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Breed standard middle schnauzer (middle schnauzer) FCI No. 182 () and comments


General view: Giant Schnauzer - the dog is strong, courageous, hardy, assertive, distrustful of strangers, with an excellent apparatus of movement, which allows it to be used in various services, kept both in kennels and in apartments.

Bone index: For males - 18-20, for females 17-19.

Format Index: Square, for males - 100-102, for females - 100-104.
Disadvantages: slight deviations from the format.
Vices: the index for males is less than 100 and more than 103, for females - less than 100 and more than 105.

Height at the withers: for males - 65-70 cm, for females - 60-65 cm.
Disadvantages: height at the withers for males above 70 cm, for females - above 65 cm.
Vices: height at the withers for males above 72 cm and below 65 cm, for females above 68 cm and below 60 cm.

Features of behavior: Type of GNI - strong, balanced, mobile.
Disadvantages: excessive excitability, shyness.
Vices: cowardice, viciousness, phlegm. Gender Type: Well expressed. Males are larger, more massive, courageous, with a more pronounced withers, wider breasts and more massive in relation to the body of the head. Bitches are shorter, lighter.
Disadvantages: slight deviations from the sexual type, bitches in the male type.
Vices: sharp deviations from the sexual type, males in the bitch type.

Color: The main one is black, without any spots. The coat should be shiny; white hairs may be present. There is also a color of "pepper and salt" (shades of dark steel to silver), with a darker mask and gray undercoat.
Disadvantages: with black color - brownish or grayish undercoat, with "pepper and salt" - brownish and yellowish undercoat.
Vices: any deviations from the standard color, the presence of tan marks, white spots, impurities of other shades - brown, yellow, etc., in the color of "pepper and salt" in addition, the absence of a pronounced "pepper" or mask, the presence of spots, tigers, a dark belt along backs.

Head: Long, proportional to the overall addition, rectangular when viewed from the front, top and in profile, moreover, the rectangular shape of the head underlined by the beard should not distort with overly expressed tanks. Cheeks slightly rounded. The transition from the forehead to the muzzle is small, but clearly marked. The occipital protuberance is prominent. The width of a flat forehead should not exceed 2/3 of its length. The ratio of the length of the muzzle to the length of the frontal part of the head is approximately 4: 5. The muzzle is massive, with strong jaws, ends with a blunt wedge with a pronounced black nose. Lips are dry, tight, well pigmented.
Disadvantages: insufficiently proportional to the body, short, narrow or wide head. Slightly convex forehead, cheekbones, lightweight, pointed, shortened, slightly upturned or lowered muzzle, moist lips.
Vices: light, rough or heavy head, excessive cheekbones, lack of transition from forehead to muzzle. Not pigmented nose, moist lips

Ears: Docked, high-set or uncropped (alternative allowed since 1998)
Disadvantages: low set, somewhat close ears.
Vices: uncropped, semi-permanent, hanging ears.