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Affen Tzu Basics

The fearless little Athen-tzu brings the sweet-hearted Shih Tzu personality along with the Athenpinscher's disgusting spirit for the vicious companion dog, which is closely associated with his human package and loves to participate in all family events. This little pooch with a big personality is the perfect choice for singles or families who have time to devote to him.

The fearless Affen Tzu unites the sweet nature of Shih Tzu and the hideous spirit of Athenspinsher.


Although the Athenspinsher and Shih Tzu are ancient breeds that belong to Germany and China respectively, Athen Tzu is a relatively new dog that probably dates back only 30 years before the design dogs first became popular. Breeders crossed different purebred breeds for the production of puppies that possessed desirable traits such as softer personalities, smaller sizes and hypoallergenic qualities - without any health problems for their parents.


The status of the Affen Tzu Design Dog means that he is not eligible to be a purebred breed list of the American Cynological Club (AKC), however both parent breeds are long-standing members, the Athenpinscher joined the “toys” group back in 1936, and Shih Tzu became a member the same group in 1969.

Nutrition / Diet

Affen Tzu is a small dog or toy that is quite active and needs a high-quality kibba specifically designed for its size, age and level of activity. Since this breed can experience joint problems at a later age, it is important that it does not become obese, so plan to feed it 2 to 3 times a day depending on free feeding and choose a mixture that is small in fillers, which can cause it overeating complete. Flat dogs can also have problems with dishes of the usual form, so check out some of the specially tilted bowls designed for this type of breed - they will make it easier to get access to their food and cleaner food.

Afen Tzu can be a stubborn little dog, and he will need patience when training. Take a solid, consistent approach that establishes leadership in packages, but in a way that will keep him motivated and involved in the process. A lot of praise and rewards have come a long way in getting the results you are looking for.

Little Affen Tzu weighs only 10-14 pounds once he reaches adulthood.

Temperament / Behavior

Affen Tzu is a fun, energetic little dog that thrives on people and just walks with his people. This pooch has a stubborn streak and can become territorial with its “material” as far as it can be prepared to fight larger dogs. Early socialization will help him overcome this trait and ensure that he learns to play with children and other animals. He is affectionate, energetic and extremely devoted to his family. Keep in mind that he can adapt “little dog syndrome” and decides that he runs the household unless he studies otherwise. While he is super alert, he will not always respond to strangers, not to the best watchdog.

General health problems

While designer dogs are generally healthier than their purebred parents, it's important to know what your new puppy can inherit. With Affen Tzu, a lot depends on what body structure they inherit. If it looks more like Shih Tzu, health problems may include problems with eyes and breathing due to a flatter face and bulging eyes. If Affenpinscher, health problems may include the same respiratory problems due to the facial structure, as well as joint problems, including prolapse of the patella and hip dysplasia.

Exercise requirements

The size of Affen Tzu dictates his need for exercise - this is not marathon walks or runs. A good daily walk and a thrown ball in the yard or dog park will be enough to physically and physically stimulate it. This fluff is an excellent candidate for puzzle toys and indoor activities that will help him do and "do".

Recognized Clubs

Also known as Affie Tzu, Affen Tzu is not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) because it is the cross of two different purebred creatures. He, however, is a member of the Dog Designers' Registers (DBR) and America's Dog Registry, Inc. (DRA).

The fearless Affenzi thrives in human society and loves just hanging out with his family.

While Affen Tzu's soft, thick coat is considered low before-without shedding, he still has to brush once or twice a week to make it shiny and confused. Professional care may differ from personal preference and need, and bathing should be done only as needed. This dog can inherit Shih Tzu's flexible ears, so be sure to check and clean weekly to avoid potential infections.

Small dogs produce tiny puppies, and special care should be taken when working with Afen Tzu puppies or allow children to play with them, since any joint injuries can become a serious problem when this dog gets older. This is a stubborn little dog, so socialization starts at a young age, and this folder leadership is established from the very beginning.

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