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Bohemian Rex: care, care and nutrition of animals


Bohemian Rex is an incredibly beautiful cat breed with a rich curly fur coat and aristocratic features that appeared in the Czech Republic in the 80s of the last century. Studies have shown that there is a genetic correspondence between this breed and the Cornish and German Rex breeds. In this regard, most official organizations do not recognize Bohemian Rex. To date, they have been given the status of an experimental breed.

Appearance story

The first representatives of this unusual breed began to be born in Czechoslovakia, the city of Liberec. The parents of unusual cats were Persian cats. The animal fur was not only long, but also curly, which is inherent in cats of the Cornish and German Rex breeds.

Felinologists have decided to consolidate the new feature. In 1989, specialists carried out targeted work to develop a new breed of cats, which became known as Bohemian, or Czech, Rex.

In 1994, the appearance standard of these animals was finally formed, and FİFe (International Cat Federation) approved the registration of the Bohemian Rex breed. Currently, the species has a small number of individuals. Despite the beauty of pets, they still remain not very popular and famous.

Description of the appearance of animals

Since the ancestors of this type of cats are Persian cats, the description of breed standards is almost identical. From their closest relatives, they differ only in the type of coat. The data recorded by FİFe is as follows:

  1. The head of these furry animals is massive, round with a very wide skull, characterized by excellent balance. Sizes range from medium to large. The forehead is rounded, the cheeks are full and wide, the chin is strong.
  2. The nose is short and not protruding, with a sharp transition to the forehead. The mirror of the nose is wide, convex, with wide nasal passages.
  3. The eyes are large and open, round in shape. Eye color usually coincides with the color of the coat, as in Persian representatives. They are extremely expressive and characterized by color saturation.
  4. The ears are small, set apart quite wide and low on the skull. The tips are slightly rounded, they have thick brushes.
  5. The neck is massive, short, but wide and strong enough.
  6. The body of the animals is wide, muscular, with a short back and a rounded chest. From the side of the cat they look compact.
  7. The limbs are short, but dense and strong, ending in large paws with large and round pads of fingers, among which tufts of wool are visible.
  8. The tail is short, but rather fluffy, fully proportional to the length of the body. The tip is slightly rounded towards the end.
  9. The structure of the coat is dense, with a distinctly expressed “collar” and “panties” that completely cover the hind limbs. The fur coat is soft and tender, ranging from medium long to long. The undercoat is well developed. The main difference from the Persian ancestors is the curly hair. On the chest, sides and abdomen, the wool has clear curls in the form of a spiral or small curls. It does not curl only on the face and ears, there are short hairs.
  10. The color of the coat is the same as that of German Rex. Most often you can find tortoise, blue, bicolor, cream, red, smoky and white.

The life expectancy of representatives of this breed of cats is 12-15 years. The weight of individuals varies between 3-6 kg.

Character Features

Bohemian Rex has a calm and balanced temperament. They are very intelligent and restrained, meow rarely. Pets are extremely loving and very fond of affection. They are friendly to all family members, without exception. Nervousness and aggression are not typical for representatives of the Czech breed. The animals are flexible and quite sociable. Almost all owners of this breed note the kindness and gentleness of their pets.

They usually treat strangers with restraint, but do not avoid them. Fluffy animals love when they are picked up and caressed, however, everything should be within reason. Cats are happy to play with children; they will tolerate everything that kids try to do with them. They will never use their main weapon - claws, but simply prefer to move away from the source of trouble. They will catch the ball and run after the cord even at a more advanced age.

Most often, Bohemian Rex chooses one favorite from all family members and follows him everywhere. Usually the choice falls on the female. Scientists believe that cats choose women because of their high voice timbre, which animals like more than a low male voice.

Representatives of the Czech breed have no problems with other domestic animals. They can easily get along in the same house, even with a dog. If the cat is left alone for a while, then it will relatively easily tolerate separation from its beloved owner and will meet him with love and joy without offense. They are not intrusive, have tact and delicacy.

Breed description

Bohemian Rex is actually a Persian cat with curly hair. And, although Bohemian curls have long been singled out as a separate breed, only the wool structure distinguishes them from Persians.

This is an incredibly beautiful cat with a rich fur coat and aristocratic features. It goes without saying that care for her chic fur coat requires careful. That is why Bohemian Rex is suitable only for responsible owners.

By nature, these cats are very kind, affectionate and calm. But you can’t name them active. The Bohemian purr prefers to soak up on the owner’s lap rather than run after the bunnies around the house.

History and breed standard

I must say that nobody intentionally curly-haired Persians did not think. Somehow it turned out that in the 80s fluffy curls began to be born quite often. Moreover, their parents were ordinary Persians. Later, felinologists conducted a series of studies that showed that, with a high degree of probability, the “curly” gene for these cats came from Cornish and German Rex. And it happened in the years 50-60.

The breed was liked by the breeders and it was tackled professionally. In 1994, Bohemian Rex received its first standard, which, however, is not much different from the standard of a Persian cat. The only and quite significant difference is curly hair.

External signs

As mentioned above, Bohemian Rex is identical in appearance to the Persian in its external data. This is the same soft and fluffy glomerulus with streamlined shapes, flattened and pretty muzzle.

It is simply impossible to confuse Bohemian Rex with any other breed. This is a rather large animal with massive heavy legs with a round head and a medium-sized tail. The muzzle is most often flattened with a short nose, strong chin and round big eyes to match the coat.

The rich curly hair has a dense undercoat and a rather thin structure. The color palette is very wide. By standard, all colors are identical to the standard of the Persian breed.

Bohemian cats are calm and friendly. They gladly accept affection from their owners, do not refuse an invitation to sit on their knees and, with a good mood, are ready for active games. They impose their attention infrequently, but their affection for people is quite high. It is typical for this breed to choose one of the hosts as their favorites. By the way, most often these are women. Scientists believe that this is due to a higher tone of voice, which cats are closer than male.

Cats of this breed get along well with children and get along well with other animals, even dogs. They relatively well tolerate an independent stay at home, but the owners are greeted with great joy.

Parenting and training

Bohemian Rex is calm and peaceful animals. They willingly give in to education, because they do not like anger and discontent towards their person. They quickly get used to the tray and scratching post.

As for training, this is not the breed that is worth training for even some elementary teams. Bohemian Rex is too lazy to wear slippers for your bed. Yes, and this is not a royal matter.

Maintenance, care, health

Bohemian Rex is not a breed for everyone. His coat needs daily thorough care. To do this, it is advisable to use a soft brush, since the structure of the hair of these cats is quite thin. For the same reason, she is very prone to stalling into tundra, which then it is simply impossible to unravel.

Particularly scrupulous housewives should immediately abandon this breed since even with daily combing, wool will be everywhere. This breed is not suitable for allergy sufferers.

Bathing Bohemian cats need a special shampoo for long-haired breeds. It is allowed to use special conditioners to facilitate combing.

From the Persians, the Bohemian Rexes got not the most enviable health. But with a properly designed diet, careful care and regular visits to the veterinarian, these cats are able to live a long and healthy life.

Bohemian Rex have a tendency to overeat, so its diet should be carefully monitored. They do not differ in special activity and very often put on excess weight for themselves.

It is necessary to feed an adult cat 2-3 times a day, but the total amount of food should not exceed 300 grams. Feeding is acceptable, both natural food and professional feed. But experienced breeders are always advised to give preference to ready-made food in the super premium class.

Origin history

The breed appeared in Czechoslovakia in the 80s. It all started with the fact that kittens with wavy hair began to appear in litters of ordinary Persian cats. Breeders became interested in original cats and decided to separate them into a separate breed.

Some felinologists suggest that the Persians received the gene that is responsible for curly hair from German Rex in the years 50-60. Others believe that in Czechoslovakia, breeders deliberately crossed the Persians with Rex in order to get a new breed. The Bohemian Rex breed is registered as an experimental in the organization FIFE. Other associations and felinological Federations are in no hurry to recognize the breed.


Bohemian Rex almost completely copied the constitution of Persian cats. From their closest relatives, they differ only in the type of coat. Outwardly, they are also very similar to representatives of the American breed Silkirk Rex.

The head is massive, rounded, with a convex wide skull. Dimensions are proportional to the body. Muzzle with broad cheekbones and well-filled cheeks. The nose is short, with a sharp transition to the forehead. The length of the back of the nose is approximately equal to or less than its width. The nose is wide, convex, with open nasal passages. The chin with the nose and forehead should be a vertical line. The eyes are large, open, round, colored in accordance with the color of the coat. The ears are small, set low and wide. The body is massive, wide, with a short back and rounded chest. The abdomen is tight, rounded. The tail is short, straight, thick. The muscles are well developed. In general, cats look compact.

The coat is long, soft and wavy; it does not curl only on the face and ears. The undercoat is well developed. The colors are allowed to be the same as for German Rex, most often bicolor, tortie, cream and blue are found.

Bohemian Rex has a calm, balanced temperament. These are very intelligent and restrained animals. They are obedient, affectionate and friendly with all members of the family. Pretty sociable and contact. Outsiders are usually reserved. Mostly quiet, meow rarely. Bohemian adult cats are difficult to captivate with the game, they prefer a calm and measured lifestyle.

Maintenance and care

Bohemian Rex, like the Persians, really appreciate the comfort of home and can hardly stand the change of scenery. Therefore, they do not like moving, they do not like noisy companies and constant stress. They are great for keeping in an apartment or in a private house, but even with free access to the street, they will not go far.

Rex care is complicated. Long wavy hair is very tangled. It seems that the warlocks are formed faster than they are combed out. And combing Bohemian Rex is desirable at least twice a day, using a soft brush and gently scratching each area. They bathe as needed, usually 3-4 times a year. After shampoo, it is advisable to use a conditioner that facilitates combing. Cats also need to rinse their eyes daily and keep their tear ducts dry. Ears are cleaned once a week, and claws are cut 1-2 times a month.

Bohemian Rex can be fed with both natural products and prepared feeds. Each owner chooses the option that is convenient for him. It is worth considering that these cats are not too active, so the diet should not contain large amounts of fats and carbohydrates.

The breed is very rare and small. In addition, work on it has not yet been finalized, so there is no official data on genetic and hereditary diseases. There is evidence that breeders are most often found with pathologies that Bohemian inherited from Persian cats. The predisposition to diseases of the upper respiratory tract, as in other breeds with a short muzzle, is associated with their special structure. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, polycystic kidney disease, and ophthalmic diseases are also found.

Where to buy a kitten. Price

Bohemian Rex, despite its original appearance, was not widely used. The breed is very small even in its homeland. The reason for this was the difficult care and disheveled appearance of curly hair, which even after good grooming looks disheveled. It is unlikely that he will be able to find a kitten of this breed in the CIS, and it will cost at least 30,000 rubles. Most of the livestock is concentrated in the homeland of the breed in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The price range varies very widely. On average, kittens cost $ 300, of course, excluding transportation to a new place of residence.

Bohemian Rex Price

If, after much deliberation and careful weighing of the pros and cons, you decide to purchase a representative of this breed, then keep in mind that you will have to fork out. The average cost of a Bohemian kitten is 30,000 rubles. The exact cost will depend on the age of the baby, his class, family tree and authority and location of the nursery in which he was bred.

Checking the nursery for reliability is also important, therefore it is recommended to make inquiries, read about the institution on the Internet, and if possible contact other buyers who have already purchased kittens in this nursery.

Bohemian kittens are not so easy to find in Russia. Usually this breed is booked in advance, so that by the time the baby is weaned from the mother, he already had a potential owner. This usually occurs between the ages of 12-18 weeks. Be sure to ask the breeder how to feed the kitten better. Bohemian Rex is very fastidious in food.


For babies, products “off the table” are generally contraindicated: intestinal problems may occur. Only special foods with a high content of vitamin B should be used so that the wool - their main advantage - grows correctly and remains soft and silky.

Keep in mind that Bohemian ones are not designed to hunt mice or catch flying insects. This sloth would prefer to silently contemplate the world around him than to spend time in a useless running around. Therefore, it is easy to come to exhibitions with them: there is absolutely no risk that he will run to get acquainted with his rivals, and you will spend the whole event chasing a careless contestant.

Care and care

After the acquisition of Bohemian Rex, I must immediately say that you will have more worries. Firstly, due to the fact that his coat needs regular, almost daily care. It’s best to use a brush with natural bristles, so as not to damage the thin hairs. Otherwise, instead of playful curls, “ugly” your eye will be ugly tricks, which in the end it is almost impossible to untangle. Secondly, arm yourself with a powerful vacuum cleaner, since after the combing procedure, the hair will be almost everywhere. If you are allergic to wool, then Bohemian is definitely not your option.

He does not require frequent bathing. But if you have undertaken this thankless task, then use a special shampoo for long-haired cats. Sometimes you can use conditioner: it will facilitate combing. The older the cat, the less often it is worth bathing. And never use a hairdryer when drying: it negatively affects the quality of the coat. Since they inherited from the Persians not the best health, while your pet dries, try to avoid drafts. And for the same reason, make regular visits to the veterinarian for an examination. It is always better to play it safe while caring for Bohemian rex.

Bohemian Rex

Power Features

As mentioned above about the nutrition of kittens, the same can be attributed to adults. Bohemian people are highly discouraged from giving human food. Whatever mournful eyes your pet looks at you, patiently waits at the dining table, if he gets a piece of something tasty, be implacable. Rex diet should be saturated with B vitaminsas well as fats and calories.

For this, the feed developers created a special assortment for purebred cats. If you immediately specified in the nursery what exactly it is worth feeding a new family member, there will be no problem finding a balanced diet. At the very least, you will already know what feed composition to focus on. If not, you should consult your veterinarian. But as a rule, the right choice is the feed of a super-premium class.

Since they are not particularly mobile, and prefer to lie more than chasing a ball, they tend to be overweight. Therefore, carefully monitor how many times a day and how much your cat eats. The total amount of food should not exceed 300 grams per day.

Rex Health

The breed is rare and small. There is currently no official data on genetic diseases. Breeders most often encounter pathologies that Rex inherited from representatives of Persian cats. Among them, polycystic ovaries, progressive retinal atrophy, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy can be distinguished.

Favorite pets should not be overfed, as they are prone to obesity due to a measured lifestyle. Nutrition should be balanced and contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Avoid high-calorie and fatty foods.

Adult it is recommended to feed 2-3 times a day, the total amount of food should not exceed 350 grams. You can feed both natural products and professional feed, which is preferable, since they already contain all the necessary substances. It is important to take preventive measures for the use of vitamin therapy. You can buy them yourself and give them throughout the month twice a year: in spring and autumn. It is during this period that animals have a decrease in immunity.

The cat should be periodically shown to the veterinarian who will prescribe antiparasitic therapy and the necessary vaccinations.

Care and care

Bohemian Rex is not a breed for everyone. The hair of these animals requires careful daily care. Long, curly hair quickly rolls up and gets confused. Beautiful and neat curls are the subject of Rex's pride. When caring for their coat, it is recommended to follow simple rules:

  1. You should choose a suitable brush for daily combing. It should be of medium hardness, which will prevent tearing and cross-section of hairs, as well as help to easily untangle the tangles.
  2. The coat of the pet must be carefully kept and not make sudden movements, so as not to deliver the animal pain. Each strand needs to be combed separately.

With daily combing, hairs will be everywhere. People allergic to coat should not have cats of this breed.

For bathing animals, you must purchase a special shampoo for long-haired breeds. It is allowed to use special air conditioners to facilitate combing. After soaping the pet, rinse thoroughly with water, and then gently pat the wool with a towel to remove any moisture.

Veterinarians recommend bathing pets once every 2-3 months. If the cat is periodically released into the yard, then water procedures should be carried out much more often.

Do not forget about the hygiene of the eyes and ears of the pet. Eyes can be wiped with a cotton pad dipped in tea leaves or chamomile broth. The procedure is carried out from the outer corner to the inner.

It is necessary to monitor the purity of the auricles. Ear secret can be removed using cotton buds, with limiters.