of small breeds, as well as the most fastidious animals, liquid form using grape sugar, cane sugar and evening primrose oil:

Biotin forms part of the enzyme complexes and is necessary for the normalization of growth and body functions. It plays a key role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. One of the biotin-dependent enzymes is a catalyst for the synthesis of fatty acids, the other plays a major role in the energy metabolism and synthesis of amino acids and glucose. Biotin is necessary for the synthesis of higher fatty acids that are part of the structure of the lipid components of the cell, as well as oxalic-acetic acid - a product of carbohydrate metabolism. In addition, it is necessary for the synthesis of substances included in the structure of nucleic acids. Biotin has a beneficial effect on seborrheic dermatitis, fragility and stratification of hair, claws, and growth and developmental disorders. It improves the functional state of the nervous system and gastrointestinal tract. There is evidence of the ability of biotin to lower blood sugar in type II diabetes. The need for biotin increases with prolonged treatment with antibiotics that suppress the intestinal microflora that produce biotin. With a biotin deficiency, apathy develops, muscle weakness, drowsiness, loss of appetite, and dermatitis (the skin becomes dry, peels, becomes red), over time, the papillae of the tongue atrophy, and the nervous system functions. Biotin deficiency, which manifests itself in the most severe forms of seborrheic dermatitis, especially in puppies and kittens of an early age, is often found in suckling puppies and kittens suffering from diarrhea, and is explained by the low intake of biotin with breast milk, possible loss of biotin during diarrhea and a change in the composition of intestinal microflora. Symptoms of biotin deficiency are noted in young animals in the form of skin lesions (skin dermatitis with peeling on the neck, interdigital gap, etc., followed by a change in pigmentation), the animals suffer from itching. Then there are lesions of the tongue, anorexia, nausea, depression, myalgia, hypersthesia. According to clinical manifestations (near-mouth dermatitis, conjunctivitis, alopecia, ataxia, in young animals - developmental delay), biotin deficiency is similar to a deficiency of essential fatty acids.
Biotin deficiency occurs:
- with prolonged use of raw egg white, which contains a biotin antagonist - avidin, which binds to biotin in the intestine and prevents its absorption,
- with full natural feeding without the addition of biotin,
- with protein-energy deficiency due to natural feeding,
- in case of multiple carboxylase deficiency due to a defect in biotinidase or synthetase of propionyl CoA carboxylase.

Perfect skin and a thick, shiny coat, especially in dogs, are indicators of their health status. The animal receives biotin mainly with food, as the amount of biotin formed by intestinal microflora is insufficient. During various experiments, an experimental lack of biotin was induced with the symptoms described above.
With the introduction of a relatively small amount of this vitamin, all symptoms disappeared within a relatively short treatment time - from three to five weeks. In order to avoid the above clinical signs, it is necessary to provide the animal with biotin. It should be borne in mind that meat and meat wastes contain very little biotin, while biotin is only partially or almost absent in cereals and their by-products. Supplementing dog food with biotin is a means of preventing pathological changes.


Packing: 100 ml

The action begins in 10 minutes!
Canivita is a multivitamin emulsion based on evening primrose oil, which includes 12 vital vitamins (vitamins A, D3, E, C, K3, B1, B2, B6, B12, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, folic acid). The unique ratio of evening primrose oil, vitamins E and A contributes to an increase in the production of the body's own analgesic substance, beta-endorphin, as well as a reduction in nervous tension, irritability, and depression. Due to the liquid emulsion form, the vitamins of the drug enter directly into the bloodstream without loss, absorption occurs through the mucous membranes of the oral cavity and esophagus into the lymphatic passages, bypassing the liver. This is the basis of her extraordinary action. Evening primrose oil is a natural source of polyunsaturated fatty acids that support normal blood circulation and protect the liver from fatty degeneration. Many diseases are caused by a deficiency of certain fats, and these diseases can be dealt with by providing the body with essential fats that are absent in the diet of most domestic animals. In this, polyunsaturated fatty acids are similar to vitamins. Kanivita supports cats and dogs in excellent shape, provides fast intake of vitamins in the body in all critical and stressful situations. You can not do without Kanivita with excessive stress, such as pregnancy and lactation, intensive growth and development, as well as with training, work, running, exhibitions, hunting and traveling.

The content of vitamins in 1 l Canivita:
A 500,000 IU
D 3 10 000 IU
E 1,000 mg
B1 600 mg
B2 1,000 mg
B6 250 mg
B12 1,000 mcg
K3 100 mg
C 10,000 mg
Niacin 4000 mg
Pantothenic acid 1,000 mg
Folic Acid 10 mg

Recommendations for use:
Cats - 0.5 teaspoon per day
For dogs, depending on size, from 0.5 to 1.5 teaspoons of Canivita per day.
The course of admission is unlimited.
In stressful situations, the recommended dosage should be doubled. Shake the animal before giving

V25 Vitamins for puppies in tablets

In order to provide the puppy with all the necessary vitamins and supplement his diet with amino acids (27% protein), the drug V25 was specially developed. The vitamins and amino acids contained in V25 ensure healthy growth, promote normal blood formation, stimulate protein and fat metabolism, and ensure the proper development of the nervous system.

Vitamin content per 1 kg:
A 440,000 IU
D 3 10 000 IU
E 440 mg
B1 44 mg
B2 110 mg
B6 44 mg
B12 220 mcg
K3 44 mg
1 100 mg
N (Biotin) 20,000 mcg
Nicotinic acid 660 mg
Ca pantothenate 220 mg

Recommendations for use:
Puppies and dogs weighing up to 10 kg - 0.5 tablets per day,
10 to 20 kg - 1 tablet per day,
Over 20 kg - 1.5-2 tablets per day.
The course of admission is not limited


Vitamin-mineral complex with optimally selected concentrations of macro- and microelements, vitamins of natural origin, as well as with the addition of yeast and seaweed. Ideal calcium supplement for adult dogs. It is primarily recommended for pregnant and lactating females. Provides full development of the fetus and prevents disturbances in mineral metabolism in adult animals (eclampsia, osteoporosis). Due to the content of iron in the preparation, the prevention of iron deficiency anemia in pregnant and lactating bitches, hypochromic anemia and a decrease in resistance to infections in puppies, and iron deficiency anemia in newborns are provided.
Canilletten is completely absorbed in a few hours. The ratio of calcium and phosphorus is 2: 1.

Calcium 18%
Phosphorus 9%
Sodium 3.5%
The content of vitamins per 1 kg of the drug:
A 470,000 IU
D 3 10 000 IU
E 280 mg
B1 85 mg
B2 200 mg
B6 85 mg
B12 980 mcg
Niacin 630 mg
Ca pantothenate 630 mg
Folic Acid 14 mg
The content of trace elements per 1 kg of the drug:
Iron 1225 mg
Copper 120 mg
Manganese 260 mg
Zinc 525 mg
Iodine 4 mg
Selenium 6 mg
Cobalt 1.5 mg

Recommendations for use:
Pregnant and lactating bitches - 1 tablet of Kaniletten (or 1 teaspoon of Kanipulver) per 10 kg of live weight daily during the entire period of pregnancy and lactation,
For adult animals with a natural type of feeding - daily 1 tablet of Kaniletten (or 1 teaspoon of Kanipulver) per 10 kg of live weight constantly.

Calcina Calcium Citrat 125g / Calcium Citrate
Powder: 125 g

Calcium feed supplement is used to form and strengthen teeth and bones. To maintain muscle shape, to protect against osteoporosis.
It is used to form and strengthen teeth and bones, to maintain muscle shape, to improve blood coagulation and to maintain heart activity, muscle and nerve impulse activity, activation of enzyme systems, good development of puppies during breastfeeding, formation and preservation of cartilage, for protection from osteoporosis. In addition, it should be borne in mind that for dogs of small breeds, for weakened disease and aging animals, calcium intake is necessary in fixed doses, on which the metabolism depends, the general well-being of the animal. Calcina Calcium Citrat contains readily digestible calcium in an optimal ratio for small breeds of dogs, weakened and aging dogs.

Application: daily, when feeding dry food, for dogs weighing up to 10 kg - 1 tablespoon, up to 20 kg - 2 tablespoons, more than 20 kg - 4 tablespoons, daily when feeding canned dogs to 10 kg - 2 tablespoons, up to 20 kg - 4 tablespoons, more than 20 kg - 12 tablespoons

Ingredients: lemon salts with 21% calcium, trace elements

Welpenkalk Tbl. / Velpenkalk / 150g

Mineral supplement for puppies, created specifically for the growing body, providing optimal development of the skeleton and dental system. Velpenkalk was developed on the basis of scientific discoveries, in accordance with the formula of Dr. Klaus, with a ratio of calcium and phosphorus of 3: 1, which ensures the full intake of calcium into the body. The composition of Velpenkalk includes minerals such as zinc, copper, iodine, manganese, cobalt, selenium. Zinc and selenium are necessary components for the immune system, promote the absorption of B vitamins, protect chemical structures from oxidation, are cofactors of many enzymes and improve metabolic processes. Manganese - actively participates in protein and carbohydrate metabolism, stimulates the activity of enzymes, affects the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Copper and cobalt - have beneficial effects on blood formation and tissue respiration. Iodine is involved in the synthesis of thyroid hormones (thyroxine and triiodothyronine) These thyroid hormones regulate the growth of puppies and activate metabolism, stimulate the activity of functional systems of the body. When there is not enough iodine in the body, hypothyroidism of the thyroid gland is sharply manifested, young growth is poorly growing and developing.
Velpenkalk is easily digested and should be given from about the 6th week of a puppy's life daily until the end of the growth period (up to about 15-18 months). With regular use and accurate dosage, the optimal development of a strong skeleton and healthy teeth is maintained. If you feed your dog predominantly with natural food, vitamins V 25 or Kanivita must be given as an addition to Velpenkalk.

The content of macronutrients:
Calcium 20.2%
Phosphorus 7.06%
Sodium 2.95%
The content of trace elements in 1 kg of the drug:
Zinc 860 mg
Copper 230 mg
Iodine 12 mg
Manganese 590 mg
Cobalt 5 mg
Selenium 3 mg

Recommendations for use:
For puppies with full-feeding, 2 tablets of Velpenkalk (or 2/3 of a measured spoon of Velpenkalk powder) for every 5 kg of live weight daily for the entire growth period, but no more than 12 tablets (or 4 measured spoons) per day,
For puppies with a natural type of feeding - 3 Velpenkalk tablets (or 1 measured spoon of Velpenkalk powder) for every 5 kg of live weight daily for the entire growth period.

Petvital GAG Forte 30 tab - 100g / GAG Forte

A unique drug created on the basis of the latest developments in the field of physiology of pet nutrition. The preparation contains CALCIUM HYDROXYAPATITE - the main mineral of bone tissue and hard tissues of the tooth. The inorganic part of animal bone contains up to 97% calcium hydroxyapatite. According to the results of numerous studies, CALCIUM HYDROXIAPATITE has several advantages over other calcium-containing additives and is characterized by significantly higher efficacy and digestibility:
• It is generally recognized that it has the best degree of digestibility by the body of the animal.
• Atomic ratio Ca / P - 1/67 necessary for the animal body.
• The physico-chemical structure is a complete analogue of the inorganic part of bone tissue.
• It has a high degree of purity and maximum biocompatibility.
• It is made according to the patented technology and has no analogues.

Everyone has an idea of ​​the insufficiency of Ca and P, only as rickets. But the symptoms may be different:
• Nervousness and irritability.
• Increased fatigue.
• weakness.
• Fragility of bones.
• Eczema.
• Muscle pain.
• Decreased liver function.
• Cramps.
• Termination and or impaired growth.
• Soreness and tooth decay.
As well as diseases associated with a deficiency of Ca and P:
• Osteoporosis. Arthritis.
• Allergy and its complications.
• Rickets.
• Skin diseases (itching. Eczema. Psoriasis.)
• Parathyroid dysfunction.
• Hepatitis and toxic liver damage.
• Pneumonia. Pleurisy. Endometritis.
• Cramps.
• Caries.
Canina pharma created and patented a nanocrystalline HYDROXYAPATIT, the radiograph of which is identical to the radiograph of biological bone. The GAG-FORT also includes 15% of the extract of spongy mollusk (a natural source of glucosaminoglycans: chondroitin sulfate, heparin sulfate, heparan sulfate and sodium hyaluronate). The main direction of action of the GAG-FORTE drug is the tubular bones and large joints (hip, elbow, etc.)
During the growth period of up to 16 months, inclusive, in large and giant breeds, GAG-FORTE stimulates the formation of bone tissue and is most intense precisely where there is an acute shortage of minerals. This is also true for aging dogs with osteoporosis. The use of GAG-FORTE powerfully stimulates the alignment and straightening of the tubular bones with X-shaped and O-shaped set of limbs (course 3-4 months) while maintaining the growth zone (pineal gland, diaphysis). This stimulation is possible due to the optimal content, among other things, amino acids and trace elements: cobalt, fluorine, selenium, molybdenum, zinc, copper, manganese, silicon, rubidium, platinum, boron, etc., collagen, which activate metabolic processes in bone tissue. The combination of a spongy mollusk with colloidal silicon dioxide and vitamin C - supports muscles, tendons, ligaments, an articular bag and a synovial membrane.

Thus, GAG-FORTE, this:
• Combination of spongy mollusk extract and hydroxyapatite.
• A drug that supports articular cartilage, bones and skeletal muscle in perfect condition.
• A drug that prevents the development of osteoporosis, rickets and other disorders of mineral metabolism.
• The drug has an anti-inflammatory effect, due to the high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are the regulators of the synthesis of prostaglandins - mediators of inflammation.
• A drug containing trace elements to enhance metabolism in bone tissue.
• The drug is used for small medium-sized breeds of dogs older than 7 years with arthrosis, arthritis and joint diseases of all kinds with or without involvement in the pathological process of bones.
• The drug is used for large and giant dog breeds, both young growing and aging with arthrosis, arthritis and joint diseases of various nature.
• The drug is used for dogs with high physical activity, participating in various competitions, often exhibiting and working in security structures.
• The drug is used by puppies and juniors of small, medium and large breeds during the growth period, and especially with a violation of mineral metabolism, manifested in the form of an O - shaped and X - shaped set of limbs.
• The drug is used for puppies, juniors and adult dogs with cranked joints, inverted elbows, failed joints of the metacarpal, wrist, metatarsus.
• The drug is used after and during the treatment of bone fractures to maintain connective tissue and skeleton in dogs with high physical exertion.
• A preparation that maintains the dental apparatus (including gums) in perfect condition.

No side effects have been identified. Especially sensitive dogs in the initial period of use may have an upset gastrointestinal tract (constipation, diarrhea).

Recommendations for use:
Puppies from 4 months for the prevention of 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight up to 15 months.
Puppies with signs of impaired mineral metabolism should receive 2 tablets per 10 kg of weight for at least 4 months, then 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight.
Aging dogs take 2 tablets per 10 kg of weight.
For working and frequently exhibited dogs, 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight two weeks before the start and throughout the entire working or exhibition period.
Dogs in the treatment of fractures, sprains, lameness of various nature, 2 tablets per 10 kg of weight throughout the entire period of treatment and recovery.

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