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Guinea pig animal


Before acquiring the animal, you need to learn how to determine the state of its health, physiological characteristics of the breed of guinea pigs you have chosen.

To start with the breeds:

Selfie - the skin of the animal must be elastic, shiny and soft. Color: creamy white.

English Crossed - This is a smooth-haired guinea pig. Its feature is a socket on the forehead. The name comes from a crest on his forehead, which, like a crown, sits on his head. The center of this circle should be as small as possible and located in the imaginary center (intersection of eyes and ears). The criterion for this species is the same - the color of this crown (socket).

American Crested - the crown (socket) is also evaluated, as this is the main distinguishing feature of this breed.

Colored crested - These crested pigs are gifted with two or even three colors of their fur coat. The assessment is based on the criteria of the English Crossed + assessment of coloring.

Abbisintsy - their feature is in 4 vortices, which are located from the flag to the flank of the tummy. Also curls are located on the bridge of the nose. The ridges, when well aligned, make up a geometric pattern located throughout the body.

Rex - this breed has curly hair that protrudes at a certain distance from the body. The skin should be firm, but smooth and elastic to the touch. The quality of the skin is evaluated.

American teddy - Outwardly differs little from Rex, only the skin is denser and smoother. Satin is always a shiny skin. Due to the finer structure of the hair - it has a pleasant softness. First of all, the gloss of the skin is evaluated.

Longhair guinea pigs.

Metis - distinguished by missing hair - this is a sign only not of a tribal animal.

Peruvian - has two rosettes-crowns located at a distance of 2.5 cm from each other, the location is the pelvic bone of the animal.

Sheltie - Has long straight hair, completely without whirls. Mustache on the face.

Guinea pig breed Coronet - very similar to Shelty, only with a crown on her head.

Long-haired curly guinea pigs.

- Rex variety. Possess short curly hair all over the body, long curls on the muzzle.

Alpaca - wool consists of two sublayers. The top is a hard layer, the bottom is a soft layer.

Guinea pig breed Merino - as with the above pigs, a feature in the crown (outlet), on the forehead.

Angora - This is a long-haired guinea pig. It has 6-8 outlets throughout the body, possibly a geometric arrangement. The geometrical location of the outlets is estimated mainly, the length of the coat. This species is disqualified for too long hair.

Mohair - This is a fellow of Rex and Angora. Ideally, if Moher identified long-haired curly curls. There are no criteria about their location, the assessment is based on the general impression of the animal.

Swiss teddy - he has curly, medium long hair. The ideal length of Swiss Teddy's hair is 6cm. The undercoat is on par with the top layer. The coat itself is dense, of the same length, without drops. Crested Rex - he has a rosette on his forehead, a thick, stiff coat.

American Teddy Crested - very similar to the usual Teddy. The coat is thick, elastic, straight and smooth to the touch.

Somali - sockets on the sides - uniform, 2 curls at the height of the paw. The depth of the vortex, the uniformity of placement of rosettes over the body, are estimated. With good alignment, the ridges line up in the form of a checkerboard.

Ridgeback - short-haired guinea pig. On the shoulder, at the highest point, the coat should be no more than 2.5cm. Smooth, twist-free coat is evaluated.

Irish Crested - also a short-haired guinea pig, has two sockets on the face.

Guinea pig breed Curly - possesses short, curly hair. Hair length - 3.2cm.

Lunkaria - a long-haired breed, has curly dense vegetation.

Common signs of health in a guinea pig.

Guinea pigs are compact, strong ("durable"), with muscular broad shoulders. They have a wide chest, short but strong neck, short prima back and round, slender hind limbs. The legs themselves are short. Guinea pigs have 4 fingers on the front legs and 3 fingers on the hind legs. Strong head, shiny eyes (there is a large gap between them). The ears are fleshy, large, but well formed.

What you should pay attention to during the life of the animal. For the presence of skin lesions - for the curvature of the front teeth (they should be straight and clean) - it is necessary to clean the genitals from dirt - for the presence of growths on the testicles - to clean the nails - discharge from the nose and eyes should be moderate - to anatomical anomalies.

The small head is determined by the system: between the eyes and the ear the distance is greater than between the nose and eyes.

A guinea pig is disqualified if: it has a pregnancy or lactation, a sick appearance, infection with parasites, damaged skin, weight less than 300g.

Description and features of guinea pig

Guinea pigs, therefore, marine, as they came to us from abroad. It would be right to call them overseas, even overseas, because they were brought from the distant American continent. Residents of Europe call them in their own way - Indian and Guinean, as well as mouse pigs.

Mammals belong to the species homemarinepigs, a detachment of rodents. In the south of America, the birthplace of marine rodents, where they just do not live, in marshy areas, on the foothills, plains and forests.

These rodents, in the wild, live in a group of twenty individuals, and the leader must be at the head of the family. Everyone respects and is afraid of him, and in response he actively defends his flock and territory.

Because the main thing is the one who is larger and stronger than the rest of the pigs. All daylight these defenseless animals hide in shelters, and at night they get out of them and go looking for themselves, to eat something. In the natural environment, the number of overseas pigs is quite large, because the animals breed year-round.

These animals have been living on our planet for many thousands of years. During excavations, archaeologists have repeatedly found ancient drawings with their images, and mummified remains. People who lived at that time, bred and kept them, then to eat, because the meat guinea pigs diet, it was equated with the meat of birds or rabbits.

In the eighteenth century, the rodent got to Russia, but already as a decorative, funny pet. These animals have a chubby, neat and compact little body, thirty centimeters long.

There is no tail at all, the legs are tiny in size, with well-defined thin fingers, the hind limbs are slightly larger than the forelimbs. The muzzle of pigs is large with a blunt nose, their ears are small, in shape they are erect or slightly saggy, depending on which breed the animal is. Adult males weigh a little more than one kilogram, smaller females - 800 grams.

Breeders have bred dozens of different breeds of domestic marine rodents. Outwardly, they are all the same, and only by the color, length and rigidity of their fur coat can they be distinguished from each other. Take a look a photo most common breeds marinepigs.

In pigs with smooth and short hair, the fur coat is spotty, or two or three colored. Rodents of these breeds are called - Self, Satin, Himalayan, Agouti, Chalaya. They come in only three colors - red, black and brown with a pleasant to the touch, soft pile. Wire-haired pigs with short tousled hair are called Rex.

There are very unusual, unlike all pets, their breed also has an interesting name - Rosette, they have nothing to do with electricity. Although after an electric shock, the coat would probably look just like that.

The pile lies as if someone had pressed it, randomly turned it to the sides, and fixed it. American and English baptists wear a rosette of wool in the middle of their foreheads. The Ridgebacks have a socket on the sacrum, and in the middle of their backs, a mound of wool sticks out. Well, in the first place the Abyssinians, their sockets are located randomly throughout the body.

The longest, of all species of guinea pigs, is Cornet and Sheltie. Their pile, growing in the direction from the face to the end of the trunk, is beautifully divided on both sides by a parting on the back. In Peruvian, on the contrary, a fur coat is worn backwards at the front, hanging down over the eyes. Alpaco, Textile and Merino have not only a long, but also a beautifully curled fur coat.

Very rare and not common breedsmarinepigs such as Kui, are distinguished by the fact that they are elicited in comparison with their brothers. Galovei is a new species of sea pigs, most recently they were noticed and officially recognized.

They are of an interesting color, the whole body is black, and only its middle is surrounded by a wide white belt, this feature distinguishes them from all other relatives. Skinny pigs - these animals wear wool only on their small paws and tip of their nose.

The rest of the body is hairless, and even transparent. In the Baldwin, offspring are born with wool, but during maturity it falls out. And the already formed, fully developed overseas animal is completely bald.

Guinea pig at home

These crumbs are the sweetest creatures and when compared with all the animals that belong to the rodent family, they are the least biting. In good and favorable home guinea pigs very affectionate, gullible and quiet.

They are not noisy at all, they will not run for hours in the drum, like hamsters. Marinepigs no problem you can shoot on video For home viewing, you do not have to run around the room with the camera or climb under the sofa.

Climbing to the surface where you put it, she will be surprised and curious to consider indoor attractions. Then, busily, slowly, he will go find something. Make sure that your pet does not find an electric wire in search of something.

She happily scrambles into her master’s arms and begins to purr. But one must be careful, otherwise falling from a height, the animal can be seriously injured.

IN homethe contentmarinepigs know that they yearn alone and they need company, so it’s better to take a couple. And one more thing, the pigs are shy and from loud sound and sudden movements can even die of fear.

Despite the fact that the animals lead a nocturnal lifestyle, they will not disturb your sleep and peace. In the dark, they have only one concern - eat well.

Be observant and attentive to your pet, because if the pig gets into a stressful situation, or she has a depression, she begins to overeat, which is fraught with obesity.

Guinea pig price

Buying a guinea pig in the nursery, you must understand that its value will be overpriced. Pigs are fertile animals, so they can be bought without problems from a neighbor on the landing, or from a granny in the market, or from a classmate at school.

By acquiring marinemumps in nursery, you will fully get acquainted with the history of its kind. Because the siblings will have weak and painful offspring.

The cost of pigs depends on age and breed. Not expensive, in the region of three hundred rubles, there are simple short-haired pigs. Sockets will already be more expensive, from five hundred and above. Well, the most expensive breeds of these rodents are pigs with long hair and Baldwin. Their price category is from one and a half to two thousand rubles.

Pet care

In the care and maintenance of a guinea pig you will have no difficulties. All she needs is a bright, wide cell. It is important here that it be a cage, not a glass jar or a spacious terrarium, because in such containers the animal overheats and dies.

Be sure to buy and put in a cage a wooden house, your pet should have his own refuge. A drinking bowl with clean water, a feeder, it is good if the plate for food is ceramic, not plastic, and a device for hay.

At the bottom cellsfor guinea pig there must be a filler, you can use sawdust, though from them there will be a lot of garbage. And you can buy wood pellets at the pet store, they are not expensive and are perfect for your pet, because you can still bite them.

Courting behind guinea pig so that unpleasant odors do not cause discomfort in your home, change the filler at least once a week. Guinea pigs are neat, so they go to the toilet in the same place.

A plate of food needs to be cleaned every day so that the smell of yesterday's apple does not spoil your air. Watch the claws of your pets and trim them with special scissors.

The cage with your pet needs to be installed in the right place so that there is no draft or hot sun, because these conditions are fatal for guinea pigs. Also, it is desirable that the cage with the animal does not stand on the floor, choose a place for it so that the pig sees both its owner and what is happening around it.

Feed the guinea pig mainly hay, feeding small quantities of dried vegetables and fruits, or purchase a balanced feed in a pet store.

Do not give them citrus fruits, otherwise you will not be able to understand later, whymarinepiggy got sick. From time to time, put a piece of hard bread or a twig from a tree in the cage to grind the teeth.

Every three months, be sure to prevent intestinal parasites. Mumps very often become infected with worms or from the shoes of their owners, walking around the apartment, or from poor-quality hay.

If acquiring a guinea pig female, you do not want to have any descendants from her in the future, in this case it is better to sterilize the animal immediately, without sexual intimacy, it develops ovarian disease.

When a couple of guinea pigs live with you in the house, then soon expect a lot of offspring. When the female is pregnant, it is better to place the male in another cage or make a partition. Two months later, babies will be born, usually up to six of them are born.

The mother will take care of the kids, and feed her milk for a month, then they need to be jailed separately. In favorable conditions, with proper maintenance and care guinea pigs live up to eight years old.