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Stabihun is one of the most beloved Dutch hunting dog breeds. She is smart, funny, hardworking and most of all she loves her family and master, whom she faithfully serves throughout her life. This amazing dog will be discussed in the article.

Breed history

The breed was bred in 1960 in the Netherlands for hunting and guarding houses. For breeding used French, German spaniels, Drento partridge dogs. As planned by the breeders, the dog turned out faithful, hardworking, faithful. But she was popular exclusively in the Netherlands. It was there that she was bred, and the quantity was very small until recently. Only in the last 5 years has an increase in the number of individuals across Europe and America been noticed.

General characteristics

The main profile of the stabichun is hunting. It is for her that the breed is most often bought. But besides this, it makes an excellent pet or guard.

Such a pet should be brought in first of all to people with their own farm or hunters. In this case, the dog will receive a sufficient amount of fresh air, freedom and will be moderately loaded with the work that it needs.

According to the standard, the growth at the withers of dogs of this breed 48-51 cm, and weight - 20-25 kg.

Breed description

The dog is small. The back is straight, the chest is wide, the body is moderately muscular, which is otherwise not visible behind the abundant coat. Paws are not long, but slender, neck of moderate length. The head is medium in size. The transition from the forehead to the muzzle is moderate. The back of the nose is straight, the lobe is black or brown, depending on the color of the dog. The ears are triangular, hanging, with a rounded end. The eyes are medium, can be of different shades of hazel.

The breed is very friendly, has balanced temper and calm temperament. Such a dog will be incredibly loyal to the owner. He is distinguished by faithful service throughout his life.

Understanding and love is received not only from the host, but also from the rest of the family, including children. With the latter they like to play, run on the street, walk. Attitude to strangers is wary. Hunting and protective instincts do not allow the dog to relax completely, while strangers are in the house. With any aggressive actions, the dog begins to protect itself and its family.

Other pets are tolerant, sometimes friendly, can even make friends with cats or small rodents, such as guinea pigs or hamsters.

Origin of breed

The history of the breed is associated with the Dutch province of Friesland, where it originated. Even then, these dogs were appreciated for their loyalty, endurance and high ability to work. Dogs for centuries lived side by side with people and helped in various fields: they hunted, guarded the home and family members, acted as draft animals.

There is a lot of evidence that the dogs were outstanding, they were mentioned more than once in various literary works, depicted on canvases. Historians believe that the Stabichons were descended from the Drentsky patriyshonda and spaniel, imported into the Netherlands in the 16-17th centuries.

Working dogs are mainly bred at home, they deviate somewhat from the standards - these are taller and stronger individuals. Stabichon - a unique bloodhound, perfectly taking a blood trail, this cop is not so easy to confuse, she is quite persistent and perfectly portaits. Thanks to the sensitive scent, the dog can look for wounded animals and carefully bring them to the hunter. In addition, from these pets get good watchmen.

Given these qualities, it is surprising that these dogs have so far failed to achieve worldwide popularity. The breed standard in the Netherlands was adopted in 1942.

Maintenance and care

Stabeyhoun does not require complicated maintenance and is simple and not expensive to maintain. But elementary rules should be followed so that the pet's life is happy.

  • Stabihun can live in an apartment and a house. The amount of space is not important, but the room should be clean so that the animal does not accidentally turn upside down during the game.
  • The dog sheds heavily, so you need to comb it out every two days or more often. It is best to buy a good comb, for spaniels or specifically for this breed.
  • The dog has a special coat and skin type. Frequent bathing can harm him, and therefore it is worth reducing bathing to a minimum and only do this if the dog is smeared and needs a good cleaning.
  • Ears should be examined every other day or every day, depending on where the dog walked and for how long. After hunting, swimming is a necessary procedure. Ears should be cleaned about once a week if they are healthy. First of all, the pain of the animal and the unpleasant smell from them testifies to the diseases of the ears.
  • The breed needs active games and walks. If possible, at least once a week you need to go out of town with a pet to the forest or to the field, where there is a playground for dogs to play and train, or where you can simply imitate hunting, playing, running as much as you like.
  • Stabihun is naturally endowed with the mind. He understands the owner, but if the dog is not trained, then even simple commands will not be executed. Training can be started from an early age so that by the year the animal has mastered the basics.

Ideally, a stabichun should eat a day up to 500 grams of meat products. At the same time, meat should be chosen not fat, pork will not work. But in order to save money, the owners switch either to dry, imported food, or buy meat trimmings and minced bone. In winter, it’s worth adding a little animal fat to the feed, grams 15-30, no more. This allows the animal to warm up and reduce the aggressive external influence of the environment on the coat, nails, teeth, skin and so on.

The selection of dry food should be carried out by a veterinarian. He will be able to find a suitable company that will provide the pet with the maximum amount of nutrients when consumed.

The dog should always have fresh and clean water, no matter what kind of food she eats.

Representatives of the breed live 13-15 years old. In general, health is good, but there are also risk areas. For example, hanging ears can cause inflammation of the ear canal. Avoiding problems can be achieved through frequent examinations and ear cleaning.

In rare cases, veterinarians are treated with problems of the dog’s stomach, joints and heart. But these problems are easily prevented if the dog is taken to timely preventive examinations of the veterinarian.

Stabeyhown Photos

For a hunting dog, you need to pick up a sonorous nickname, which she will hear even in the thicket of the forest.

  • For the boy: Riot, Thunder, House, Don, Lux, Wright, Peregrine Falcon, Swat, Sable, Fog, Chip, Yaks.
  • For the girl: Ada, Ata, Bambi, Dean, Lada, Leah, Fly, Nana, Xian, Thera, Chula, Hume.

Recently, the dog began to get in different countries of Europe and America, but it is still not popular enough outside the Netherlands. Therefore, it is difficult to find nurseries, as well as breeders. The cost of a puppy can be very high from 700 dollars and more depending on the pedigree and place of purchase.

Quality of coat and possible colors

The standard gives a little attention to this pedigree aspect, the requirements are not very stringent. The Dutch gundog has a rather thin spine, however, it is very thick, fits snugly to the body, smooth, elastic. The second layer is characterized by density, thickness, dark color, has a water-repellent impregnation.

The muzzle is covered with a short coat, on the body it is of medium length, uniform on the entire surface. The standard allows slight awniness of the spine in adults in the region of the croup. Dressing wool on the ears and tail must be even.

There are several colors of stabichons, individuals with black, brown and red hair are found. In the latter case, it can be bright red or orange. The coat can be plain or with white spots, the standard also allows mottling and mixing hair of different colors on a white background.

Character and temper

The owners of Dutch cops are unanimous - this is an excellent family dog ​​that finds a common language not only with all households, but also with other pets. The dog has a special relationship with children - they can rush around for hours, play, and adolescents are able to train their four-legged friend.

But there is one caveat: these hunting dogs not only detect and pursue small animals, but also kill them in such a way that the skin remains completely intact - they bite their neck. It is not for nothing that dogs were once specially bred to kill pests - moles, and the fur could be further processed and used. Naturally, such behavior in cops is genetically based, and it is quite dangerous for small pets to live side by side with such a hunter.

The dog gets used to people who often come to visit — relatives, friends, neighbors, over time, of course, he will not show violent joy, but you should not expect friendliness and patience from the pet either. But to strangers is wary and suspicious.

Stabichon is a true defender, and this quality applies to all family members, as well as to the adjacent territory and adjacent lands. But the dog is quick-witted and not inclined to cross the boundaries of what is permitted.

The pet is very attached to his family, loves to be near the owner or household, but at the same time never loses his vigilance. The minus of the breed - you can’t call the Dutch cops quiet animals - they will bark in any unclear situation, it does not matter if a passerby walked by or a stranger invaded the area entrusted to the dog.

The rest is a pleasant family dog, cute, sociable. She will be happy to accompany the owner - on the hunt, on a jogging trip and just on a walk.

Training and education

Representatives of this breed are very smart and quickly learn even a complex program. But, like most hunting dogs, cops need a firm hand. There are a number of features that should be considered when training the stabichon:

  • the owner must be demanding, consistent,
  • it is desirable that the upbringing of the pet begins from the very first days of his appearance in the house
  • it’s not out of place to set a class schedule - it’s worth allotting certain days and times
  • Stabichon is quite sensitive to unfair treatment and rudeness - having offended a pet undeservedly, the owner will encounter his natural stubbornness.

Even if the owner takes a hunting breed dog, but is not going to use it for its intended purpose, do not ignore the needs of a four-legged friend. It is worth, in addition to training on the site, to take the dog to the forest zone, where he could run without a leash. The dog needs space, and if there is no game, he will gladly bring sticks or balls.

In addition to the main program, stabikon is able to learn complex tricks. Dogs of this breed are easily given almost all sports disciplines. The basic skills of a pet can be taught by both a beginner and a teenage child.

Care and health features

Dutch Pointing Dog does not require complicated care and low maintenance. Nevertheless, it is necessary to carry out standard procedures, this will support the health and excellent appearance of the pet:

  1. Coat. Stabichons molt twice a year and very abundantly, and during these periods it is necessary to treat the dog with a pusherka every 1-2 days. To do this, it is advisable to use a special brush suitable for this type of wool. For the rest of the time, one combing out every 5-7 days is enough. Dogs have a special coat and skin, which have their own protective lubricant. Therefore, you can’t bathe a pet often, as this will harm its integument. Usually a dog is washed only if necessary, if it is very dirty.
  2. Ears. It is recommended to inspect them daily, and do it better after walking, especially if the dog was swimming or hunting. Clean your ears once a week with a cotton pad dipped in boiled water or an antiseptic. If an unpleasant odor comes from the ears or a discharge appears, you should contact your veterinarian - most likely, the pet has developed an inflammatory process, often caused by an infection. In this case, treatment is required that will help to stop the spread of infection in time and prevent the development of complications.
  3. Eyes. Pointing dogs have no particular eye problems, but after walking or hunting in the forest, they should be inspected for damage. If they are acidified or dirty, you can rinse them with a weak tea leaves or chamomile tea. Such procedures will not only help cleanse the eyes, but also can prevent the occurrence of severe eye pathologies, often ending in blindness.
  4. Teeth. Stabichon is a happy owner of snow-white, strong teeth. But so that they remain such, it is worth at least once a week to clean them with a special tool. Such activities should be taught from puppyhood. For prevention, you can give your pet solid food, large bones or treats from the veins.

It is worth taking care of the regular treatment of the pet from external parasites, vaccination and anthelmintic - being hunting dogs, stabikons are at risk for infectious diseases.

Breed diseases

The modern representative of the breed is a fairly healthy dog ​​with strong immunity. The average life expectancy of gundogs is 13-15 years. Although in the past the Dutch cops had problems with hip joints, the breeders managed to eliminate this defect as much as possible due to strict selection - the breed club excludes individuals with dysplasia from breeding.

As already noted, the weak point of the stabichons is their long, hanging ears, which are devoid of natural ventilation. Because of this, dogs often develop inflammatory processes.

If the dog does not receive proper care and is poorly fed, then he may develop some diseases of the heart, joints, and gastrointestinal tract. But if the owner takes care of the dog and takes him to the veterinarian every six months, then such diseases can be avoided.

Stabichon is an active, agile dog that needs a large amount of protein, mainly animal food. With natural feeding, the dog must be given 400-500 g of meat and offal per day. These should be low-fat varieties, fatty lamb and pork are excluded from the menu. But in winter, dogs kept in outdoor conditions can add 20-30 g of animal fats to their food, which will give their pets the opportunity to warm themselves.

Other foods should be present in the dog’s diet: raw and boiled vegetables, cereals seasoned with vegetable oil or cooked in broth, fruits, sour-milk products. A mandatory addition is the introduction of feed in the form of vitamin-mineral complexes.

The owner can also feed the dog with industrial diets, choosing premium or super premium food suitable for medium-sized dogs with an active lifestyle. With any type of feeding, the dog should be able to drink clean, fresh water in large quantities.

Puppy cost

Stabichons are rare guests in Russia, so buying a puppy of this breed is not so simple. You may need to contact foreign breeders. Most of the nurseries involved in the breeding of these cops is located in the homeland of the breed - in Holland.

The advantage of such an acquisition is that you can get a high-class pet that meets all the requirements of the standard. If you need a dog as an assistant for hunting, then you should get a baby from working parents.

In no case should you buy a puppy from the hands of dubious individuals, as it is highly likely to get not just a "half-breed", but a dog with genetic abnormalities and hereditary diseases. The cost of puppies of this breed is quite high, on average it varies from 45,000 to 55,000 rubles.

Stabihon is an excellent representative of its kind. Nature generously endowed him with intelligence, appearance, physical data and hunting instincts. Therefore, he needs a host who will help the pet to reach its full potential and show its unique abilities in business.