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Oregon rex


Oregon Rex was one of several breeds of domestic cats with a variation of Rex hair, which in the mid-20th century came from a spontaneous genetic mutation.

After the Oregon Rex was recognized as a separate breed, the cat enjoyed little popularity among breeders in the United States. By now, thanks to crossbreeding with other types of Rex, this breed seems to have merged with other, more popular Rex breeds, such as Devon Rex or Cornish Rex.

Oregon Rex Origin History

The first Rex kittens began to appear around the world in the 20s of the twentieth century. Shorthair ordinary cats gave birth to amazing cubs with curly-haired fur and short curled mustache. So far, felinologists can not figure out what led to such a natural genetic mutation of domestic animals. But unusual kitties were found in the USA, England and even in Russia.

Oregon rex - Nuggets from US namesake. The first cat of this breed was released in the mid-1940s. His mother had a straight, short coat, and other furry children from the same litter did not have such an extravagant look. However, the first reliable mention of a new variety of Rex dates back to 1955. According to some reports, after 10 years, the curly breed was still recognized by official organizations and was named after the small American homeland.

Original pets fascinated Americans with a special charm. However, Oregon Rex kittens were very difficult to find. The small population of cats and their high cost was simply explained. The gene responsible for the characteristic features of rex among the Oregon was recessive and appeared quite rarely.

Inventive and unscrupulous breeders found a way out of the situation. In order to breed as many animals as possible, American pets began to cross with fellow compatriots and English curly cats. So, gradually Oregon Rex was lost among other cats (Devon and Cornish Rex) that look similar to them, but differ in the gene pool. The last purebred representative of the breed died by the beginning of the 1970s.

Today, Oregon Rex cats are very rare and valuable. Nurseries do not breed cats of this breed, now exclusively private breeders-enthusiasts from the USA are engaged in this. Although experts recreated the typical qualities of wavy pets, it turned out that the standard adopted in the 50s of the last century disappeared forever. This story is a vivid example of how mercenary cat-keepers in the pursuit of profit donated a unique breed.

Oregon breed description

There is no official standard with a list of external characteristics of an Oregon Rex cat. Although specialists managed to agree on common requirements for the exterior of American rex. Below are the main distinguishing features of the appearance of Oregons from other species of breed.

Since the ancestor of cats was an American shorthair cat, many "details" of appearance oregon rex inherited from her. Curly-haired pets have average body sizes, and their weight reaches 4-6 kg. The furry residents of the states have an elongated torso, sculpted by muscles, and a strong skeleton. Tall, slender, graceful paws end with small rounded pads. A thin and long tail is proportional to the parameters of the skeleton, slightly sharpened to the brush.

The head of an Oregon cat is attached to the lean body with a thin, long neck. The medium-sized skull has a wedge-shaped shape. The muzzle is small with sharp, prominent cheekbones, a small chin, a neat dark button nose. Vibrissae are short and as if broken. The ears are large, set high and wide, similar in shape to bat locators, but rounded at the edges, tiny brushes on the tips.

Another outstanding “detail” of the animal’s exterior is the relatively large eyes compared to the size of the muzzle. "Mirrors of the soul" in Oregon Rex cats are oval, widely spaced. A strict standard regarding eye color is not accepted, therefore cats with different shades of the iris are found. However, it is important that this tone is in harmony with the colors of the coat.

The wool of Oregon Rex cats consists of the smallest chaotic waves or curls. Fluffy coat is silky in appearance, soft to the touch. From their breeds, cats from the states differ in shorter fur. These pets have a pronounced thick undercoat, but the main hairline is longer than it.

Color oregon rex cats inherited from outbred ancestors. Allowed a variety of colors of wool. However, there are exceptions. The coat of a feline American can not be color-point, Tonkin, chocolate, purple, and variants of fauns and cinnamon are unacceptable. Rexes with cake color, with bright spots on the muzzle and paws or plain cats are more common. There are Oregonians with wool, painted with a tabby version, in this case the letter “M” is clearly drawn on the forehead.

Oregon character traits

  • Oregon Rex Manners and Manners

Oregon Rex cats are affectionate, cheerful, but slightly capricious pets. The nature of these cats can be called balanced. They like to be lazy and bask in the rays of master's love. However, in a few minutes they are ready to jump in and start noisy fun and games. Hassle, as a rule, does not happen with such representatives of the cat world. They are smart, resourceful and neat.

Kotofey this breed is very sociable. They like to make new acquaintances, they are friendly with strangers. But in relation to people, including the owner, from time to time cats show exactingness and slight arrogance. In general, these curly cats are suitable for keeping in an apartment. They will feel comfortable in families with small children. Leprosy of young households is perceived patiently - they will never bite or scratch.

If warmth and understanding reign in the communication of a cat Oregon Rex with a person, then curly cats can not get along with other curly cats. With dogs they can still find a common language, but with cats they usually fight for leadership. Therefore, feline experts recommend starting to introduce purebred Americans to pets from childhood. And it’s better before you take a kitten to your house, get a dog or another cat.

Rex care and maintenance

Though Oregon rex and thoroughbred cats, but do not need particularly careful care. This is all due to the fact that they appeared as a result of a natural mutation, rather than artificial selection. Listed below are some guidelines for keeping a pet.

A wavy American practically does not shed, so for a neat look of wool it is enough to smooth it periodically with a wet palm. As for combing, experts do not recommend carrying out this procedure too often. Oregon hairs are thin and weak, so mechanical stress can harm them.

Oregon Rex cats are active and playful, in order to replenish the expended energy they need a balanced, high-calorie diet. Sometimes you can indulge your pet with natural vitamins found in fresh grass and plant products.

A true gift for owners of curly cats will be the innate accuracy of pussies. They do not spoil furniture, do not mess up and maintain a clean living environment.

You also need to regularly carry out standard procedures: claw trimming, brushing eyes, ears, teeth.

Oregon Rex Disease

Oregonians live an average of 12-15 years.

Cats of this breed, like other representatives of the cat world, which appeared naturally, are quite healthy and have strong immunity. They are not susceptible to dangerous genetic diseases, but, like all pets, they can become victims of internal and external parasites. For this reason, it is important to periodically conduct preventive health-improving measures and sometimes visit a veterinarian.

Breed conclusions

Oregon rex can be called an almost perfect pet. However, before you buy such a kitten from an experienced breeder, you need to consider all the pros and cons of the breed.

Curly-haired cats have an original appearance, although there are no purebred representatives of the breed. Each Oregon is a mixture of other rex cats.

Friendly and sociable. Affectionate with all household members. Patient, careful and not aggressive when playing with children. But when meeting a new fluffy family member, their leadership qualities can also be harmful.

Not fastidious in care and not picky in food. They are clean and obedient, so taking care of such a curly-haired friend will become a simple, and at times a pleasant duty.