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The AW19 Bullboxer collection is exploding of new designs on trend styles with that impeccable Bullboxer feeling. Shoes that will easily elevate you’re outfit and shoe closet without losing your own signature style. We don’t do boring.

You are at your best when you stay true to yourself and have the confidence to do what you want and wear what you love. No need to follow hypes or let others dictate your style choices. All you should ever be is who you are already. It’s not a concept, it’s a lifestyle. That’s what we keep in mind when we design, create or distribute our new collection.

Fall in love with this years Bullboxer collection and discover your favorite style sneakers, biker boots, ankle boots, and high boots. We know you want it.

The history of the brand Bullboxer (Bullboxer)

Bullboxer is a great shoe brand that has been pleasing both youth and older people for many years with its original and modern collections. Over the years of its existence, the company has become very popular with young people in Europe, largely due to its fashion trends and the fact that it just guesses the fashion for the next season. It often happens that a unique and unusual model from the current collection will certainly become popular next season.

Many people think that the world-famous Bullboxer is truly German. But it is not so. The brand was founded by a well-known design team. Trend from the Netherlands, which founded several other companies in parallel. But the most successful company was still Bullboxer.

The brand was founded in 1992. The brand became so successful that five years later its collections were already presented at Paris Fashion Week. Each year, the company develops its two main collections. Over the entire period of existence, collections have also been presented dedicated to significant events in the history of the company. So, in 2002, a collection of shoes was released, in which all the popular models for ten years of existence were collected. This collection was incredibly successful and took an important place in the history of the brand.

In the widest assortment of Bullboxer shoes, you can find models in a wide variety of styles. The collections feature classic, athletic, model shoes and casual shoes. It has become very important for designers to consider the preferences and wishes of all their customers. For lovers of attracting universal attention, shoes were created in the Look at me style. This line features red patent leather high-heeled shoes, stiletto ankle boots, wonderful over-the-knee boots made of black patent leather, and much more.

But the representatives of the young generation were pleased with the beautiful models in casual style. Modern and active young people choose winter and demi-season boots with laces or zippers for themselves. And many girls prefer sneakers or flirty ankle boots with light laces of different colors.

Today, Bullboxer has already opened 8 workshops for the production of a wide variety of branded shoes. Every day about 2,000 pairs of shoes are produced here. The brand has already opened its branded stores in 12 countries around the world. Brand boutiques and multi-brand stores are open in almost 30 countries. The company's designers are constantly working on the creation of new popular models.

In the production process, specialists use only natural materials that are purchased in Italy or France. And the fittings are used exclusively of our own production, therefore its quality is also excellent. In such shoes, the feet are comfortable throughout the day. The porous insole used in many models allows the legs to breathe and prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Many people call Bullboxer a company that simply conquered the youth of modern megalopolises. After all, they give their customers shoes of remarkable quality and original design that can not be compared with anything. At the same time, prices for shoes are quite affordable.

Video model of women's boots:

Origin history

This breed of dog was bred in the UK in the 90s of the 20th century. The breed is, in principle, quite young.

Bulboxer growth is usually 41 - 69 cm., and the weight varies within 17 - 32 kg. Their coat is very thick and moderately short, smooth, shiny. There are a large number of colors - piebald, red, white, brindle. The neck of the bulboxer is muscular, the chest is wide, the back is straight, the stomach is not visible, it is retracted.

The nature of the bulboxer is quite diverse. Like all dogs, it has two sides - negative and positive. The negative side includes stubbornness, a certain aggressiveness. If the dog sees the danger, then, of course, it will show aggression. Stubborn nature does not occupy him. Stubbornness can be attributed to one and the other side.

The first applies to the positive - devotion. The dog is very loyal to the owner, will never leave him in trouble and will engage in battle with the strongest opponent. Such dogs are quite good-natured. They get along well with children, but some games can be mistaken for aggression and bite back, so it is not recommended to have such a breed of dogs with very young children. Quality guard is present.

Care and maintenance

The bulboxer does not need special care and maintenance. The only thing for him is long walks are very important. And also running with loads is very useful for him. For example, running with a backpack filled with sand.

You need to bathe the dog as needed. It is not worth letting a wet, wet dog out for a walk; you need to wait until the dog has completely dried out. The dog needs to be trained in water procedures from puppyhood so that there are no problems in bathing in the future.

Ears should also be cleaned as needed (approximately once a month). Massage with a special comb will make your dog more beautiful and happier, will not allow the formation of warlocks. A dog cannot be brushed with a stiff brush to avoid damage to sensitive skin. Brush your teeth as needed. Check teeth for tartar.

It is advisable to clean your eyes every day to avoid conjunctivitis. After the walk, check the paws, pads on the paws of the dog. Nails need to be trimmed as needed.

Where could I buy?

You can buy a boxer with all the documents in the kennel, or at the breeders of these dogs. If you just need a friend and a protector, then without documents you can buy a dog cheaper on sites and on ads.

Bullboxer can be fed in two ways - natural food, or specialized food. There are no special notes in feeding. But every dog ​​needs fiber, protein and carbohydrates. Of course, dry food will save you from the headache associated with what to feed the dog today. But in dry food, as well as in wet, it does not contain a sufficient amount of vitamins, as in natural food. If you decide to feed your dog homemade food, then it is advisable to give meat raw.

It is worth giving preference sea ​​fish. Sour-milk products, such as fat-free sour cream, cottage cheese can be given, but only in puppyhood, gradually reduce consumption to a minimum. Sausage to feed the dog is also not worth it. Only small pieces as a treat or reward. Beans should be used with caution, as the dog can easily be swollen. Porridge (buckwheat, rice) can also be given, but in no case mix them with meat. Sweet, salty, baked must be excluded.

Smoked foods should also not be given. You can’t give chicken bones, the dog can easily choke on them. As an encouragement, a dog can be given bagels or diet cookies.

These dogs are very unusual nicknames. On the one hand, the bulboxer with all its formidable appearance causes fear and danger, and on the other hand it is a wonderful creature that is ready to protect you all your dog life. Therefore, the nickname for life should be chosen wisely and more understandable for the dog itself.

Dog names: Akbar, Baron, Thunder, Caesar, Earl, Gray, Dick, Juan, Cron, Walter, Spenzo, Gits, Lord, Pharaoh, Mink, Dingo, Trendy, Ty, Winston, Sting, Tyr, etc.
Nicknames of bitches: Margot, Verna, Betty, Gina, Miss, Tina, Greta, Jenny, Xena, Rita, Lona, Kitty, Nessi, Shelma, Aisha, Tonya, Sherry, Potty, Julia, Busya, Jerry, Tatra and so on.

Who will suit the dog

Such a dog is suitable only for self-confident people. People who cannot imagine themselves without a strong, faithful dog. Owners of such a dog note only positive aspects. Many after the boxer do not want to get a dog of a different breed. The dog is very faithful, many have a calm character. The bulboxer from an early age lends itself very well to training.

A bull boxer is easy to learn, he does not need to repeat the same thing a hundred times. Perform the task almost the first time. But, unfortunately, such dogs with short hair are very afraid of frost. At minus fifty, he will definitely freeze.

Pensioners should not have such a dog. The dog loves will, and walking for several hours at an advanced age is very difficult. Families with older children should take a closer look at such a dog. A formidable look can scare away, but the character is very kind. Therefore, if you decide to take a dog of this breed - take it safely. The bulboxer will serve you faithfully, and in return you will only require attention and love.