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Smoland hound


Homeland and time of occurrence:
Sweden, Middle Ages

Country of largest population:

Global popularity:
index 777 000

Height Weight:
about 43 cm, 15-18 kg

Average prices for puppies:
Pet class and tribal marriage - 0-1000 €
Brides class - 1000-2000 €
Show class - 2000-3000 €

Traits of the breed (on a 5-point scale):

Activity in the house3
Outdoor activity4.9
Obedience in training1
Obedience to a stranger3.8
Family dominance2
Dog domination3.2
Protection of the territory from people2
Protection of the territory from animals1.8
Sociability in the family4.5
Sociability with strangers3.5
Sociability with dogs3.7
Family focus2
Alien Concentration3
Dog focus3
Aggressiveness in the family1
Aggressiveness to strangers1.6
Dog aggressiveness2
Aggressiveness to animals2.3
Petting requirement4
Excessive barking1
Disruptions in behavior2
Tolerance for children under 4 years old4.2
Tolerance for children over 4 years old4.5

The Smaland hound (smalandstovare) is of strong build and the most compact among the hounds of its country. An original type of bony and muscular hound. Despite its small size - about 43 cm at the withers, it weighs 15-18 kg, which distinguishes it from other breeds of Swedish hounds. The color - black and tan with clear red tan marks above the eyes, on the muzzle and on the extremities - is another distinctive feature of the dog. The coat is dense and short, needs some care.

Breed History:
The Smaland Hound is one of Sweden's oldest breeds. It got its name from the area where it was bred. This small but strong dog is not like a typical marriage hound. It is still noticeable that it came from ancient peasant dogs. In 1921, the breed was recognized by the Swedish Kennel Club. In 1969, after creating its own club, the breed was in full bloom: the hounds are shown at exhibitions and pass annual exams well. However, this breed is almost unknown outside the homeland.

Games, entertainment, recreation:
The Smaland hound has a huge hunting passion. She works great on a bloody trail. It takes long walks and great physical exertion.

Attractive features:
The Smaland Hound is a temperamental dog. Strong and hardy. Very loyal. Calm and seasoned.

Genetic diseases:
The Smaland hound is rarely sick and completely unaffected by colds. However, in old age, urolithiasis is possible due to poor nutrition.

Features of the content:
Wool is recommended to be wiped daily with a special mitten. Bathe the pet as needed.

Breed Standards:
Smaland hound - dog of dense build
Head - extended
Muzzle - the cranial part is already noticeable
Eyes - dark, oval, medium size
The ears - hanging, triangular in shape with a rounded top
Neck - long
Body - compact
Limbs - wide parallel set with pronounced joint angles
Tail - set slightly below back

History of breed origin

Smoland hounds were bred at the beginning of the XX century. in the Swedish Kingdom. The aim of the dog handlers was to create dogs for hunting a small beast (fox, hare) and game.

Similar dogs were known in the late Middle Ages. But dog handlers were able to combine the best qualities of local hunting breeds in the Smoland hound.

In Sweden, the Smoland hounds were recognized already in 1921. And in 1952 their official standard was registered, and dogs of this breed began to be admitted to international exhibitions. Outside the Scandinavian Peninsula, the Smoland hounds are little known, but in their homeland their popularity is very high.