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Owczarek Nizinny - Friendly Polish Lowland Sheepdog - Pet Tips


Polish lowland shepherd dog

(Polski Owczarek Nizinny, Valee Sheepdog, Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Berge Polonais de Vallee)

Standard: FCI No. 251.

Belongs to the group: Sheepdog >> Shepherd dogs.

DESCRIPTION. Strong, compact, muscular dog with dense shaggy coat. The head is medium in size, proportional to the body. Due to the abundant hair on the front of the head, cheekbones and chin, the head appears larger than it actually is. Wool of any color, including piebald. The body is quite elongated, but not flat and not barrel-shaped. Height at the withers 40 - 52 cm, weight 13.5 - 16 kg.

HISTORY. The need for a working dog adapted to Polish landscapes and resistant to harsh climates led to a crossbreeding of a bullet with other mountain shepherds. As a result, a smaller dog was obtained with a coat that well protected from the weather. These crosses, of course, occurred several centuries ago (around the sixteenth century). A lowland shepherd served as the basis for some other breeds, such as a bearded collie. Although the Polish lowland shepherd during the Second World War was close to extinction, now the breed deservedly enjoys attention and is well known.

CHARACTERISTIC. The shepherd is easily trained, well adapted for life in the house and boldly guards the owner's home. Always find a common language with children. The calm, balanced character of the Polish Lowland Sheepdog allows her to work as a guide for the blind.

Polski Owczarek Nizinny Szczenięta Zabawa / Puppies of Polish Lowland Sheepdog Have Fun (December 2019).

This beautiful, old working dog is native to Poland. Owczark Nizinny dates back to the 13th century when they were bred as a shepherd dog. In ancient times, the breed was highly praised for being brilliant in protecting sheep from predators. The Nizinsky Sheepdog boasts a fascinating pedigree with the ancient Hungarian Shepherd, located in its pedigree. A bearded collie is considered a descendant of the Ovcharek Lower.

As in the case of several European shepherd dogs, the Lower Sheepdog was almost lost to the world, but, fortunately, was returned from the brink of extinction by breed fans after the end of World War II. However, these cute dogs are still considered a fairly rare breed, although people tend to learn more about the breed that is interested in owning it.

Great temperaments

When it comes to temperament, these beautiful looking dogs show incredible loyalty to their owners. They are also passionate, dedicated to working dogs and, like many shepherd dogs, can be a little careful with strangers. However, Owcazarks adore being around children and are healthy with other animals if they were introduced to them correctly.

Owczarek Nizinnys are small dogs, which means they are a good choice for people who live in apartments, but these busy little dogs need regular exercise to make them happy. By their nature, they graze dogs, so they need a lot of mental stimulation, playing games with their owners is what they adore. As mentioned earlier, these beautiful dogs get along well with other animals, but they may show little aggression towards other dogs, so they should be well socialized when they are young.

The breed is well known as playful and rather lively, but they become loyal to their masters and love to please. Like all dogs, these cute dogs must be trained, so it is recommended that you take them to obedience classes. If you are thinking about finding an Owczarek Nizinny puppy, they will need to be trained from an early age, and you must be consistent in how you behave and behave around the puppy in order to form a strong bond with them, all showing them. you are the "pack leader".

They are not the ideal breed to choose if you are the owner of a dog for the first time, because these little fangs are very smart, and if they can, they will be better than humans. This can lead to all unwanted behavioral problems that are best avoided.

High breed

Owczarek Nizinny is a fairly long breed of dog. They should be busy with regular exercises, and they need a lot of mental stimulation. Another thing to keep in mind, they need a lot of courtship. The breed boasts a beautiful long furry coat, which, if left on its own device, as a rule, becomes very confusing and matte.

When caring for these beautiful little dogs, you should pay special attention to their ears and eyes, as well as between their pads. These are areas of their coat, which are usually matte and which should be combed gently and regularly. Their coats can be diluted using a thin steel comb, which you can buy from the best pet stores. From time to time, their legs should also be trimmed to prevent matting, which can lead to sore pads.

When it comes to exercise, this is one of the breeds that really needs a lot of regular and fun exercise. They like to play in the water, which is magnificent in the summer, but not so good in the winter, because their coats dry for a long time. The breed, as you know, is really easy to feed, they will eat almost everything, which can lead to a weight problem, which is never good.

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A well balanced diet is important

Since the breed is so active and alive, they need to feed a well-thought-out balanced diet, like most dogs. One thing about this cute little dog is that they will eat anything, and, as mentioned above, this leads to the fact that they become overweight. You need to carefully monitor food intake to prevent this from happening.

Health issues

When it comes to health problems, this gorgeous little shepherd is extremely hardy, which means they are not inclined to suffer from any health problems that cause any serious problem. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that their coat is too dull and that they should watch their eyes because their fur fell on them.

This is a beautiful breed with a good than kind character. They are active little creatures, but they are by no means hyper. The breed is considered the ancestor of the Bearded Collie, a beautiful Scottish Shepherd. Owczarek Nizinny boasts very easy training, they are smart, insightful and have wonderful memories, which is why they are so appreciated in their native Poland and for centuries.


These small, shaggy pooches make wonderful pets, and if well cared for, they can live 10 to 14 years, which means they become a valuable member of the family. Although it’s not so easy to find, it’s worth the effort, because these magnificent sheeps are very funny, but only if you have all the time to make it comfortable and healthy. Owczarek Nizinny is not the ideal pet for dog owners for the first time, but is great for people who lead an active life in which their dogs can participate.

Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Polski Owczarek Nizinny, Valee Sheepdog, PON, Nizinny, PLS

Known in its current form in Poland, at least from the thirteenth century, the Polish lowland shepherd most likely comes from Bullets and cattle dogs.

Initially, they were bred for grazing and protection. The Polish Lowland Sheepdog is still an excellent working breed dog. It is obedient and fearless, good-natured with people and other dogs, but actively defends its flock. She is smart, active, strong and beautiful.

The Polish Lowland Sheepdog is a medium sized, strong, strong, muscular dog. The head is proportional to the body, wide, rounded, with a short muzzle. The nose is large, brown or black. Eyes are medium sized, brown. Ears of medium size, down and covered with long hair. The breed can be born without a tail or with a short tail. Colors may be different, but the most common ones are combinations of white with gray or black or pure gray, brown, beige and black are also possible.

  • A dog has a lot of energy and stamina. If she does not receive enough mental and physical stimulation, she will be bored, which can lead to excessive barking and chewing things.
  • The Polish Lowland Sheepdog requires a lot of care. If this is not for you - look at other breeds and choose the one you need.
  • This breed is not recommended for demanding homes. They get dirty extremely quickly, as their wool collects all kinds of garbage.


The dog is medium sized, muscular, strong and agile.


The Polish Lowland Sheepdog is not recommended for owners in which the dog is first. The breed is aggressive towards dogs of the same sex and is not recommended for houses with cats or other small pets. The dog was used as a working breed and was never intended to be a pet. Boredom leads them to destructive behavior.

The breed is obedient, intelligent, loving, loyal and sensitive. Dedicated to the family, but careful with strangers.