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Afiosemions (Aphyosemion)


Afiosemion Gardner

Order, family: cyprinids.

Comfortable water temperature: 22-24 ° C.

Ph: 6,0-7,0.

Aggressiveness: non-aggressive.

Gardner Afiosemion Compatibility: recommended to be kept separately or with fish similar in size and nature.

The homeland of the afiosemion is Africa. The size is up to 6 cm. It lives in reservoirs of Nigeria and Cameroon. The male is larger and brighter than the female. Containment and breeding conditions are similar for all aphiosemions. The typical color of the male is a body bluish with a green tint with randomly scattered large red spots. Unpaired fins are also bluish green.

Females are much more modestly painted - have a brown body and fins with rare red dots.

Comfortable water parameters for keeping the Gardner Afiosemion: GH up to 20 °, pH 6.0-7.0, t 18-22. It is recommended to add one teaspoon of salt to 10 liters of water. Filtration, aeration required.

It is recommended to keep afiosemions in a separate aquarium, because when kept with other species of fish, they feel uncomfortable - they eat poorly, keep in shelters, and due to stress, the color becomes faded.

Under natural conditions, the Gardner afiosemions inhabit shallow, grassy coastal areas of forest and savannah small water bodies located in Nigeria and the western part of Cameroon. Some of these reservoirs dry out completely during dry seasons, and some are significantly shallow. The air temperature in these places almost all year round is at the level of 24-27 ° С. The total annual rainfall is almost 1000 millimeters of water, but they fall unevenly: drought seasons alternate with rainy periods. The species Aphyosemion gardneri is nominative (most typical) for a whole group of other afio-semions living in similar conditions. This group also includes A. amieti Radda, 1976, A. ndianum Scheel, 1968, A. mirabile Radda, 1970, A. cinnamoneum Clausen, 1963, A. puerzli Radda-Scheel, 1974: A. spooren-bergi Berkenkamp, ​​1976 .
Ichthyologists know four subspecies of the Gardner afiosemion A. gardneri: the purely Nigerian subspecies A. gardneri gardneri lives near the cities of Nsucca, La Fia and Udi, A. gardneri lacustre lives in the Eyahama region (Cameroon), reservoirs near the cities of Mamfe, Obudu and Os-Sink inhabits A. gardneri mamfense, near Makurdi and Rayfield A. gardneri nigerianum is often found. In addition, there are more than ten color varieties of this species.

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