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Akita Inu puppies


Akita Inu is a national treasure of Japan. “Inu” is translated from Japanese as “dog”, and “Akita” is the name of a mountain province in the northern part of Honshu Island. Akita Inu is a noble breed of dog that was originally used to guard the Japanese royal family. Akita Inu was considered sacred, as evidenced by the existence of a law that strictly punishes the offenders of these dogs.

This breed is one of the oldest dog breeds on earth. Scientists have established the time of origin of Akita Inu - 2 thousand years BC. e. according to the found remains in Japanese territory and images in antique drawings.
Currently, Japanese Akita Inu is known for the wonderful, soul-taking film "Hachiko: The Most Faithful Friend."

Akita Inu: appearance features

The uniqueness lies in the fact that this breed is purebred, without crossing other dogs with dogs.
Outwardly, this “Japanese miracle” resembles a triad of animals known to all: fox, wolf and bear.

  • Height - from 58 to 65 cm at the withers (female). from 65 to 73 cm at the withers (male).
  • Weight - from 32 to 45 kg (female). from 45 to 50 kg (male).
  • Coat - coarse with double delicate undercoat. The length of the coat is 5-7 cm, and may be longer on the tail.
    Large physique with a wide and large head of a triangular shape.
  • The ears are small, erect, triangular in shape, slightly inclined forward.
  • Eyes - small, with a brown stroke, slanting.
  • The neck is thick, muscular.
  • The back is straight, strong, the chest is wide.
  • The tail is twisted.
  • Color is white. redhead with a white color on the inner surface of the paws, chest and face mask. brindle.


Akita Inu is a very sociable dog, so she will become a wonderful member of any family, she is also suitable for single owners, for whom she can become an indispensable companion in any endeavors. This breed is perfect for living in a family with children. For small households, Akita Inu will be the most loyal friend.

Looking after Akita Inu is not difficult. It can be kept both in the apartment and on the street, but subject to the availability of a warm booth.

Akita inu should not be subjected to water procedures often, once or twice a year will be enough.

Since Akita is very prone to molting, it is recommended to comb her hair a couple of times a week to reduce its amount in the house.

Food will have to be treated with due care and responsibility. The best option is a properly selected dry food. In addition, the dog should always have fresh drinking water.

The main thing for this dog is daily walks at least twice a day, each of which should be about two hours. Otherwise, the dog can gain weight and become lazy and indifferent.

The cost of Akita Inu puppies in Russia varies from 5,000 to 80,000 rubles. It depends on various criteria, among which the most significant are:

  • The presence of a pedigree.
  • The presence of tests confirming the health of the psyche of the puppy's parents.
  • The cost of knitting.
  • The presence of titles and awards in the career of a puppy's parents.
  • The age of the puppy.
  • The number of puppies in the litter.

It should be noted that not everyone can afford a puppy of this breed. A puppy with a pedigree can cost from 35 000 rubles and above. Akita inu, who systematically take part in various exhibitions, are, of course, much more expensive than the average price. However, there is an option to purchase Akita Inu at a cheaper price by responding to ads posted on the Internet. The average cost on bulletin boards is 8000-10000 rubles.

As a result of breeding dogs, puppies get different qualities:

  1. Show class (intended for exhibitions and breeding, have the best anatomy).
  2. Breed class (having slight defects in anatomy, but with good reproductive properties).
  3. Pet class (having an undesired type).

Where can I get it?

You can buy an Akita Inu puppy from the breeders of this breed or in a specialized kennel, because only in this case it is guaranteed to get a thoroughbred dog, and not a "pig in a poke". The club will help you choose a puppy with the right character and temperament, as well as give all the necessary recommendations for care, upbringing and maintenance. However, there may be slight difficulties with the acquisition.

Akita Inu is not such a popular breed in Russia, and therefore not every city has a kennel.
There are a lot of options where you can buy a puppy of Akita Inu breed. You can buy such a dog in a pet store, in the bird market, and on bulletin boards. However, in such cases, there is no guarantee that this is an Akita Inu puppy.

Akita inu red puppies

Akita Inu Kennel is always in touch with its graduates. Puppies of our kennel move no earlier than 8 weeks of age. Delivery is possible to any cities and countries. Our graduates live in Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Estonia, Finland, America, Ukraine, the DPR, Denmark, Germany and many others. Each puppy is a small child - to whom we try to find the best parents. We monitor the fate of our graduates and will always come to the rescue.

Together with the puppy you get:

  1. Pedigree (puppy card)
  2. Contract of sale
  3. International Veterinary Passport
  4. Chip for puppy identification.
  5. Feed discounts - nursery discount
  6. Consultations of the nursery on any issues

Akita dogs are very kind, affectionate to their family. Never offend a child. Akita Inu is a Japanese breed of dog with self-esteem. She knows how to think. Akita is not like other breeds of dogs. She knows her worth, understands her superiority and shows it to everyone. the owner for the puppy of this breed is the most important person in the world. they want to always be with their family. Akita are not complicated in training - if you find an approach to them. If you want to get more detailed advice, go to the contacts section.