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How to play with a hamster?


The little brown hamster really wants to fall from the purple holder in the air, roll over all the obstacles and fall, eventually, into the blue sunflower, to enjoy the seeds yourself, and give you points. A hamster rides a purple hanger over a huge sunflower. Two red arrows indicate the direction where the rodent needs to fall in order to satisfy hunger and get hold of bonuses. The hamster will need to fall and fly between points in the air so as to be in a blue sunflower.

Here you can play for free the online game "Spin the Hamster / Hamster Roll"

How to play?

The chip of the game is to feed the hamster with seeds, satisfy his hunger, and you earn as many points as possible! To do this, throw the hamster from the holder above the sunflower so that the rodent picks up more icons along the road and lands in one of the blue sunflowers. You only need to successfully drop the animal in the right place on the screen, and its further flight does not depend on you.
On the way, the hamster can also collect seeds with glasses and stars. However, it is important that it falls into one of the sunflowers. Blue seeds fly out of it, and bonuses are assigned to you.
The game has a few primitive graphics, but the drawn characters will surely appeal to the children! Make your child happy!

the game will open on your mobile device

What games are pleasant to these rodents?

Despite all of the above, hamsters can learn all kinds of games over time. But to start taming them should be gradual and careful. Initially, the animal should simply be planted in the palm of your hand, treating it with food. And only then you can try to touch the baby or offer him some games. Over time, he will learn to walk around the master and will study him in every way. But this is possible only when his fear of man completely disappears. For this, it is worth remembering that with a pet you should not scream loudly and make all kinds of sudden movements.

Rodents of this species simply adore exploring all sorts of moves and tunnels. They are actively getting to know new items. Therefore, in the cage you can place different toys and other similar things. Entertainment with them sometimes turns out to be so funny that the owner can observe the actions of the pet for a long time. In addition, you can independently come up with many other exciting games.

Do not forget that you should play with these animals only when they are awake and in a good mood. Otherwise, you should abandon the entertainment so as not to provoke aggression of the pet. Also, you do not need to be extremely persistent if the pet does not understand the essence of some games.

Entertainment Features

Each owner of such an animal should know that playing with it has a number of simple but very important subtleties. All entertainment with hamsters needs to be built on trust. It should also be understood that they are more pleased to climb all sorts of mazes than to endure stroking the owner. Of course, you should not refuse to stroke the animal at all, but you do not need to do this very often.

Moreover, the main thing here will be his trust in the owner. It is also not recommended to abuse too much treats for the participation of the hamster in entertainment. Well, if the games are built on the study of new surfaces, torsion in the wheel and the like active fun.

How should you not play with such a pet?

You should play with your pet only when he wants it. In addition, you do not need to distract him with entertainment from sleep or eating food. Strong bathing or fright of a baby can also be caused by bathing or splashing it with water.

The pet should not be punished, much less use physical force on it. The hamster will not understand that he is being punished in this way, and can become aggressive, scared and distrustful.

Hamster game examples

You can play many entertaining games with these funny and very cute rodents. To make them safe, the owner must first wash their hands so that they do not smell of food or have other odors unpleasant to the baby. Here are some examples and nuances of entertainment with pets:

  1. Before starting the game, the hamster can be released from the cage and put on the sofa. He is likely to explore an unfamiliar surface. But do not forget that the animal can just fall asleep.
  2. Rodents of this species, like some others, are very fond of running in a wheel. This is not only fun for them, but also a great way to lose weight.
  3. But with the same success, pets can run around their master, exploring himself and his clothes.
  4. Hamsters love to have fun with napkins, as they can be torn or bitten.
  5. In addition, they are happy to run on various slides and stairs, as well as play with all kinds of toys. All this can be done on your own or purchased at a pet store. It is important to pay attention to the fact that these accessories are not made of plastic, which is very harmful to rodents.
  6. Many people build labyrinths for their pets using paper, cardboard, old bags and other items that are not needed in the household. In such a labyrinth, it’s nice to hide delicious treats for rodents.

All new games should be started with extreme cautioncarefully observing the reaction of the animal. Despite the fact that hamsters living at home are rarely carriers of dangerous diseases, after playing with them, owners, especially young ones, should wash their hands.

Is it possible to walk a hamster?

Despite the fact that many owners never take animals out onto the street, this can be done, but observing safety precautions:

  1. It is recommended to walk only adults, not cubs.
  2. Places near roads and noisy, crowded places are the worst for rodent walking.
  3. Hamsters can be released to the ground. It is important only that there is no prickly grass and glass on it.
  4. The animal should not be allowed to approach the birds.
  5. It is worth protecting the hamster from cats and dogs.

Few people know that there are even special leashes for such pets. In addition, you can purchase or make your own playpen, which will be appropriate in the room and suitable for street entertainment.

Games with hamsters usually bring only joy to both adult family members and children.

But, so that they bring pleasure not only to the owner, but also to the baby himself, simple rules should be observed:

  • you need to play with the animal every day,
  • since they prefer to sleep during the day and stay awake at night, you need to have fun with them in the evening hours,
  • Syrian hamsters are more contactable and better trained, unlike their smaller brothers,
  • rodents should not only live, but also play alone. If several animals participate in the game, this can lead to unpleasant consequences,
  • if children have fun with the pet, they should explain in advance all the subtleties of communicating with the animal,
  • during games it is important to understand the animal. If she does not want to play and starts, for example, biting, she should immediately stop communicating and leave the hamster alone.

Playing with a small pet is exciting, fun and, moreover, useful for him. But at the same time, one should not forget that all entertainments should be built on the rodent's knowledge of new places and objects. A dwarf animal species should be accustomed to entertainment carefully, gradually and less aggressively.

Hamsters are very active and friendly animals, so like any other pet, he needs toys and accessories for active pastime.

In addition to the mandatory attributes - drinking bowls and feeders, there is a large selection of accessories for games and maintaining physical development, which will please not only your pet, but also you.

Not only children, but also adults love to watch hamsters, these animals cause emotion and win hearts with their friendliness. Of course, playing with a dog or a cat is not comparable with the games of rodents, the hamster is not happy with stroking and will not run after the ball like a dog, but despite this, you can spend time quite fun. If you take the homa in his hands, he will not regard it as a manifestation of care, interest and love for him. Rather, the rodent will experience stress, because the person for him is a huge object, potentially dangerous.

Hamsters in the animal world lead a completely different life - they are looking for food, are active at night, and when they are not busy collecting food, they explore the territory. Therefore, the touch is not natural for the hamster, it is necessary to leave the animal alone, especially if the animal is dissatisfied. For example, a Dzungarian hamster can bite painfully, a Syrian hamster is more tolerant, but do not abuse it.

Hamster games

First, you need to tame the hamster, to get used to the new environment, to the smell of your hands, only after that he will show interest in games.

The more often a contact aimed at affection and goodwill, the faster the hamster will trust you.

For the purpose of taming, they often use their favorite goodies, taking goodies from your hands, the animal hears your smell, gradually getting used to it. You should not try to play or establish communication when the rodent is resting or sleeping. Most rodents sleep during the day after an active night, a hamster is no exception. For the duration of active games, it is worth removing water, a sudden hit of water on the face or coat can scare the pet.

If the pet does not show any desire to make friends, give him time, do not shout or punish the animal. The hamster, most likely, will not understand what is his fault, but harboring resentment and trust will be lost.

Cage games

If there are other pets at home or you are worried about the safety of homs, you can diversify your pet's leisure with the help of special devices. Game complexes of different sizes and variations can be purchased at many pet stores or built by yourself.

Putting the plank on a round block, you can build a rocking chair. So that the hamster understands what needs to be done, put a yummy on the opposite side. After a while, the animal learns to balance, and will be happy to spend time.

Labyrinth for a hamster from a cardboard box

This idea is slightly reminiscent of the previous one, but cardboard is the main building material here. It will take a lot. You can use boxes, and separate sheets, and even sleeves from toilet paper.
As for the bottle labyrinth, here you can not do without a pre-drawn diagram. It will help to assemble the game faster. According to her, you need to fasten all the walls of the maze. Here scissors, a knife, paper clips, glue, adhesive tape and a glue gun will come to the rescue. On average, the production of such a labyrinth will take from 30 minutes to 3 hours. It all depends on the complexity of the circuit and the speed of work.

You can fix the walls of the future labyrinth so that the hamster runs between them, or you can make holes in them. The main thing is to make them big enough. It is important to understand that hamsters are active animals, therefore strength is very important when creating a maze. In addition, you need to make the walls high enough so that the pet could not climb on them and break.

The course of the game is not much different from the process of playing in the bottle maze.

Hamster Walking Ball

All hamsters love to run, so a walking ball is an indispensable thing for animal owners. Making such a game is easy enough. To do this, you will need 2 five-liter plastic bottles, a knife and tape.
It is necessary to cut off parts of the bottles from above at a distance of 15-18 centimeters from the lid. And then combine the resulting halves of the ball with adhesive tape. Thus, all the work will take no more than 10 minutes. But the ball itself can be a great game for many years.

For a walk, the animal is placed inside through a lid, which is subsequently tightly closed. Going through the paws, the hamster rotates the bottle, and it rolls on the floor or other surface. With this game you can let the hamster move safely around the house, and not be afraid that someone will accidentally crush him.

You can come up with a very large number of games with hamsters, but these four are very easy to prepare and fun to play. They will delight both furry pets and their owners.

Interesting outside the home

If your pet is very curious and after a while has mastered, you can do walks outside the cage. In addition to walking around the apartment, you can diversify your pet’s leisure by installing game accessories or making an entertainment corner.

Among hamster breeders, the walking ball is the most famous and widespread device. It is useful for the animal - in addition to exploring the territory of the homa, it is engaged in physical activity. The ball is an excellent toy in terms of safety - you can not worry that the rodent will hide somewhere and die, you will not step on it by accident, and the homa will not inflict harm on itself.

In the wild, hamsters spend a lot of time in underground burrows, exploring new moves and adding new ones. By building a tunnel, you will give your pet an unforgettable adventure. From the transformer tunnel, you can build an excellent game complex, complicating and updating the route.

All about nature walks

Many owners are interested in the question, is it possible to walk with a hamster on the street? The answer is yes, yes!

But for security reasons it is worth remembering about:

  • you can walk only adults who are not afraid of extraneous noise and smells,
  • You can only walk away from the roads, in spacious and well-viewed areas,
  • clearing for walking should not be littered, in order to avoid injuries on glass or metal.
  • make sure that the animal does not eat poisonous plants or food waste,
  • places should be chosen where there are no stray animals or birds of prey.

Games without fixtures

Consider the fun that rodents adore:

  1. Set the hamster on a flat surface and cover it with a light cloth, the rodent will look for a way out, similar to a maze,
  2. Give the hamster a napkin - the animal will tear it into pieces with interest, and then try to make a nest,

The main point of all the fun is hands must be washed before gamesif they contain the smell of food, the animal may bite painfully.
Hamsters in the animal world are constantly exploring new territories and are engaged in the search for food, all this can be organized at home. Taking a regular box and diversifying it with a labyrinth and rooms from small boxes can make a playpen, but do not forget that you need to look after the pet.

Dwarf breeds are not as friendly as their relatives of other breeds, so taming is necessary before games of any nature.

As additional entertainment, you can buy wooden toys at the pet store that your pet will chew on. Typically, these toys use environmentally friendly wood that is safe for rodents.

Having established friendly relations, you will find something to fill your free time with interest for you and your pet.

What I'm a master at is talking incessantly about hamsters. I have three hamsters at home, and my spouse has a tame rat. So we live, eat six, sleep six, :)