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Aggression in mini-pigs


Mini pigs, like all pigs, are very smart. Unfortunately, they can also be aggressive, especially if the owners from an early age did not engage in their education and training. Aggression can also be manifested in the habit of biting.

Aggressive behavior in mini-pigs is not a sign that your pet is upset or angry. In this way, a charming pig tries to assert its leadership in the family. That is why it is so important to tackle this problem immediately.

Problem: lack of proper training
There is one big problem regarding the training of mini-pigs. Many owners believe that they have already trained their pet well, although this is actually not the case. Often, the hosts believe that the mini-pig is “trained” only because he understands the word “not allowed” and some other teams. But these are completely different things.

If the owners make attempts to truly train the animal, they sometimes find that it is the pig that “commands the parade”. This means that the mini-pig listens when you say “you can’t”, but when no one is watching, he does whatever he pleases.

Unfortunately, such an omission leads to the fact that the mini-pig considers itself the main thing and begins to behave aggressively. But it is fixable!

Step-by-step guide for eliminating aggression in a mini-pig
At about six months of age, the mini-pig will begin to set boundaries, trying to understand the extent to which everything will get away with it. It is very important that you take a proactive position and suppress unwanted behavior at the first sign of it.

Signs of aggressive mini-pig behavior:

  • the animal stands motionless, its head bowed, looking from afar,
  • it’s hot, it’s grabbing air with its teeth,
  • lunges to bite, then backs off,
  • shakes his head from side to side, then follows a bite.

How to deal with aggression mini-pig
Keep the mouth of the mini-pig closed: stroking a pig, hold it by the muzzle so that the mouth is closed. This is a necessary preparation for corrective measures.

Manage the situation: usually mini-pigs snarl in response to a specific situation. Therefore, if you know that under certain circumstances the animal is trying to bite, prepare in advance. Stand next to the guinea pig and cover its mouth with your hands for about three seconds. After that, you must firmly say “You can’t” and let go of the mini-pig. Such actions allow you to control the situation. In addition, you do not have to chase your pet, and you will have a chance to immediately intervene.

Toughen punishment: Each time you have to keep your mini-pig's mouth closed, increase the duration of this action by 1 second. Keep calm and do not show any emotions. After punishment, continue to communicate with the animal as usual, do not ignore it and do not push it away.

Continue until the unwanted symptoms stop: if your pet has not stopped trying to bite even after you keep its mouth closed for 15 seconds, you need to add something to the punishment. A common option: you can raise the mini-pig so that its front hooves do not touch the ground, while holding its mouth.

Do not give up!
The aggressive behavior of the pets scares and frustrates some owners, and in desperation they try to find other owners for the animal. But only 4-5 weeks of consistent training - and your mini-pig will know exactly which of you is the main one, and you can return to a joyful and healthy relationship.

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