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Cats have a reputation for being the most playful and affectionate, but at the same time obstinate and restless pets. They are mobile and funny at any age. Nevertheless, it happens that they suddenly become aggressive towards people. This behavior of pets should alert, therefore, it is necessary to find out why cats scratch and bite their owners.


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They wanted to put Marcel to sleep, but volunteers at the Murkosh shelter saved him and found him a new home.

What is euthanasia? How is it going? Is it humane? Euthanasia is the intentional killing of an animal with the help of medications. Calling it an euthanasia, people try to smooth corners and lull their conscience.

The domestic cat has a lot of things to do, but the most pleasant of them, of course, are related to her Man: you need to meet him from work, pacify him with affection after a hard day, talk about his daytime adventures, lull him with a cozy purr, and wake him up for breakfast in the morning. But what if you wake up, tug on it with a soft paw, meow, stick your wet nose on the cheek, and the Man still doesn’t wake up ?.

I am a volunteer. I have been dealing with the problems of homeless animals for a little over three years. Volunteer is not quite ordinary. Unfortunately, I can rarely be met in a team of brave and courageous people whom I bow daily to, who catch, adapt, treat and care for animals. My work does not allow me to be physically where I want. This does not mean that I do not know how to handle animals, does not mean that I have never seen the sick, destitute, unhappy. Saw and see constantly. But I have a slightly different "mission."

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Physical exercise

It's no secret that cats love to scratch furniture, wallpapers, or their hands. But why are they doing this?

First of all, this is a physiological need. When scratching, the animal performs a kind of charging, because for this it needs to stand on its hind legs, bend its back and make movements with its paws. So the cat trains the muscles, helping them to keep their tone.

Another reason is the small area and lack of physical activity. If the cat is at home all the time, then the only thing left for him is to scratch the furniture, carpets or other objects. The thing is that during walks the animal can freely run, jump, climb trees or hunt. Naturally, in a city apartment there is no such possibility.

So that this does not turn into a problem, you need to provide the cat with a gymnastic apparatus.

It may consist of:

  • houses
  • ladder
  • crossbars
  • scratching points and other elements.

Usually, pets like to play on such equipment and this allows you to completely solve the problem of physical activity.

Claw sharpening

Under natural conditions, the claws of a cat are sharpened naturally, in the process of hunting, climbing trees and fights with a tribesman. Within the apartment, this becomes difficult, so the animal has to take care of the claws in other ways.

If this is not done, an excessively large layer of keratinized tissue will grow on the claws, after which they begin to break and injure the cat.

In no case do not scold the cat for scratching, because he is trying to satisfy his physiological needs in the conditions that you presented him. The solution to the problem is an ordinary scratching post, which can be bought at any pet store.

"Label" of the territory

In addition, scratching for a cat is a kind of “territory mark”. On the paws between the fingers of the pet there are special glands that secrete an odorous secret and, after scratching, a specific smell remains on the subject, indicating that the territory is occupied. If there is more than one animal in the house, then the cat will scratch objects with a vengeance to block the smell of "competitors". You can solve the problem with the help of special sprays sold in pet stores or veterinary pharmacies. Such products have a smell that pets perceive as native and their need for a “label” is reduced.

Getting your attention

If the cat does not have enough attention, then he can try to attract him in very unusual ways. One of them is scratching objects.

Sometimes animals attract attention by scratching the owner’s hands or hunting for his feet. This behavior is called game aggression, and this is nothing more than an invitation to the game. Similar behavior is characteristic of young animals, with age, game aggression comes to naught, but the habit of scratching remains. Over time, this can become a problem.

To prevent this from happening, do not provoke your pet to such games. No need to use your own hand as a toy for him. In addition, the cat should not perceive the owner’s hand as a source of danger, otherwise it will run away or attack at any opportunity. No need to provoke a cat to aggressive games by pushing and attacking him.

Also, pets begin to actively scratch after prolonged caresses and rumbling. Any catman knows that sometimes the gentle behavior of an animal sharply turns into aggression and the cat begins to bite and bite. The reason is simple - by such behavior the pet shows its satiety and makes it clear that caresses should be stopped.

Do not punish the animal for scratching your furniture or your hands. This will not produce results. A negative reaction, aggression or a cry of the owner will only frighten the animal, after which confidence will be lost and the cat may begin to behave even worse.

Ten reasons for cat aggression

Like humans, cats have personality, they have their own habits and tastes.

Therefore, there are many reasons for aggressive behavior:

  1. In kittens aged 3 to 8 months, the cause may be a change of teeth. Their gums itch, there is constant discomfort. Because of this, the baby bites everything that is nearby, even the hands of the owner.
  2. It is believed that too frequent touches cause pain in the animal. This is associated with static electricity, which occurs when a person’s hand comes in contact with cat hair.
  3. The cat may scream, hiss and scratch due to some kind of illness or injury. In addition, he defends himself in his own way if he is stepped on his paw or tail.
  4. Protest against violence. Often this happens during games with children who try to make the pet sit on their hands, pinch, pull their mustache and tail, and choke in their arms.
  5. Fear. Such a feeling can cause the sounds of a vacuum cleaner, a new thing in the apartment, a stranger. This is especially true for kittens that were too early taken from their mother.
  6. Jealousy. Pets tend to reject the neighborhood of other cats or dogs. It happens that the owner returns home, and the smell of a "stranger" emanates from him. This can be the cause of a malicious reaction. The cat is unable to take revenge on those whose smell catches, and directs all aggression to the person.
  7. Habitual games. If a kitten who has just entered the house is allowed to bite and scratch his master's hand during the game, this habit will remain forever. The difference is that an adult animal, entering the excitement of the game, bites and scratches very sensitively.
  8. Stubbornness. A furry pet spoiled beyond measure will always insist on it. He uses his teeth and claws, trying to create his own rules for relations with a person.
  9. Loneliness. If the pet is often left alone in the apartment, he expresses dissatisfaction, scratching and biting the owners. Cats behave in much the same way when they show sexual instinct.
  10. To attract attention. The cat wants to be caressed, so she snuggles up to the owner, purrs loudly. If at this moment you do not pay attention to it or push it away, it can respond with aggression.

These reasons are associated with the intricacies of the "man - cat" relationship.

But the root of evil may be in a slightly different sphere. For example, a hereditary predisposition to aggression and hyperactivity. It is quite difficult to deal with such genes.

Ways to get rid of bad habits

The main advice of specialists: do not ignore the attacks of pet aggression in the very early stages. You should study and adjust his habits. In this case, the owner will notice that before the attack, the cat stands upright on the scruff of the neck, the back bends, the look becomes different. It is necessary to look for the most effective ways to stop the attack of aggression. In this case, the physical effect on the pet should be excluded and the following rules should be followed:

  1. Punishment should follow immediately after the attack. In five minutes the cat will not understand the actions of the owner, for her it will be just a deliberate humiliation.
  2. To place a pet in an enclosed space, for example, in a bathroom, is the wrong decision. This will create a negative attitude towards the owner.
  3. The most “scary”, but acceptable punishment will be popping a folded newspaper. Kicks and kicks are strictly prohibited, they can affect the health of the animal.
  4. In critical cases, you can use a towel, throw it on a buoy. Sudden darkness calms him.
  5. Ignoring Sometimes it works quite effectively: the cat does not tolerate lack of attention. But at the same time, she must understand what she is punished for.

Usually scratches and bites of cats heal for a long time. The coat, skin and mucous membranes of animals contain many pathogenic microorganisms that provoke the development of infections and inflammatory processes.

Proper host behavior

Relations with a pet will be normal if the owner himself adheres to certain standards. Here are the main ones:

  1. Competent organization of the living space of a cat. She should be able to move around the house not only in the horizontal, but also in the vertical direction. It is advisable to equip a suspended step ladder for a pet. Being at a height will give him a sense of solitude and security.
  2. Good behavior can be encouraged by good food. But after attacks on the owner, it’s useful not to feed the animal for some time (no more than three to four hours), so that it becomes clear to him: a violation of order will be followed by a hunger strike.
  3. If the pet begins to bite and scratch, do not shout at it, make sudden movements. You need to speak confidently and calmly, looking the cat in the eye. The word "impossible", as a rule, cats are well absorbed.
  4. Even with a small kitten, you should not play with your hands, turn a fun fuss into a fight. In an adult cat, this behavior is fixed, it becomes the norm to use teeth and claws in the game. It is better to make cat toys in the house in the form of mice, balls, home-made bows on a rope.

If a cat chose a child as the object of its aggression and at the same time does not pay attention to adults, it means that for a while it should be placed in a special house or a collapsible cage.

Tips for Cat Owners

Following the recommendations, you can wean a cat to bite and scratch. Nevertheless, vigilance does not hurt with constant contact with a furry pet:

  1. If a cat "claws" with his teeth in his hand, there is no need to make sudden movements so as not to get a serious injury. It is more correct at this moment to distract the pet with a sharp sound.
  2. You should not annoy the obsessive attention of a cat with a nature uncommunicative in nature. The same applies to pregnant and lactating animals.
  3. Two pets in the same area should get to know each other gradually. This will help to avoid conflicts.
  4. If it is established that the cause of feline aggression is pain or stress, the most reasonable solution is to contact a specialist. You can also use Vetranquil, Stop-Stress or Cot Bayun.

In any case, the owner needs to understand that for no reason the cat will not scratch and bite. One should constantly listen to her in order to understand what she wants to say. Then, aggressive moments will leave the relationship between a person and his pet.