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How to wean a dog to jump on the owner: tips


Maya Barsukova • 07/30/2018

The dog expresses its joyful emotions with a wagging tail, barking. It happens that the dog jumps on the owner or other people. This is a manifestation of trust, fun and love. Punishing a dog for a rude, but natural demonstration of positive emotions is not necessary. It is easy to wean a puppy out of a bad habit in the first months of life. Raising an adult dog will require more time and patience.

Why do dogs jump on people

Before you get a dog, you should understand that jumping is an integral part of the behavior of these animals. Dogs love to jump in the game and when greeting. Even wild dogs greet each other with leaps. Jumping helps them overcome great obstacles, such as pits, bushes and other barriers, which for other animals become an obstacle to their movement.

High and long jumps make it possible for a service dog to overtake a criminal or guard a flock of sheep. And jumping to the pet during classes on the obstacle course helps to develop, train and keep all muscle groups in good shape. The dog jumps from puppyhood to old age. The desire to jump and jumping themselves is a sign of good health and good mood.

Is it true that this is how the dog expresses joy

When a dog jumps, pushing a person in the face or paws, do not be afraid of it. Almost always, a dog jumps for joy - this is how it expresses a positive attitude. In this state, she will not bite, and can only cause damage by negligence.

Of course, jumping dogs, especially at children and the elderly, is unacceptable. A person can be very scared. Large dogs, even by their appearance, often cause fear and fear in people who do not have experience with dogs. And if such a “colossus” will still jump and push passers-by with its paws, then the owner will definitely begin to have problems.

The task of the breeder is to train the dog to restrain emotions or express them differently. Raising a dog must be dealt with from the very beginning after its appearance in the house. Then the things and the interior will be intact, there will be no conflict situations on walks, and communication with the pet will cause only pleasant feelings.

How to wean a dog to jump on the owner and on people

If a dog jumps on people, it is simply not raised. In such cases, correction of the animal's behavior is required. With puppies, several classes are enough, before the age of six months they quickly learn the elements of training. With grown and adult dogs, the training time will take longer, the methods of exposure will have to be applied a little tougher.

What to do and how to act to wean a dog from jumping on people:

  • during classes, the mood of the owner or trainer should be positive,
  • dog punishment applies only in extreme cases, usually required with adult choleric dogs,
  • the owner’s movements should be soft but sure
  • with proper execution of the team, encouragement is required by the delicacy or affection.

The main methods of weaning a dog to jump on people:

  1. Soft method for puppies up to 6 months old. After the meeting, you need to kneel down to the level of the dog, look into her eyes, stroke and say a few nice phrases. This is the greeting to which we teach the pet. Any attempts to jump or put paws on a person with soft movements are stopped. After the greeting we give the command “Sit”, in case of its fulfillment we say: “Good!” Or “Well done!” And we begin to take off our outer clothing and take apart the bags.
  2. Method for puppies 6-9 months old. The actions are the same, only instead of dropping to his knees, we just bend over and pet the dog. Do not forget to say kind words. We step away from the jumps, stroking only a sitting or quietly standing dog.
  3. The ignore method. Works with teenage dogs 9-11 months. When trying to jump on you or lean with your front paws, sharply turn your back to the dog. Say the “Sit” command at the same time, and if done, greet the dog by stroking and encourage.
  4. Vise method. Suitable for adult dogs and teens. When jumping or setting your paws, grab your front paws with your palms and squeeze them together. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s unpleasant for the dog, it can even squeal. Release the pet, command "Sit" and, if completed, greet and encourage him.
  5. Weapon method. Keep a spray bottle of water near the front door on a shelf or bedside table. After passing into the house, quickly arm yourself with it and hide behind it. At the time of the jump, spray the dog with water. To enhance the effect in the case of an adult or a very slow dog, vanillin is added to the water, but then it is forbidden to spray it in the animal's face.
  6. Obstacle method. For teenage dogs and adults. Watch the dog carefully when greeting. If the dog is preparing to jump or put his paws on his shoulders, bend his leg and substitute the knee in the area of ​​the dog’s chest. Jumping to such an obstacle, the animal experiences discomfort, sometimes weak pain.
  7. Jerk method. The method is tough, it is used only with adult dogs with the help of an assistant. When the dog tries to run into a run, the owner commands “No”, and the assistant behind the dog jerks her collar sharply, in one motion. With large and uncontrollable dogs, a strict or electroshock collar helps to cope.
  8. Punishment method. Applies to adult dogs only. Attempts to jump are accompanied by the commands "Fu", "It is impossible" and "Place". The dog is offended, but as soon as it executes the command and is in its place, it should be rewarded with caresses and encouragement.

Raising a dog requires patience and self-control, but this is a very exciting process. The efforts of the owner will eventually be rewarded with mutual understanding and warm communication with the pet.

Why do dogs do this?

Before looking for a way to wean a dog to jump on the owner, it should be understood that such a pet’s behavior is absolutely natural. It may be due to such reasons:

  • showing respect to the owner,
  • a dog can express joy from meeting
  • the animal is playfully tuned
  • in the absence of regular mating, this may be a manifestation of unsatisfied sexual instinct,
  • the dog enjoys direct contact with the owner,
  • sometimes in this way dogs try to dominate the owners,
  • you may have previously encouraged such actions, but because the dog jumps, wanting to earn praise.

Do not get angry and offended

It should be understood that, jumping on a person, the dog often tries to lick it in the face. This is no accident. In dog packs, this gesture is a kind of symbol of love and respect for the leader. Thus, you should in no case be angry with a dog and react to its behavior with aggression.

However, it is important to understand that for a dog, jumping on a person should not be the norm. At least because it can stain or tear clothes. In addition, strangers as well as children can be very scared. That is why, as soon as a pet has appeared in your house, you need to be puzzled as soon as possible on how to wean the puppy to jump on the owner and other people.

The main mistake

If the dog jumps on you and those around you, this is not a reason to be angry with the animal. Sometimes the reason for this behavior is errors in education, as well as your own weaknesses. Bringing a little puppy to the house, the owners allow him any pranks, because it's so cute. In addition, during the period of adaptation, he may feel frightened and insecure, and therefore people consider it unacceptable to immediately take up education and training. However, dogs grow incredibly fast. That is why the right habits need to be instilled in the puppy from the very first day, as soon as you become its owner.

How to prevent the development of a habit?

Any problem is easier to prevent than to deal with it later. If you don’t want to wonder in the future how to wean a dog from jumping on the owner, prevent this habit from happening as soon as a pet appears in your house. So, remember the following:

  • The first step is to train the dog to sit. Whenever the dog wants to jump on you, it is worth stopping him that way. The same command must be given when you open the door, returning home.
  • Stay ahead of the curve. So, for example, returning home, immediately kneel down to be on par with the dog. This way, she will not have a need to jump to greet you.
  • Whenever the dog tries to jump at you, grab it by the front legs immediately. Animals do not like when they are limited in their movements, and therefore after some time the dog will develop a negative association in connection with this action.

How to wean a dog to jump on the owner?

Many owners at first are moved by the touching impulses of the puppy, in every way approving and encouraging them. Nevertheless, when the dog becomes an adult, many begin to look for solutions on how to wean an adult dog to jump on the owner. So, you can try the following options:

  • When the dog jumps at you, push your knee forward (just not so much as to hit the animal). If the dog constantly stumbles upon an obstacle, over time he will develop a negative association. You can also use a bag as a barrier.
  • If the dog jumped at you, carefully remove it and pass by. However, she does not need to be ironed and talk to her. Dogs do not tolerate indifference. Soon, she will realize that your resentment is caused by a certain action on her part.
  • Sometimes the training is facilitated by a delicate physical effect. So, for example, if a dog does something you don’t like, you can flick it on the nose or pat it on the ear. True, you should be careful with such experiments, as some dogs can respond to such actions with aggression.
  • If friends or relatives often come to your house, teach them everything you do yourself. They should also not encourage too active dog behavior.

It should be understood that dog training is a long and complex process. Especially if certain habits of the animal have already formed. That is why, if you can not cope with the task yourself, try contacting a dog handler. He knows certain techniques how to wean a dog to jump on people.

Show who is the boss in the house

The herd instinct is inherent in dogs, and as you know, every pack has a leader. So, for your pet, it is you who should become the leader. If the mild effect does not have the desired effect, you must demonstrate your power to the dog. When the dog is trying to jump on you, bend to it, grab the withers and push it to the floor. This should be done so that the dog feels pressure, but in no case pain. Even if the animal will resist, do not let it go immediately.

Water as a weapon

If you do not know how to wean a dog to jump on the owner for a walk or at home, arm yourself with a spray gun or a water gun. Whenever a dog behaves inappropriately, throw a stream into his face. Most animals react negatively to this technique. Of course, for some time you will have to endure the inconvenience due to splashes on the floor and on the walls, as well as wet footprints, but such an upbringing will bear fruit.

If you choose this method of dealing with puppy pranks, it is important not to harm the pet. So, it is best to use a spray with small drops. If you use a jet gun or spray gun, try not to direct it at the eyes, nose and ears of the pet.

What can not be done?

If you want to know how to wean a dog to jump on the owner with joy, it is worth considering that you can not shout at an animal. The dog simply won’t understand why you are doing this, because in the animal world manifestations of joy and love are different from those of people. And even if after another scream the dog still stops jumping on you, it will become just frightened.

Perhaps the biggest mistake is to beat the dog. First of all, because it hurts and disagrees with her. In addition, there is a risk of injury to the animal. It is also worth understanding that in this way you can raise an aggressive dog. It is possible that she will respond to aggression in the same way.

If the dog jumps on people on the street

Dogs tend to show interest and attention not only to their owners, but also to strangers while walking on the street. The playfulness and favorable disposition of the animal, passers-by can take for aggression, which often leads to unpleasant situations. In addition, do not forget that some people may just be afraid of dogs.

If you have a pet, you should know how to wean a dog from jumping on the owner on the street (and even more so on strangers). So, going for a walk, always take along a small twig. If the dog tries to jump at you or pulls its paws to passers-by, slightly hit it on the croup (but not hard so as not to hurt the animal). This can not be done either by hand or by a leash, as the dog may develop a negative attitude towards walking.

If your dog is playfully tuned, this is not a reason to limit it in the pleasure of taking longer walks in the fresh air. On the contrary, it should be in crowded places as long as possible. Only in this way can a dog develop a proper attitude towards outsiders. The main thing is to keep the animal on a short leash so that it can not scare anyone.

Some more useful tips

Raising a dog is a complex and lengthy process that requires patience and diligence. So, if you are interested in how to wean a dog to jump on the owner and guests, consider the following tips:

  • Regularly mate or sterilize the dog to avoid unpleasant situations,
  • if, when jumping on you, the dog spoils the clothes, try to wear those things that you don’t mind during the "re-education",
  • if we are talking about an adult dog, then it will be difficult to overcome its habits, and therefore it is better to seek help from a dog handler,
  • if we are talking about a little puppy, you can’t let him play pranks, but you should immediately start raising,
  • involve all family members in the work on the pet’s behavior, because if someone alone indulges in dog pampering, all the work will go down the drain.


The decision to get a pet must be deliberate and balanced. And especially when it comes to the dog, because it is a wayward animal. In order for the pet to bring you only joy, it must be brought up as carefully and strictly as a child. Jumping to the owner, guests and passers-by should be unacceptable to the dog. The sooner you start training, the more effective it will be.

Reasons for Dog Jumping

No matter how faithful a friend the four-legged one is, any owner expects correct behavior from the pet. Owners often think that the upbringing of the ward occurs by itself and is very disappointed in the result. So, before you start to wean a dog to jump on a person, you need to understand why she does it.

Just note that the habit of putting the front paws on the owner’s chest is absolutely normal behavior for the dog. Pets that do not jump on people trained not to do this. Attempts to put the front paws on the wearer's chest are primarily associated with respect for the person. Suddenly true?

The dog can jump on people to fully express positive emotions when meeting or during the game.Simply put, the four-legged behaves incorrectly and runs into punishment from joy that he cannot hold back. The gameplay is very fascinating, so even excellent education does not always allow the dog to control his behavior.

Some dogs jump on the owner and make a characteristic translational movement, simulating mating. Here the reason is not respect or joy, but submission to instincts. By the way, both males and females, who suffer from hormonal disruptions, tend to dominate the owner or other animals, who tend to such behavior.

Most often, attempts to jump on a person are associated with the pleasure that the dog receives with close bodily contact. It is important to note that many owners involuntarily encourage unwanted behavior, thereby reinforcing the bad habits of pets.

Remember! All the dog’s bad manners are the result of your upbringing.

When jumping on a person, the dog often tries to lick its face and this is not an accident. Wild dogs live in packs, subjects lick the faces of the leader and alpha female as a sign of love and respect. This leads to the conclusion that angry, offended, and even more so scold the dog for the fact that it jumps at you unreasonable.

Against the background of natural motivation, the owner should understand that attempts to jump on a person are not the norm of education. If the situation is overlooked, the pet can start jumping on the passers-by on the street, which is guaranteed to end in problems.

You should wean the dog from jumping on people, at least in order to maintain the integrity and cleanliness of the clothes. If the pet started jumping on strangers, the situation should be considered acute. Particularly problems arise with young parents who are scared for their children.

Correction of behavior begins with the identification of your mistakes. If a puppy is brought up correctly from an early age, he does not have negative habits - this is obvious. If you think that you brought up the dog correctly, but she has acquired bad habits, it is worth revising aspects of behavior that you usually do not pay attention to.

As mentioned above, trying to jump on people is not a reason for an aggressive reaction on your part. Most often, a bad habit appears in a dog due to its owner. When a small puppy appears in the house, it is difficult for the owner to restrain himself, not to pick him up or to stop negative behavior during games. The situation is especially complicated if, during the period of adaptation, the puppy is very bored, whines and asks for arms.

As long as your pet remains small, no problem. Whenever you take any action that encourages inappropriate behavior in puppyhood, always remember that your pet will grow up.

Education as a method of prevention

In the fight against negative habits, the most reliable way is prevention. Moreover, preventing bad habits is much easier than re-educating a dog. Raising a puppy is necessary from the first day of its appearance in a new house. No one talks about the daily drill, but some rules need to be entered right away.

If the puppy is inclined to put paws on you, this situation needs to be solved by cunning. Teach your ward to sit every time he puts his paws on you. Say a command, seat the puppy, hold him in this position for a few seconds and praise. After several repetitions, seat the puppy before he puts his paws on you.

Prudent training of the dog to the team “sit” (or any other team) will play you a good service in the future. When the puppy stays in your house for several weeks, he will cheerfully greet you upon returning home. You will use the command as a stop signal to prevent the puppy from acting negatively, take off your shoes and put things in time.

If you have a large breed puppy, it’s best to be proactive. Remember that puppies jump on the owner with only one goal - to lick their face. To avoid fixing a bad habit, which is very difficult to eliminate in large dogs, you need to act quickly and calmly.

Having crossed the threshold, immediately lay your things down and kneel down so that the dog has access to your face and can lick it. You may not like the idea of ​​daily licking, but this ritual is required if you want to raise a dog with a healthy psyche. Moreover, the characteristics of some breeds in black and white spell out the need for close bodily contact with a pet during puppyhood.

Dogs do not like it when they are held by their front paws, they instinctively try to break out and confidently stand on a support (floor, ground). If the puppy has grown up and is used to jumping on you, grab it by the front paws to stop the negative act. If a simple grip does not help, you need to squeeze the paws in the metacarpal area. If the habit of jumping on people is not rooted in the dog’s temperament, this technique very quickly helps to correct behavior.

How to wean a dog from a bad habit?

If you are one of the owners who could not resist the touching puppy, we will not talk about prevention, but about re-education. Remember that a smile, laughter or other positive emotions in response to the negative action of the dog reinforce the bad habit and encourage it.

The simplest and most effective method is an obstacle. Put your knee forward every time the dog tries to jump on you. Faced with an obstacle and not receiving encouragement, sooner or later, the pet will begin to seek your positive emotions in other ways. In a situation where the dog is very persistent, the knee needs to be taken out during the jump so that the dog does not run into obstacles, but receives a slight push. Thus, the ward will develop negative associations associated with attempts to jump on the owner.

Important! If you decide to reeducate the dog, then you no longer have the right to give up intentions. You will confuse the pet even more if sanctions and penalties are not always applied.

If you do not have time to put the knee and the dog jumped on you, calmly grab it by the collar and sharply pull the pet to the floor. Put the dog next to him and take him to the sunbed. During the exercise, you should not talk to the dog, pet or encourage it in other ways. It is important to observe complete indifference. Sooner or later, the pet will understand that jumping on the owner does not bring the previous positive result.

Many owners recommend pinching the pet by the ear or easily clicking on the bridge of the nose. It is important not to beat the dog, but to give it only slight discomfort, without showing positive emotions.

In the process of correcting behavior, it is important that all family members, friends and guests who come to the house do not allow the dog to jump on itself. Otherwise, all your efforts will not yield results. The dog decides that it is not she who is behaving improperly, but the owner is “spoiled” or is in a bad mood. In this case, the pet may begin to jump at you more intensively, because you need to cheer.

Using any of the methods, it is important to be aware that raising a dog is a long and complicated process. Re-education is complicated by the fact that the dog has to change habits that have formed over the years.

If you can’t cope with the pet yourself, it might be best to contact a professional. The dog handler’s task is not only to train the dog, but also to eliminate the owner’s mistakes that lead to the appearance of negative habits in pets.

Absolutely all dogs have an instinct of schooling. Each dog pack has a leader or leader. A domestic dog can be happy and controlled only under the wise guidance of an adequate leader. If all attempts to softly correct behavior do not work, it may be worthwhile to demonstrate your strength and superiority.

When members of the pack behave annoyingly, the leader grabs them by the withers and presses them to the ground. You can do the same, but it’s important to make sure that the dog does not hurt, but she has felt pressure. To enhance the effect, holding the dog by the withers, you need to pat it a little. The result is guaranteed to be better if during the suppression process you make growling sounds. Even if the pet resists or is scared, keep it pressed to the floor for 10-15 seconds.

It is important to understand that you will not eradicate the habit instantly. For a while, the pet will forget about the ban and jump at you. To reinforce the negative emotions associated with bad habits, it is safest and most effective to use water. While at home or going for a walk, keep a spray bottle of water on hand. As soon as the dog jumps on you, do not hesitate to spray water in the face. In most cases, a sharp hit of water on the face confuses the dog and causes the negative actions to stop.

In the process of adjusting behavior, it is important not to overdo it! Remember that the dog jumps at you, expressing positive emotions and does not consider its act harmful. To master the new requirements of the owner, the pet needs time, so you have to behave consistently patiently. Taking the dog’s usual way of contacting you, it’s important to offer an alternative. Try to pay daily attention to close communication with your pet. Sit on the floor, call your pet, let me lick you in the face.

Note! In many forums, one very harmful advice is found - in response to a jump, put the dog on the shoulder blades and shake it vigorously.

  • Firstly, such actions are derogatory for the pet.
  • Secondly, the dog won’t understand why your usual positive mood has sharply changed to aggressive,
  • Thirdly, with a sharp turn of the dog on his back, there is a very high risk of injury. Humiliating a dog is never good!

If you bring up a dog of service breeds, which is inclined to make independent decisions, it will remember your meanness. Even a single manifestation of such aggression towards a dog can undermine the trust of the pet.

When jumping is not friendly

In addition to welcoming friendly jumps, there are other reasons why dogs can jump. And you must learn to distinguish between them. Let's discuss less common reasons why dogs can jump on people.

Some dogs use jumping as a way to communicate.. The nature of such behavior varies greatly. Communication can have several different goals. Sometimes dogs can jump to report their discomfort due to too close a distance between you. In another situation, the dog will jump to you for help. How then to distinguish between friendly jumping and jumping for communication? It's all about the context.

Jumping to increase the distance occurs when the dog is not comfortable near youand she wants you to free her personal space. This may seem like a manifestation of friendliness or, on the contrary, an attack, but here it is important to respect the discomfort of the dog and move away (or take the dog away from the person if you own it). Dogs, thus reporting their discomfort, focus their behavior on rebounding / pushing away from you, unlike those that welcome you. The dog will do this with a closed mouth and a tense expression on its face. When you try to pet a dog that jumps to increase the distance, it can start to jump even harder, maybe even bumping at you, or run away so that you cannot touch it.

Jumps to increase the distance are usually shown by dogs that feel anxiety or controversy in your presence. Below is a photo of Laila's dog - a great example of this behavior. While she enjoys the company of people, she does not like being tried to pet her. When she meets a new person, she will jump and quickly wave her tail. Her pupils dilate greatly, and if you try to stroke her, she will bounce, starting from a person, which can be very unpleasant and painful.

If your dog jumps to increase the distance, he makes it clear that he needs help. Jumping in this case means that she feels uncomfortable in the situation in which she finds herself, and needs your help to get them out of her. If we talk about Laila - she is kept on a leash or by a collar while meeting new people. After meeting, they give her more freedom, while warning a new person not to try to stroke her if she does not ask. Leila usually prefers to sniff new people, wagging her tail slightly, while they ignore her or talk to her without trying to touch. After meeting she is relaxing and can lie down nearby.

In addition to jumping to increase distance, some dogs also jump to ask their owner or the person they trust for help. Often this behavior can be observed in dog parks, veterinary clinics and other unfamiliar social situations. If your dog jumps at you, puts its paws on you, tries to climb into your arms, or just reaches out to your face, looking at you, they are most likely asking for help.

If your dog jumps on you to ask for help in a situation that causes her stress, it is important to actively respond to this. Ignoring her requests for help will teach her that you are unreliable in difficult situations, and that she needs to take matters into her own hands, which often leads to the dog rushing, growling or biting in situations in which she is uncomfortable. Remember, this is not just control over the situation, if you teach your dog that you can help her get out of a stressful situation, she will most likely look at you as a leader in the future. This is the necessary level of trust for your dog.

And although such jumps occur much less often than friendly ones, increasing the distance and asking for help are “legal grounds” for dog jumping on people. Understanding the cause of the jumps is the best control over the behavior of your dog, however, to eliminate them, you need not only training, but also work with the emotional instability of the dog.

How to wean a dog to jump on passers-by?

What if your pet jumps on passers-by? If you are ready to put up with pet pranks, then strangers will be outraged by the bad habits of the dog. We’ll immediately point out that dogs tend to show interest in strangers, especially if they come to a walking area and bring their pets.

Unfortunately, no one can predict a dog’s behavior. The fears of strangers about strange dogs are quite reasonable, because no one knows how the four-legged will react if it is repelled or stopped. You must wean the pet to jump on passers-by if only because some people are afraid of dogs and their feelings need to be respected.

Note! Most likely you can avoid conflicts with passers-by if you warn them from afar that the dog may try to jump on them. If a passerby is scared, ask him to stop and wait while you take the dog on a leash.

Going for a walk, arm yourself with a small stick or branch. Each time a pet tries to jump on a passerby, slap it with a branch on the croup. The point is that the dog has a negative association with the action. It is important to understand that the dog should not be hurt, as its attempts to jump on passers-by are associated with positive emotions.

Many owners try to wean the dog from jumping on outsiders by pulling the leash.This method only works in fact, you pull the dog and it puts its paws on the ground. The subtext of this method does not guarantee success, because the pet believes that you forbid him to express emotions, and strangers are absolutely not against communication.

While you are not sure about the control of your pet, drive it exclusively on a short leash and in a muzzle. At least passers-by will be sure that a dog jumping on them will not cause serious injuries. Wearing a dog collar and a muzzle try to visit crowded places, but constantly monitor the pet. This technique can be called late socialization. Gradual accustoming to crowding will allow the dog to restrain its impulses.

Note! The dog needs constant socialization - communication with the outside world. Due to curiosity and the ability to accumulate experience, tetrapods can get rid of bad habits at any age.

The sexual instinct can push the dog toward over-expression of emotions. If your pet does not have breeding value, it is better to be neutered before the onset of sexual hunting. By resorting to such measures, you will save the dog’s health, get rid of problems associated with estrus and unwanted puppies.

If training does not give quick results, ask your friends for help. Immediately warn friends that the dog can ruin the clothes and make sure that you do not make claims. Most likely, you can count on the help of people who walk dogs and understand the need for training.