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Spinone Italiano, Italian Spinone, Italian Coarsehaired Pointer


Homeland and time of occurrence:
Italy, Middle Ages

Country of largest population:

Global popularity:
index 240000

Height Weight:
60-70 cm, 28-32 kg

Average prices for puppies:
Pet class and tribal marriage - 0-1000 €
Brid-class -1000-2000 €
Show class -2000-3000 €

Traits of the breed (on a 5-point scale):

Activity in the house3.6
Outdoor activity4.9
Obedience in training4.3
Obedience to a stranger3.9
Family dominance2.8
Dog domination3.5
Protection of the territory from people3.1
Protection of the territory from animals4.2
Sociability in the family4.4
Sociability with strangers3.8
Sociability with dogs3.9
Family focus2.1
Alien Concentration3.2
Dog focus3
Aggressiveness in the family1.7
Aggressiveness to strangers2.4
Dog aggressiveness3.6
Aggressiveness to animals3.8
Petting requirement4
Excessive barking2.1
Disruptions in behavior1.9
Tolerance for children under 4 years old4.1
Tolerance for children over 4 years old4.1

The Italian spinon is a universal hunting dog. He especially likes to hunt in forests and swamps. This is an excellent apporter. It works slowly, because of which it began to be replaced by faster breeds. As a result, the breed has become rare even in the homeland.

Breed History:
There are several versions about the origin of the breed. According to one of them, her ancestors were ancient Italian hounds - segujio totally known since the Middle Ages. According to another, ancestors consider dogs of the breed barbe, Griffon Cortals and some other breeds of beagle dogs.

Games, entertainment, recreation:
The Italian spinon is a dog, serious and focused on hunting and playful and playful at home. He loves to have fun jumping and frolic and it gives him great pleasure to do it in public. Do not forget that this pet needs a mobile lifestyle and do not refuse him when he is determined to play with you.

Attractive features:
The Italian spinon is a very patient and responsible companion, so this dog is often used as a guide for blind people. Spinone is learning a lot about everything new and is ready to make every effort to do this, but sometimes the independent temperament and stubbornness of this emotional Italian can interfere with the training process for a while, and then you will not force him to do what he does not want in any way.

Genetic diseases:
Puppies of this breed grow slowly. They are prone to joint diseases.

Features of the content:
The hair is combed out with a brush. Ears are regularly inspected and cleaned to avoid inflammatory processes. Physical activity, regular long walks with the ability to run without a leash are required.

Breed Standards:
Italian spinon - muscular dog
Head - quite heavy and large, with a well-defined occipital protuberance
Bite - scissor
Eyes - large enough, round, ocher color
The ears - triangular, long, the front edge of the ear covers the cheek
Neck - muscular, with a small suspension
Back - direct
Tail - at the base is thick. Before, the tail was docked to a length of 15-20 cm.

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    Italian Spinone Spinone Italiano
    (Spinone Italiano, Italian Spinone, Italian Coarsehaired Pointer)

    Belongs to the group: Race-like >> Pointing dogs >> Pointers.

    HISTORY. Known since the 13th century. Bred in Italy. There are two theories of the origin of Italian spinon. According to the first, it is assumed that the ancestors of the spinon were ancient Italian hounds, known from the Middle Ages, - segugio italiano. Adherents of the second are inclined to believe that the breed was founded with the participation of a barbeque, Griffon Cortals and other similar Piedmontese hounds. The physical and mental capabilities of the Italian spinon allow him to be a versatile hunter. The dog is adapted to any hunting conditions (both in a wooded and marshy area), which helps it with thick skin and hard, thick coat, as well as a sharp sense and strong jaws.

    DESCRIPTION. A large, muscular dog of a square format and strong bones. Height at the withers 58–70 cm, weight 28–37 kg. Light and agile dog, in appearance, a cross between a gundog and a hound. The muzzle is equal in length to the cranial part. The eyes are round, expressive, color from dark yellow to brown. The nose is large, the color depends on the color. Ears set at eye level, small, drooping. The chest is wide, lowered to the elbows. The tail is docked 15–20 cm from the base, held horizontally or lowered down. The coat is coarse, wire-like, of medium length, forms a beard and mustache. The color is white, white with orange or brown spots, marks, specks.

    CHARACTERISTIC. The appearance of spinon is combined with temperament. The representative appearance of a seasoned fighter with expressive kind eyes inspires complete confidence in the spinon: you can rely on it both on the hunt and at home. However, the spinon is not without reserve of playfulness and desire to play pranks.

    color = # FF0040, Standard: FCI No. 165/ color.
    approved 1992.

    Country of origin: Italy

    Original name: Spinone Italiano

    Other name: Italian Griffon, Italian Wire-haired Pointing Dog

    Large, heavy. The parietal part is parallel to the upper line of the muzzle. The occipital protuberance is well defined. The transition from the forehead to the muzzle is sharp. The back of the nose is straight or slightly convex. Muzzle of the same length with a skull. The nose is large, light brown in light-colored dogs and brown in gray-brown. On the face are eyebrows, a mustache and a beard.

    Large, round shape. Ocher color. The eyebrows are long, thick.

    The ears
    Long, triangular in shape. Hanging. The front edge of the ear covers the cheek, the surface of the ear is straight without bends.

    Square format. The neck is powerful, muscular, with a small suspension. The chest is wide, deep. The ribs are rather convex. The back is straight. The loin is slightly convex. The croup is wide, long, slightly sloping, with well-developed muscles.

    Strong, muscular. The paws are compact, rounded, with tightly clenched fingers and sturdy pads.

    Thick at the base. The dog carries it parallel to the ground or hanging down. No tows. Docked so that its length was 15 - 25 cm.

    The coat is long (4-6 cm), thick, dense, and stiff. On the head, ears, front sides of the limbs - shorter. On the back of the limbs - tow. The undercoat is missing.

    Pure white, white with red or brown spots and specks, white with gray or gray-brown spots.
    color = # 4000BF,Not allowed:/ color tricolor, fawn marks and any shades or combinations of black marks.

    Height at the withers
    Males: 60 - 70 cm.
    Bitches: 58 - 65 cm.

    Males: 32 - 37 kg.
    Bitches: 28-30 kg.

    Breed characteristics
    Persistent, hardy, energetic dog, can work in any area and in any weather. She is not afraid of neither water, nor dense thicket thickets (from Italian. Spinone - spiny). Possesses a wonderful flair and carefully searches the area, a wonderful aportivator, capable of performing the functions of a hound. A calm, friendly and affectionate dog is a wonderful home companion. Needs persistent training.

    Maintenance and care
    For normal development, the dog needs a wide, open space and lengthy exercise. It is necessary to comb out the hair regularly and brush it.

    Hunting dog, companion dog.

    "All the angels were busy. They sent me."said the Afghan Greyhound.