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Perisesarma - - - -


Names: red sesarma, red clawed crab, red mangrove crab, red thai crab.

Area: Southeast Asia: Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore.

Description: red sesarma - males are colored brighter than females. Claws in males are wider and rounded.

Color: claws are red.

The size: 4-5 cm.

Life span: 2-4 years.

Habitat: brackish mangrove swamps, sandy shores.

Food / Food: Cesarma red is omnivorous. Scavenger: dead fish, plants, i.e. all that will find at the bottom.

Behavior: active at night. Territorial.m Spends most of the time under stones or in thickets of plants. The crab is very strong. Communicates with each other by tapping and gesturing. Sheds on average twice a year.

Social structure: loner.

Reproduction: mating takes place in brackish water, in well-heated shallow water. The female Cesarma red bears eggs in a brood bag (up to 100), on the abdomen.

Pregnancy / Incubation: about 3 weeks.

Progeny: larvae grow in the sea.

Benefit / harm to humans: the local people eat red cesarma.

Credit: Portal Zooclub
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