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Serbian (Yugoslav) tricolor hound


Homeland and time of occurrence:
Serbia, XIX century

Country of largest population:

Global popularity:
index 32000

Height Weight:
46-56 cm, 20-25 kg

Average prices for puppies:
Pet class and tribal marriage - 0-1300 €
Brides class -1300-2400 €
Show class -2400-3000 €

Traits of the breed (on a 5-point scale):

Activity in the house3.5
Outdoor activity4.5
Obedience in training4
Obedience to a stranger3.7
Family dominance1.5
Dog domination2
Protection of the territory from people2.3
Protection of the territory from animals1.6
Sociability in the family4.7
Sociability with strangers3.9
Sociability with dogs3.4
Family focus1.8
Alien Concentration2
Dog focus2.3
Aggressiveness in the family1
Aggressiveness to strangers1.4
Dog aggressiveness1.7
Aggressiveness to animals1.9
Petting requirement5
Excessive barking2.1
Disruptions in behavior1.6
Tolerance for children under 4 years old4.4
Tolerance for children over 4 years old4.7

Yugoslav tricolor gonich is an unpretentious and hardy hunting dog with good instinct and adaptability for hunting on rough terrain.

Breed History:
Yugoslav tricolor gonich is a rare breed of dog bred in the former Yugoslavia in the 19th century. for hunting foxes, hares and other small game. The Phoenician greyhounds had a noticeable effect on the breed, which had a particularly positive effect on the structure. The connection of dogs of this breed with the Yugoslav mountain hound, which is called the Planin hound, is not excluded. This breed is considered rare.

Games, entertainment, recreation:
The dog needs regular physical activity and long walks in the fresh air, as well as his favorite pastime - hunting.

Attractive features:
Yugoslav tricolor gonich is a balanced and calm dog with a lively temperament. She is kind and affectionate, obedient and attentive. Loyal to the owner and his family, always ready to please. Laskova with children. At home, affectionate, good-natured, and on the hunt - reckless, energetic and active.

Genetic diseases:
Dogs of this breed rarely get sick. However, in old age from malnutrition, urolithiasis is possible.

Features of the content:
Wool should be combed periodically with a special brush. Regular, fairly long walks with active physical activity are required.

Breed Standards:
Yugoslav tricolor gonich - muscular and strong dog of a somewhat elongated format
Head - long
Muzzle - strong, wedge-shaped
Bite - scissor
Eyes - dark
The ears - hanging, without folds, with rounded ends
Body - slightly elongated format
Neck - muscular, without suspension
Back - broad, muscular
Limbs - strong, muscular
Tail - straight or saber-curved