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Slovak Chuvach: a brave guard, white and fluffy


We continue the description of the large white watchdogs, leading their ancestry from the Ottoman dogs. Although kuvas is a true Hungarian breed, its name itself is of Turkish origin and means "peace keeper". He fully justifies his name and since the Middle Ages has been vigilantly protecting the interests of his masters. Originally intended to protect the flock, then became an incorruptible watchman and bodyguard. Congenital alertness, distrust of strangers, strength and courage are inherent in these dogs. At the same time, they are more obedient and easier to communicate than their Romanian and Greek brothers, and can be a friend of the family. They are distinguished by intelligence and sharpness. Kuvashes are hardy and efficient, and in order for the dogs to be in good shape they need a lot of space and time for walking. .
Kuvashes are dogs above average and large growth, powerful, proportional, without signs of rudeness. Remarkable white and ivory fluffy "fur coat" and lively and observant eyes burning with black agate against its background.
The breed is registered in the annals of the world cynological civilization, has not very numerous, but loyal fans in various countries.

Through Hungary, shepherd watchmen got to the mountain slopes of Slovakia, where the formation of an independent Chuvach breed took place. However, the FCJ (International Cynological Federation) registered it recently - in 1965. Doctor Gruzy from Brno did a lot for purebred breeding of Chuvach.
The Slovak dog is slightly smaller than kuvas (height up to 71 cm, weight from 45 kg and more), it is drier, but this does not prevent it from being a formidable watchman. Chuvach is betrayed, smart, and obedient if properly educated. He is attached to a good master with his whole being and will be faithful to him to the end. Will not offend any member of the family.
So the Chuvach is now used in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, as a reliable shepherd, and as a friend at home.

The High Tatras extend beyond Slovakia to Poland. Therefore, it is not surprising that there appeared a national version of the breed - the Podhalyan Shepherd or the Tatra Podhalyan Shepherd Dog. The dog is more massive in comparison with the Chuvach, weighs 60 kilograms or more, and about 70 cm tall. The Podhalyan Shepherd Dog is a fearless, selfless and persistent dog that can be safely entrusted with responsible service. She is independent in her decisions, and at the same time well understands the needs of man. It can be raised in the position of a domestic dog, but in this case too, it needs to have its own business. In Poland, the Podhalyan Shepherd enjoys well-deserved love and respect, it is also known in other countries, and was brought to Canada and the USA.

Breed history

The word "chuvach" is cognate to our "sensitive" - ​​the Slovaks very accurately called this white handsome dog, who is always on his guard: he sees everything, hears everything and will not allow anything superfluous to anyone.

I see everything, I hear everything - the enemy will not pass

The oldest history of the origin of the Slovak Chuvach has an interesting and quite believable version. According to some scientists, modern domestic dogs, unlike cats, did not come from one ancestor, but from several. In various regions of the planet, ancient people with varying success undertook to tame wild canids to help themselves - which ones in their area were found, they also experimented with.

At first, domesticated dogs helped the hunter man, then to the herder, and even later to the settled farmer. Indigenous breeds exist in almost every European country, and everywhere these dogs are a matter of national pride. But in this wonderful variegated selection, the so-called white shepherd dogs stand apart - according to one of the stable versions, they, like some other breeds, descended from a white polar wolf.

The ice age “pushed” far to the south the populations of many northern animals, including the Arctic wolf. Scientists believe that attempts to domesticate this beast in Europe began about 12-13 thousand years ago, and the result of spontaneous breeding was large and brave and intelligent dogs who learned to hunt and then graze cattle with a man.

Photo gallery: polar wolf and its “canine children”

So, confidently and with dignity, a beautiful, strong and faithful dog, the Tatra Chuvach, walked through the centuries, next to the man (this breed is also called the place where they live in the Tatra Mountains). Freedom-loving Slovaks settled in the inaccessible mountainous terrain, and cattle breeding was for them the most important source of income. Therefore, well-trained working Chuvachs and their puppies have always been highly valued here.

The professor and veterinary institute of the city of Brno, Anton Khruza, became an initiator and enthusiast of international recognition of the breed. He selected the best individuals for further breeding and compiled a pedigree book, which has since been maintained by the National Club of Chuvach breeders. The first breed standard and its official recognition by FCI date back to 1964.


In the company of white European shepherd dogs, the Slovak Chuvach is the smallest and the highest paw. But everything is relative - the natural power and becoming this dog make an excellent impression, forming the image of a reliable friend of a person, strong and selfless.

Chuvachs are attracted by intelligence, devotion and, of course, beauty

Table: FCI Slovak Chuvas exterior

Key articlesDescription
  • height at the withers of the male - 62–70 cm,
  • height at the withers of the female - 59–65 cm.
  • male weight - 36–44 kg,
  • the weight of the bitch is 31–37 kg.
  • moderately rectangular case,
  • the croup is strong, wide, slightly sloping,
  • the chest is wide, the front part of the sternum reaches the shoulder joints.
  • the skull is massive, oblong in shape,
  • broad forehead,
  • superciliary arches are moderate
  • transition from forehead to muzzle is moderate,
  • muzzle length is almost half the length of the head,
  • powerful jaws, regular scissor bite,
  • eyes are dark brown, oval, directly set,
  • the ears are rather high set, of medium length, hanging vertically on the sides of the head.
  • strong, fairly high limbs,
  • forelegs are columnar, with a direct set,
  • hind limbs powerful, wide, moderately long,
  • the sciatic tubercle and hips merge into a single whole,
  • paws strong, round, dense.
  • set relatively low
  • in a calm state, it is lowered down, reaching the level of the hock joints,
  • the shape of the tail resembles a cigar, the tip of the tail is not rounded,
  • in motion rises in an arc above the level of the lower back.
  • with the exception of the head and limbs, the hair forms a dense cover,
  • on the back, uncool curls running from front to back, interrupted by wavy hair,
  • males have a wonderful mane,
  • on the head, on the outside of the limbs, the hair is short,
  • the undercoat is completely covered by a long outer hair, the length of which reaches 5 - 15 cm,
  • color - only white.

Chuvach moves very beautifully and is always willing to play

The walking walk of the Slovak Chuvach is imposing and even somewhat slack. It’s even more impressive when this dog gathers at one moment and starts running fast: a powerful push of the hind legs, a huge reach of the forepaws, speed and power - it is better not to stand in his way. The dog is very stable and maneuverable, without any problems moving along rough rocky terrain and along almost steep slopes.

Nature and behavior

Owners of Chuvachs argue that it is impossible to find a better guard - besides strength, courage and indefatigability, these dogs have a unique quality, encoded in the name of the breed. A sensitive chuvach knows how to protect even when he ... sleeps, so you will be under his watchful care all day long.

This dog can protect even in a dream

Slovaks tell legends about the Chuvach’s loyalty to the owner. And indeed, unlike purely territorial shepherd dogs (Caucasians or Alabaevs, for example), this dog is very human-oriented, ready to protect him at any time and from any danger, without hesitation to sacrifice his own life for this.

Chuvach just loves children

Children in the family are unambiguous favorites of the Chuvach, he is ready to constantly protect them from the slightest danger, endure children's activity and even unceremoniousness. He perceives other pets in the house as household goods, which must be protected and not damaged in any way - even if you really want to.

Chuvach prefers not to quarrel and maintain good neighborly relations with all the inhabitants of the house

The quantitative limited number of livestock and the high cost of the Chuvachs make it difficult to fully reveal and demonstrate to the world all the talents of this dog - it could perfectly work as a nanny and a zoopsychologist, follow the trail, look for weapons or drugs, save people in places of catastrophes.

Disqualifying Defects

The Slovak Chuvach may be disqualified at the exhibition and removed from breeding if the expert finds the following defects in him:

  • aggressive or cowardly behavior,
  • pink spots on the nose, lips, eyelids,
  • too light eyes
  • yellow spots on the skin,
  • cryptorchidism
  • tail creases.

The standard for exhibition dude is the basic law

How to choose a puppy

The Slovak Chuvach is a rare breed, even in its small homeland. But these worthy dogs are becoming popular in our area - kennel breeding Chuvachs are already registered in the Russian Cynological Federation. The cost of a puppy, depending on its pedigree qualities, ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 thousand dollars. A puppy brought from Slovakia will cost you about the same amount, taking into account the costs of transportation and preparation of the necessary documents.

How to choose one small miracle among many?

It is difficult to assume that in the kennel they will try to sell you a puppy of maremma or kuvas instead of a small chuvach - these similar dogs are equally expensive. But to buy “with hands” under the guise of a thoroughbred dog a cute white cur, unfortunately, is quite realistic. What you need to pay attention not to give your money to scammers:

  • on the head - it should be massive and broad-shouldered, with a convex groove that starts in the middle of the forehead and goes to the occipital protuberance,
  • on the ears - in the puppy they are large and hanging, but at the base they are noticeably raised,
  • on the paws - the limbs of the little Chuvach are disproportionately large and strong,
  • on the coat - even a temporary puppy should be white and sparkling, like snow, with a pronounced wavy awn and copious undercoat.

Look carefully at the face, paws and fur of this baby - you will recognize him as a dude

Do not disregard the parents of your future dog, and the littermates, and the conditions in which they are kept. Of course, for this you will need to personally go for a puppy to the kennel and get acquainted with the breeder. But you are not just making a purchase - you are acquiring a friend for years to come.

Meet personally not only with your puppy, but also with his mother

Content Features

The content of the Slovak Chuvach can be considered problem-free - if you know and take into account certain nuances. But not everyone will be able to cope with the strong character of such a dog - experience, desire and patience are needed here.

There is no consensus on the nutrition concept of the Slovak Chuvach. In the historical homeland of the dog, in Slovakia, most breeders and owners insist that this native breed is exclusively suitable for a natural diet with a high meat content and the addition of carbohydrates in the cold season. What is useful for the dude:

  • meat and offal should be up to 75 percent of the diet,
  • boiled fish (only sea) - once a week,
  • raw chicken egg - one twice a week (quail eggs can be given every day),
  • fresh vegetables and root vegetables (carrots should be stewed with vegetable oil),
  • dairy products,
  • boiled cereals (rice, buckwheat, oats, barley, rye).

Fresh meat is the basis of natural nutrition of Chuvach

Which is useless and even harmful:

  • sweets and especially chocolate,
  • fresh bread and other yeast pastries,
  • fatty pork
  • tubular bird bones,
  • sausages and other smoked meats,
  • spices and spices
  • any bean.

To support the general condition of the dog, it must receive vitamins, microelements and other useful additives in addition to the natural menu - this is especially important during the period of rapid growth of puppies. The composition and dosage of such additives in each case should be discussed with the veterinarian.

Chuvach food should be properly organized from a very young age.

Of course, ready-made feeds are more convenient to use, and their large assortment allows you to choose exactly what suits your dog the most. Ask your breeder what feed your puppy's parents are eating - maybe you should continue to use them. In general, we can recommend for Chuvachs such products from trusted brands:

  • Pro Plan Adult Large Robust,
  • ACANA Adult Large Breed,
  • Brit Premium Adult L,
  • 1st Choice Flavored Chicken,
  • Bosch HPC Sensitive.

When choosing a daily diet, take into account the predisposition of some dogs of this breed to food allergies, and do not overfeed the Chuvachs - this is fraught with obesity, chronic diseases and shortens the life of your pet.

The nuances of caring for the Chuvach also largely depend on the purpose of the particular dog and the conditions of its maintenance. Show dogs are the most whimsical to care for, the hair of which must be constantly maintained in perfect condition, using special expensive cosmetics and excluding care products that can give the fur an undesirable shade - even tea brewing and chamomile decoction are prohibited.

An apartment-keeping dog requires more attention than a dog spending all his time in the yard. The hair of such a “sofa” pet should be carefully combed out at least twice a week so that tangles of weightless white fluff do not accumulate in the corners and all surfaces of your apartment. During moulting, the combing procedure becomes not only daily, but also longer.

Each owner of a chuvach must have a groomer set

You need to be prepared for the fact that the specific smell from the Chuvach is quite strong and not everyone will like it - probably, the wolf genes of this magnificent white dog are also affected.

It is often undesirable to bathe a dog of this breed - twice a year is enough. The only exception is the “showy” Chuvachs - beauty requires sacrifice for them, and they have to wash on the eve of each exhibition. For this, the following specialized and relatively safe shampoos can be recommended:

  • Espree Bright White Shampoo,
  • Karlie Flamingo White Coat,
  • Beaphar Shampooing Pelage Blanc,
  • Ring5 Bright White,
  • BEMA Cosmetici Bio Love Pet.

The yard Chuvachs are most problem-free in their care - their natural smell and molt do not scare anyone. And the hair of these shepherd dogs has a remarkable property of self-cleaning, although combing it once a week, of course, is also recommended.

Chuvach in the yard feels very comfortable.

Do not forget about the basic rules of dog hygiene:

  • eyes should be cleaned every day,
  • ears - at least once a week,
  • teeth every two to three months
  • the claws are trimmed as they grow back, but usually they themselves rub off on the ground.

When is Chuvach happy? When all this big human “flock” has gathered at home, and he can afford to relax. And also when he walks with the owner.

Many hours of walking and physical activity are necessary for this dog to maintain its natural tone. Be prepared to walk your pet every day, in any weather, even if he lives in a very large courtyard - otherwise the dog will get sick and may even get sick.

On a walk with the Chuvach, you need to work out teams and training methods


Make a decision about how the upbringing of a young Chuvach will be built, even before acquiring a puppy - decide for what purpose you are getting a dog of this breed. The choice of her subsequent training and training will depend on this.

In Slovakia and some other European countries, they are still purposefully raising working Chuvachs and using them for their shepherd's intended purpose. Often the watchdog qualities of a dog are used to protect people and property, but most often, especially in the USA and Canada, the Chuvach becomes a faithful companion and companion to its owner.

In any case, you need to start raising a puppy with playing lessons - smart babies are already willingly learning the first "preschool" wisdom from two to three months:

  • walk on a leash
  • stay close to the owner and not lose sight of him,
  • concentrate attention.

After six to seven months, the dog must undergo a post-treatment course - OKD. Chuvachs are smart and well trained, but not every trainer can find an approach to them: this is a self-sufficient, thinking and independent breed, accustomed to making independent decisions in difficult situations. Do not expect from the Chuvach instant and unquestioning execution of commands - this is not a German shepherd.

Even a small Chuvach will allow himself to command only one whose authority is unshakable for him, and orders are advisable. An inexperienced trainer will call this stubbornness, an experienced one will be patient, consistent and will achieve excellent results.

The further course of training depends on how you draw the future of your dog. There is no need to specially teach a shepherd - he is already ready to work upon the fact of birth, it is advisable to guard as a guardian undergoing a training course - ZKS. Just do not try to wake the beast in the dog and mold a terrible evil-man from the compliant material - you will succeed, but it will not lead to anything good.

Chuvach disease

Unfortunately, the average life span of a Slovak Chuvach is limited to fifteen years - the canine age is short. But compared to many other large breeds, this is not so bad either. Tatra Shepherd dogs are famous for good health, but some diseases are also characteristic of this breed.

Chuvach is a strong and healthy dog, but you need to know about some problems.

Hip dysplasia is a common problem in heavy dogs. In a Chuvach, this disease is rarely hereditary - usually dysplasia in this breed is the result of improper puppy rearing. To protect the baby from such a serious problem, you need to properly organize his diet and take care of the joints - especially during the period of active formation of the bone, at the age of three to seven months.

While the paws are not strong, they must be protected, do not let the puppy run on slippery surfaces and jump from a height. Specialized supplements with glucosamine and chondroitin will not interfere - they should be given to a growing dog in agreement with the veterinarian. Medical control of the joints will help to identify the pathology and cope with it in time, not leading to surgery.

The white color for many animals indicates a predisposition to allergies - and the Chuvachs here, alas, are no exception. The cause of allergic reactions in this breed is most often the wrong or inappropriate diet. Review your pet's diet as soon as you notice that his eyes are souring or skin rashes appear.

Stomach inversion

Stomach upset is a deadly acute pathology that affects large breed dogs. Their stomach is suspended on sufficiently long “cords” and in a crowded state can twist around the esophagus. If this happens, an urgent operation is required, no later than five to six hours later, an operation - otherwise the animal will die. To prevent trouble, do not let the dog actively move, run and jump on a full stomach.

Owner reviews

The breed is working. Chuvach is a born watchman. And the puppy at the age of 2.5 months did not let anyone else into the area. Since the breed is not artificially bred, the Chuvach is very independent, but at the same time it is well trained and amazingly smart. The scent is just amazing. In winter, she dug food from under a meter of snow, smelling smells up to 30 meters. The houses are very affectionate.

Vladislav Viktorovich


First of all, I love them for their intelligence, ingenuity and devotion. Well, of course, appearance)). We have two dogs raised in the apartment and raised well))).



These are your eyes and ears in the yard. Chuvach can sleep and serve. The reaction is very quick. The dog in flight caught a daw that was eating from his bowl. They like to make decisions on their own. The door is not a problem for them, just like an aviary. If it is poorly closed and not checked, they will definitely leave. The bitch, when the thunder booms, runs out, raises its face to the sky and barks. She knows exactly where the noise comes from. Dogs are not afraid of pops, explosions since childhood. Very distrustful of strangers, while madly in love with all family members. Not vindictive! Companion dog. With great joy he will share with the owner trips, travels, sports, work in the "garden". You can safely take to the house where there are children. This year I was mainly taken where there are children.

Slovencky cuvac


He is infinitely devoted to man, courageous, ready to protect the property entrusted to him from any enemy, gentle and caring with members of his family. All this is about one dog - about the Slovak dude.