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Skopin family (Pandionidae)


The only species of the Skopina family - the osprey (Pandion haliaetus) has a cosmopolitan distribution, occurring near water bodies. It lives in Europe and Asia (except the tundra, south to Spain, the Mediterranean and Southern China), in North Africa, Australia, North America, and on a number of islands in the Pacific Ocean. In the northern part of the nesting area, the osprey is migratory, wintering in South Africa, India, Indochina, and southern North America.

Osprey flies to our country in April, when water bodies are freed from ice cover, flies for wintering in September.

The length of the osprey is 55-60 cm, weight 1, 3-1, 9 kg. Females are larger than males, the color of both sexes is the same. The dorsal side of the osprey is dark brown (in young first-year-old feathers with whitish borders), the ventral side is white, usually with brownish streaks on the goiter. The head is white with brown streaks and a black stripe in the area of ​​the eye and ears. The rainbow is yellow, the beak and claws are black, the legs are lead- or greenish-gray. The plumage of the osprey is rigid, tightly adjacent to the body. The wings are long and sharp, the tail is relatively short and narrow. The paws are strong, with long steeply bent claws and an undecorated foregrip, the lower surface of the fingers is covered with pointed spines, the outer finger is reverse, that is, it can be turned back.

Osprey is widespread near fish-rich bodies of water. Breeds more often singly, but sometimes in groups (in calm areas with abundant prey). The nests are built of twigs, large, usually used for a long time. They are located on trees, on rocks, sometimes on the ground.

In our country, the osprey starts nesting in late April - early May, when a full clutch of 3 (rarely 2 or 4) eggs, bluish or brownish with dark brown marks, is found in the nests. The female incubates for about 35 days, perhaps with some male involvement. Chicks in the nest are about 8 weeks old and fly out of it at the end of July and in August.

The main food of osprey is medium-sized fish. However, in the absence or small number of fish, it feeds on small mammals (rodents - ground squirrels, mice, etc.), frogs, and occasionally birds.

It gets osprey fish in a very peculiar way. She flies at an altitude of 20-25 m above the pond. Seeing the prey, he folds his wings and, having stretched his paws, throws himself into the water, sometimes while completely immersing in it. The fish, depending on the size, captures either with two paws, or one.

Although the osprey feeds on useful fish, it should not be considered harmful to fisheries, since this bird is rare and small in number.

In many countries, the osprey is protected as an interesting natural monument.

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