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How much does an average Doberman puppy cost: features and pricing


On our site you can find a lot of ads for the sale of Doberman puppies. This can be private individuals who distribute offspring from their pets, as well as fairly well-known kennels that can offer dogs from well-known manufacturers with all the relevant documentation. If you need to buy a Doberman puppy, read this article carefully. In it we will indicate the main points that you need to pay attention to when choosing a dog of this breed, which in the future will be assigned certain requirements. So, how to choose a Doberman puppy correctly?

Choosing a Doberman puppy - what you need to know first

If you have already made the final decision that the Doberman is a breed for your family, you just have to find where to buy a puppy and choose it correctly. And this, as you know, is not an easy task, especially for those who are just starting to get acquainted with this breed. In order to avoid the mass of some common mistakes, you first need to understand that you cannot compromise - make your choice, being content with a poorly trained, unhealthy poor model from a breeder from a neighboring yard or a puppy born on a “dog farm”. This is exactly what nurseries are called, where puppies of several breeds are produced and raised for sales. The best kennel is always one where only one breed of dog is promoted. In this case, all the owner’s attention is focused only on its development, which helps to achieve serious results.

The main nuances that should be considered when choosing a dog breed Doberman:

  • Only accredited breeders are recommended. Of course, the price of the Doberman will be slightly higher, but this approach creates some protection, for example, if something goes against the contract, the animal can be returned to the cattery with a replacement or full reimbursement of costs,
  • You should never buy a puppy without seeing its parents. Familiarity with the dog’s ancestors will allow you to pre-evaluate the animal’s temperament and potential health status, which is very important for a breed like Doberman
  • should never be allowed to deliver a puppy. After the animal has been selected, it is generally not recommended to leave it from its field of vision,
  • Do not choose dogs on online forums or public bulletin boards. The price will be lower, however, all those promises that the owners give may never be fulfilled. If you still had to contact a similar point of sale, you need to follow the same rules that are observed when buying a dog in a serious kennel. We remember - no compromises.

Owners of puppies have one goal - they need to sell their dogs and earn money on this. Therefore, it is extremely unlikely that their verbosity and promises will coincide with reality in the future, if all conditions are not documented. If the breeder does not want to draw up a contract or if there are no points of interest in the contract - it is better to refuse immediately

In addition, it must be remembered that after examining puppies even from one litter, some of them may be disqualified due to non-compliance with pedigree standards, either due to illness or defects. Therefore, if the puppy's parents are the "gold standard" of the breed, this does not mean at all that the puppy has the same value. If the thoroughbredness of the dog is extremely important, you need to require the appropriate documents primarily for the specific puppy, and not be content with the achievements of his parents.

How to buy a Doberman - a breeder survey

After the Dobermans nursery is selected, the next step will be a detailed conversation with the breeder. You need to get answers to all of the following questions, and during the conversation you should pay attention to how willingly the owner of the dogs conducts a dialogue.

  1. where was the puppy born? If the dog was born elsewhere, this may indicate that the animals are purchased on "dog farms" or from random individuals for the purpose of outbid. If the puppy was born here, as we have already noted, it is very important to get to know his parents,
  2. what age is the mother? A bitch who has given birth to a puppy must be at least two years old,
  3. when was the last time the puppy's mother had a litter? Female Dobermans should bring offspring at least once a year, otherwise the risk of developing genetic diseases in their offspring increases,
  4. how many litters did the puppy's mother have? It makes sense to take a puppy from the fourth or subsequent litters,
  5. How can I see the documents for the puppy and his parents? First of all, interest should be shown in relation to the puppy's health, and then - recognition of his pedigree. You should not believe the phrases “They are not available right now,” “I have no papers in my hands,” “I have lost documents,” or anything else like that. If you cannot see the documents that should be, you can safely leave this nursery right now,
  6. how can you see puppies from past litters, maybe photos? If the mating was carried out earlier in the territory of this nursery, and the breeder has photos of puppies from previous litters, this is a good sign. If the breeder maintains constant contact with his customers, this means that he has nothing to hide and, in addition, he values ​​his dogs,
  7. How socialized is the puppy for children, other pets, and so on? If the breeder begins to answer in confusion and talk about the well-known features of the breed, then no preliminary training of the puppies was carried out at all.

What to look for when choosing a puppy

If the conversation with the breeder is completely satisfied, you can proceed to the last step - inspection of the puppy. We pay attention to the following details:

  • the sanitary condition of the enclosure where the puppies are kept. Every self-respecting breeder will provide almost perfect cleanliness for his dogs,
  • the puppy should not be separated from the mother before 8 weeks of age,
  • the coat should be shiny, the eyes bright, the temperament inquisitive and attentive to its surroundings,
  • all preventive vaccinations should be carried out with all relevant documentation, including a map of the condition of the animal,
  • there must be documents confirming thoroughbred and thoroughbred.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that each puppy must be sold through a contract of sale, which should include a clause on the possible return of the puppy to the kennel. If for some reason the breeder does not include such an item in the contract, it is worth choosing a Doberman puppy in another place.

Breed description

The Doberman breed looks elegant. Looking at it, you can notice the muscles that express the strength and power of the animal. The skin of the dog is tight, pigmentation is good. By the way, such dogs do not have an undercoat.

As for coloring, the animal can be black, dark brown in color with a red or red tint, which is barely noticeable.

It is important to describe not only appearance, but also character. Dobermans are not as evil as we are shown from the outside. Appearance and character are two different characteristics. In appearance, the animal seems ferocious and fighting, but in fact it gets along well with people and loves the whole world.

Doberman is the dog that will never offend the weak, and this is an important factor in choosing a pet.

What determines the price

  • Demand for a breed in a specific region. If you take the province as an example, then you can buy a puppy for 20 000 rublesbut in large cities the minimum price will be 40 000 rubles. It will be possible to save if you buy a dog in Baku, because according to statistics there is little demand and low prices.
  • Breed class. For example, the pet class will be sold for at least 20 000 rubles. The brig class dog can be bought for 45 000, since this is the backbone of the breed.
  • Litter value. If the litter is valuable, then the puppy can be sold for 100,000 rubles.

Types of purchase and their price

Types of buying Dobermans can be very different. They can be based on the territory in which you want to buy a dog, on the age of the puppy, on the availability of a package of documents and so on. Let's look at some of the statements below.

  1. The price depends on the availability of documents. It’s dangerous to buy dogs without documents, but it’s a fact that they will cost less. Doberman can be bought for 8 000 rubles without a passport.
  2. In the capital, the cost is higher. The price depends not only on the owner, but also on the location. Moscow dogs are more expensive by 5 - 10, or even 30 thousand rubles.
  3. The age of the dog affects the price. A puppy will cost more than an adult animal.

Price examples

As already mentioned, you can buy a dog for 8,000 and for 100,000 rubles. Now you know what factors influence pricing. Let’s take two specific examples to finally assimilate information and analyze data.

  • Doberman puppy is sold in Moscow, the class of "show" (the most expensive) for 50 000 rubles. This is not to say that the litter is valuable, but the class is high. It will be a pearl, because the breed is often put up for exhibition. It’s hard to find such a dog without documents.
  • A puppy is sold in Chelyabinsk for 20,000 rubles, class pet. There are all necessary documents. If there is little demand in the city, then the price will be reduced, while the availability of securities is important, because often in the province sales are made without them.

Where can I buy and how complicated is this process

Buying a puppy is easy, but first you need to find him. First, ask your friends, maybe they have friends who sell or know where to buy Doberman. Secondly, use the Internet. For example, on Avito you can find a huge number of ads for the sale of dogs. By the way, bargaining is appropriate here.

There is a way that guarantees safety - contact the nursery. Here prices are set depending on all of the above factors, but the seller on the market can set any price and justify it only with his ambitions and desires.